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Being Alive

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Started: 5/21/2018 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I'm ded inside so I'm completely against being alive.. I hate that alive feeling


Being alive is amazing! Think of all the things you can do!
Build a multi-million dollar business empire
Set up a passive income machine online generating $1 million a year
Charge $1,000/h for consulting
Currently charging $99/h
Build a startup valued at $1 billion
Build an ocean side dream house
Buy a Harley Davidson
Currently renting a scooter (Chiang Mai, Thailand)
Buy a Lamborghini
Buy an island
Own a penthouse in New York City
Help 100 entrepreneurs through Kiva
Visit every country in the world
Currently 38 and counting
Arrive at an airport and take a random flight
Trek the Pacific Crest Trail
Stand on the equator
Fly into space
Trek to the Everest Base Camp
Sail around Australia
Ride a motorcycle across Europe
Drive from New York to Los Angeles
Cross Africa North to South on a motorcycle
Travel to Antarctica
Fly a fighter jet
Drive a tank
Become a sailboat captain
Skydive in Dubai
Book a dive to the Titanic
Bungee jump off a bridge
Do the bull run in Pamplona
Dive the great barrier reef
Take a cooking course
Attend a Japanese tea ceremony
See the rocket launch
See the Northern Lights
Attend one of Anthony Robbins" events
Attend a 21-day Vipassana meditation course
Did 10-day Vipassana course (Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2015)
Be a vegetarian for a month
Don"t use the Internet for a month
Become fluent in Spanish
Read 1000 books
Read 56 so far
Don"t drink alcohol for a year
Did 90 days without alcohol (Thailand, 2017)
Keep a daily gratitude journal
Attend speed-reading training
Take advanced English training
Get married to the love of my life
Speak at TED
Speak at a college commencement
Break a Guinness world record
Build a community of like-minded people
Buy a round-the-world air ticket and give it to my parents
Build my parents a dream home
Build a school for young entrepreneurs in Lithuania
Turn business into a franchise
Make history
Write an NYT bestselling book
Co-authored the Mobile Design Book with Paula Borowska (Budapest, Hungary 2014)
Design an award winning app
Direct and film a movie
Design a high-performance workout and diet plan
Compose and release a music album
Start an international podcast
The Despreneur Podcast (Bali, Indonesia 2016)
Create a vlog
Grow my blog to 1 million monthly readers
Currently 12,000/month
Interview 100 influential people
Organize a conference for creative entrepreneurs
Attend Coldplay"s concert
Attend the FIFA world cup
Attend the Monaco Grand Prix
Attend the Olympic Games
Attend the Oscars
Attend World Domination Summit
Attend NBA finals game
Attend Burning Man
Attend carnival in Rio
Attend Oktoberfest in Germany
Learn to dance salsa
Complete a marathon
Half-marathon (Vilnius, Lithuania, 2014 & 2015)
Be blind for a day
Run Tough Mudder
Complete 90 Days of P90X
Complete the 100 push-up challenge
Did 71 maximum (London, UK, 2014)
Compete in a triathlon
Fast for 48 hours (Montego Bay, Jamaica, 2017)
Attend 1 month Chinese culture and Kung Fu retreat
Learn to surf
Donate $1 million to charity
Change 1 million people lives for the better
Set up a non-profit
Build a school
Open up donation based gym
Volunteer for a month
Adopt 5 children
Rescue a dog
Start a leadership club
Organize annual charity fundraiser
For Fun
c89; Get a tattoo (Vilnius, Lithuania, 2016)
Dye my hair
Host a karaoke party
Buy everyone a drink in a bar
Buy 100 cakes and visit homeless kids
Teach a foreigner talk Lithuanian language for a month
Switch my life with someone for 24 hours
Dress up as a Santa Claus and give 100 gifts in the hospital
Wear only a tuxedo for a week
Wish someone happy birthday on the radio
Debate Round No. 1




I have stood on the equator tho... it was warm...

Well if youre dead you don't have to deal with the outside world. You get to be in your own little world and everone knows you there! You have empty stares and nobody cares!
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Geraldtheking 3 years ago
Though I just did can"t, so I can"t really be the one to talk. Typing though . . .
Posted by Geraldtheking 3 years ago
Oh dang. He got caught doing the plagiarism; though the other can"t spell plagiarism . . .
Posted by Murkyboi 3 years ago
Is this for the LOLS
Posted by Ulixen 3 years ago
C'mon Curpai, life is worth living. Everything, everyone has a place and a reason to live; you just need to seek out yours.
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