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Batman is better than iron man?

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Started: 7/2/2015 Category: Entertainment
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Why batman is not better than iron man? Because iron man is coller than him. Ironman (tony stark) don't hide his identity and he is also very funny. Iron man also, doesn't need someone to build his stuff.


Yes maybe iron man is cooler, can build his own suit and very funny.But, that is the thing with batman. He is just a HUMAN. He hides his identity because he has no superpowers. But tho he does not have any, he was able to defeat his villains. and it is a good metaphor for the entire humanity. For it conveys that If Batman, an ordinary person in suit, can beat wicked people. Why can't we?
Debate Round No. 1


Okay Iron Man is an ordinary person too and he has no superpower. But because of being an ingenious engineer he created his own armor and suits that are very powerful. And he can also defeat his enemy. And iron man is a great leader :D. He leads the Avengers


How come you say that he is an ordinary person if there is a thing that lights in his chest. I don't know if that is Iron Man 2 wherein he builds many armors for the army as his back-up for his opponents. Like, he can not handle the problem himself. Unlike Batman, he works quietly and with less destruction. And if we are here to talk about INTELLIGENCE, that is the power that Batman has. And I think you are wrong with the 'leading' part. In my humble opinion. There is no leader in Avengers for they contribute their ideas to form a plan. In addition, Thor can handle the leading more than Iron Man.
Debate Round No. 2


Its called an Arc Reactor. Tony Stark suffers a severe chest injury when he was kidnapped.While he is in captivity he met a scientist called Ho Yensin, and the fragments where too close for anyone to operate without him dying. So an electromagnetic chest plate was made to keep the shards in place. So absolutely his an ordinary person with an arc reactor but he actually throw it away in iron man 3.

But his armors are his inventions and it's like his weapons.. so there's nothing wrong with it.

As Iron Man, Stark has proven a capable leader of the Avengers, particularly rising to the challenge of steering the team through it's earliest days, but his ego and need to micro-manage can often prove his greatest stumbling block. No question the other Avengers respect and trust him to have their back both when facing down evil or the press. And he's the original

that's all


First of all, I like to thank you dear opponent. But i am not satisfied with what you said. It's like you just narrated a story and used beautiful words as embellishment. And I do not have a problem with the suit, rather, I opt to put a stress on the "needed a back-up for the situation is out of my control". Yes, he can lead. But I'll give you some points why Batman is better than Iron man.

Ego- Tony Stark has a lot of it. He thinks he is invincible. Remember the argument between him and Capt. America? Not an attitude of a leader.
Drunkard- He is very into Liquor and can be his greatest downfall.
Destruction- As I've said earlier, Iron man creates destruction way more than Batman.
Intelligence- I'll say that they're same on this aspect.

And come to think of it, without his suit, what is Iron Man? Maybe he is a billionaire or what. But he can't level himself up to Batman. Because Batman, even without his suit, he has the strength, intelligence, and passion to save the people. Be careful for a quiet man thinks the loudest. That's all I have to say. Thank you and have a nice day!
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: I was going to vote for Con in this debate but the last round changed my verdict. Pro showed that batman apart from intelligence has many characters that make him better. So arguments to PRO. REST TIE.