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Batman vs Superman

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Started: 10/21/2016 Category: Movies
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To be honest with you, I didn't know who superman was till i was 13 and I'm 18 now. I learned from my cousins step-dad who superman was, because hes a huge superman fan. Anyway, even when i leaned about superman and that he has laser eye things and he can fly apparently, and i tried to get into him; but his movies to me and his character to me is just boring. No offense to those who are superman fans because i have nothing against superman, i just prefer batman over superman like many of you prefer superman over batman. Heres why i am a huge fan of batman: Because hes human is the main reason. Aren't we all human? sure it would be cool to shoot laser things from your eyes and fly and whatever else superman can do, but is it real? No. Superpowers aren't real, and as cool it would be and as cool as it is to imagine them at the end of the day; we are all like batman. We have fears, we all have weakness, we all fail, we all make mistakes, and i could keep going, but the point is Batman isn't perfect. He knows it. We know it. But that's how he's like us. That isn't my only defense to why he is so great, at least to me. I know that being human sucks lol. We can't fly unfortunately cause id fly ;if i could. Anyway off topic. Today i binged watched The Dark Knight Trilogy and when i re-watched it, i realized i missed a whole lot and i learned a lot from watching it again. In batman begins, Bruce Wayne tells Alfred i failed. Alfred tells him. "Why do we fall bruce? so we can learn to pick ourselves up", and then he goes back out to defeat ras a gual ( i think i spelled that correctly). I'm not going to go into details with all the other movies, but they all had a pattern. I saw Batman/ Bruce Wayne fall so many times and get His butt kicked pretty good, but you know what i also saw the damn man just wont give up. The dude gets his back broken and then hes doing freaking push-ups and climbing up a hole without a rope, may i add. Batman is definitely crazy, I'm sure of it. But i admire him. He fell so many damn times but he rises even better each time. When i watch batman, even since i was a kid; I just can't get bored. Ive always loved movies with action and batman gives you action. He makes mistakes and mistakes mean that you are trying; with Superman everything is too easy. Is too perfect to me. Nothing and nobody is perfect which makes me not like him because he's too perfect. When i watched superman i only got like maybe halfway through or less; but he throws a punch, flies at you or whatever and thats it? end of fight? yawn. Where the hell is the action in that? I want too see a whole bunch of fighting not a fight that ends in a second. Plus Batman keeps you on your toes. You wonder whats he going to do? how will he do it? what trick he has up his sleeve this time? what villain now? how he defeats that villain? and another reason i love batman is for his villains. He has the best villains. My favorite is the Joker by the way. Batman embraced his fear. He feared bats and batman became his symbol. A symbol that anyone can be batman. I wish i were batman. Its impossible to be superman or spider-man. But Batman is Possible. I think were all Batman in different ways. Aspects of batman we see in ourselves too. Batman has cool rides. Batman has a cool voice. Batman has an awesome suit. Awesome villains ( which I've mentioned) and these are all the reasons why people love batman too, but people see to deeper reasonings and meanings of batman. Someone like me. Whose probably annoying you with something this long. But i want to make a point so, Batman is whatever we need him to be. He said so himself. Whatever Gotham needs. He will be it. Batman teaches you determination and to not give up. There were so many times when i was watching his movies today that i was thinking, oh my god he wants to die. Hes crazy. Why wont you give up. Ow, that has got to hurt. Bruce Wayne you have a weird sense of humor. Ugh. Shut up. Put the cane away and go kick some butt. I saw batman in is lowest point and at his best, and to see one person. One man have that much determination and willpower and even when I'm screaming to just give up; he doesn't because well hes batman thats just who he is. He will not let the villains get the best of the people in Gotham. He represents Hope. Batman has some psychological issues thats for sure. He should maybe see a therapist; just a suggestion. But its what he did that defined him. He was a symbol to Gotham like he said, because a symbol cannot be destroyed. His parents death could of destroyed him, changed him but instead he became an ideal. A true legend. There are a lot of superheros in DC. Superheros like Superman. But batman is just human and stands just as tall as all of them. Batman is each and everyone of us we just have to find it and put it to good use. I could keep going but I'm ending it with that. ~ Batman shows that an individual person can make a difference, like Jim Gordon did for Bruce. He shows us you don't need powers to make a difference.


I accept. I refuse to read walls of text. But it appears Pro thinks Batman is better than Superman.

Superman is the most powerful being in existence. Able to benchpress the weight of the Earth, able to hold infinity and eternity (with help of course, but... infinity.), and can survive nuclear bombs. That's part of the reason why we love him. Also, because he's so powerful, people debate about who would win in a fight between Superman and Goku.

But this debate seems more focused on the whole human aspect; whether we should look up to a failure like Batman, or someone who wins, like Superman. And Superman does have tough opponents, aside from Goku. Lex Luther is a challenge. He's a genius that makes many weapons out of kryptonite, Superman's weakness.
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Posted by PowerPikachu21 1 year ago
No, paragraphs are made with "Enter". Tab is for indenting, which no one uses outside of formal papers like books or documents.
Posted by dr.jimmythefish 1 year ago
Paragraphs are made with the TAB key. And Batman simply is more realistic and philosophical, superman is a moral dolt with a knack for the highly improbable.
Posted by sahil88 1 year ago
I am Superman
Posted by skipsaweirdo 1 year ago
I am Batman
Posted by BearWithMe 1 year ago
You need paragraphs. You do this by pressing enter behind a sentence that you want to push.
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