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Beauty pageants should be banned

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Started: 5/10/2020 Category: Entertainment
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In my opinion, Beauty pageants should be banned and below I provide the reasons for this.
Firstly, Beauty pageants are harmful both to ordinary women and to the entire society as they give women the feeling that they are inadequate and not very attractive, Leading to dieting and eating disorders, Cosmetic surgery.
Moreover, It affects their physical appearance, Leads to severe health problems and affects their fertility rate.
To support my viewpoint, I should admit that there"re many women who decide to go under the knife. Cosmetic surgeries are becoming more and more common among today's female generation. In an attempt to modify their body shape and size, Women undergo weight reduction procedures such as liposuction and stomach stapling which are quite harmful and sometimes even fatal. Other cosmetic procedures include nose jobs, Breast implants, Eyelid surgery, Facelifts, And Botox injections. I believe that these make stronger the perception of women that they are not perfect and need to be corrected. Apart from that, They also carry with them the risk of permanent scarring and postoperative cognitive disorder.
Also, Due to the fact that these procedures are quite costly, Women with fewer resources become desperate and fall into debt traps, Sell themselves as prostitutes, And go to any extent to gather resources needed to achieve that perfection. They don"t devote their time & efforts to education and many other worthwhile things. Instead of this, They are in constant pursuit of the misleading perfection.
To my mind, It also lowers girls and woman's self-esteem and confidence when they don't win. Furthermore, It makes women and girls believe that beauty is the most important thing ever, Yet it"s your personality that matters most.
To sum it up, I"d like to stress that beauty pageants are superficial, Too factitious and set up wrong ideals and role models for many young girls. That"s why they should be banned.


I"m afraid I have to disagree on some of the abovementioned points.
Obviously taking part in a beauty pageant can be a harmful experience, Still, Participation in such activities is absolutely voluntary. Women are not forced to do it. If a woman takes pride on her beauty and wants to participate in a beauty pageant, Then it"s her personal choice. If a woman thinks that she is not as pretty as she could be and decides to undergo a cosmetic surgery, It"s her choice as well, And what"s so bad about it? Don"t you think that it"s unfeminist to deprive her of that choice? After all, Feminists advocate for the freedom of women. Doesn"t it mean that women have the right to do whatever they want?
In addition, Let"s not forget that a beauty pageant is a competition, And every competition, Of every kind, Values certain qualities over other. In every competition people are judged by some of their qualities. You underscore that education and knowledge are more worthwhile than beauty. But does being judged on your intellect or on your exam scores differ greatly from being judged on the basis of your beauty? What"s more, I should stress that contrary to participation in beauty pageants taking exams, At least at school, Is obligatory. I"d also like to cite Maria Vasilevich, Miss Belarus 2018, Who previously, In fact, Was quite suspicious of beauty pageants and didn"t see any point in participating in them, However, Recently she said that beauty is a gift and it"s stupid not to use it.
And finally, I would also like to mention that beauty pageants are often used as scholarship funds. Miss USA and Miss America, For example, Are the largest sources of scholarship funds for women.
Debate Round No. 1


First of all, I'd like to express my gratitude for providing your standpoint. I do appreciate and respect it but I'm afraid I must disagree with you to some extent.

To begin with, I should admit that sometimes it happens that these young girls are forced to take part in such events as they might act as a pawn in someone's game. And by saying this I refer to children beauty pageants, Which are despised by many people. Their parents just pursuit fame and money but unfortunately they fail to understand that they spoil their children and such an initiative won't prove useful.

Secondly, Despite the fact that I personally adhere to the principle that everyone should be granted the freedom of choice, Let's just face that plastic surgery isn't the best way out when someone isn't satisfied with their appearance as it has lots of undesirable consequences for their health. Moreover, There're many people who go too far and start looking like dolls /not always beautiful, Though. . . /

And last but not least is that beauty pageants have always sparked off numerous debates regarding their objectivity. In my view, It's a well-known phenomenon that they have always been kinda unfair, Prejudiced, And even corrupted. In this way, What kind of competition are we talking about if the winner is known before the contest itself?

So there you go!


Well, If to speak about child beauty pageants and the fact that some young girls are forced to take part in them, I do agree with you and I think that it would be reasonable to ban such shows because it seems to me that these young girls do not really understand what they are taking part in. Nonetheless, I believe that it's parents who are to blame in this situation because they exploit their children just to gain money not taking into account their child's feelings.
You're also speaking about dangers of plastic surgery, But, From my point of view, Undergoing any type of surgery can put you at risk. What's more, Regarding people who go to far and start looking like dolls, Well, Some of them do this deliberately because, Probably, They just want to look like this. . . Probably they stan some particular celebrity and want to look like him/her. But it's their personal choice. Why bother about one's personal choice as long as doesn't violate your freedom?
Finally, You're mentioning that beauty pageants are unfair and corrupted, On the other hand, You can actually spot cases of corruption in many other types of competition, For example, In sports.
On balance, I'd like to say that I see your point, Kira, And I respect your opinion on the problem. Still, I cannot fully agree with it. Though I am, Personally, Not a huge fan of beauty pageants, I'm not as categorical on the issue as you:)
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Raquel1106 1 month ago
Beauty pageants are the most superficial activity that exists since it encourages girls, Young people, And adult women to pretend to be a beautiful and perfect person.
They should invest that money in social aid programs, In education or projects to empower women to be entrepreneurs and have their own business.
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