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Battlefield in general is better than Call of Duty

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Started: 6/4/2014 Category: Games
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My support is that battlefield is better than call of duty because it is way more realistic and
you can't die with a single shot. In Call of Duty its always one shot one kill and in battlefield they have multiple things that you can use like jets, boats, buggy's, helicopters, and tanks. Therefore that is my supporting argument.


I accept this debate

I will be arguing that COD is better than battlefield 4.

Firstly you state that that "In Call of Duty its always one shot one kill" which is untrue as SMG's,Assault rifles, Marksman rifles take more than one shot to kill. In some cases when you shoot below the waist with the sniper it is not a instant kill but if you hit above the waist it is an insta-kill which is the same as in Battlefield .

Also COD is for people who want a causal gaming experience and just want to relax instead of worrying about the more complex thing that are in Battlefield.

Another thing you claim That there are many things more to kill people in BF while in COD their are kill streaks such as AC-130

Another thing about COD is that their are many fun and enjoyable mini games such as Zombies and Extinction which have a great replay value. While in Battefield there is only the same old multiplayer modes

Again Battlefield single player campaigns have weak and uninteresting stories such as the one in BF3 while COD singleplayer campaigns continue on the great story of the last game.

Lastly Battlefield recently have been released as broken unfinished games just look at BF4 and now instead of fixing the game they are releasing DLC into a already broken game
Debate Round No. 1


Jacobis forfeited this round.


Undeadmens forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Undeadmens 7 years ago
Im sorry about forfiting i did not realize that it was a 3 hour timer
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