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Being Black is a Disability

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Started: 2/26/2018 Category: Politics
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Is being black a disability? Yes, I think so. Welcome to debate #18 of this year. I think that being black or African truly is a social disadvantage and also a physical/mental disability.

Why is being black a disability? Because black people are violent, stupid, and ugly and overweight. That is all black children should be in special need schools.

You have 3 rounds to debate, and a max of 6000 characters.


I accept, absolutely. Being black is not a disability. Being black is a racial feature and nothing more. The color of a person's skin does not affect their behavior or appearance in any way, no scientific evidence has ever been produced proving this statement. You ought to get your head examined, sir.
Debate Round No. 1


Really? Why do you think that being black is not a disability? Black people are filled with junk and violence in their brains, and they ate so ugly and have so low IQ's that they don't even qualify as human beings. They are mere apes. Also, many black people have disorders, so they should definitely count as disabled.

So what application does that have in society or their daily lives? It means that black people are not allowed to drive, black students have to go to special needs schools. Also, on buses, the, black people have to sit on the seats for disabled people, as shown here:


Being black is not a disability. It does not impede a person's thoughts or actions in any way. Black people are not filled with hate or violence, but white supremacists like yourself, I could say, are. They do qualify as human beings, actually, they're the same species as us, Homo Sapiens. And the IQ of a person does not determine whether somebody is considered a human being. Still, there are no statistics which say that black people have lower IQs than white people. They are not apes. Some black people, like people of all races, have disabilities. Some white people have disabilities. Just because one black person has a disability, it does not mean we should count them all as disabled. We are not going to classify black people as disabled, and we are not going to bring back segregation, or force them to sit at certain places on the bus. You are a psychopath.
Debate Round No. 2


But black people are just evil and ugly. That is why being black is a disability, as well as being short or being homosexual.

Black people are less intelligent, overall, then non-black people, and they also tend to be fatter.


Black people are not evil by nature, nor are they ugly. At least not by normal standards of beauty. Black people can become just as intelligent as white people and they are not fatter on average. Please substantiate your insane racist claims.
Debate Round No. 3
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