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Being a muslim is a lifestyle of fear

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Started: 1/27/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hey muslims.. How do you think life would be, without following a book of terrorism?


I accepted your previous debate, but I have also accepted you do not know how be open-minded, intelligent, accepting, and overall not an absolute cretin of a person.

I am not Muslim myself, but there is so much wrong with what you've said.

Islam is just a religion, and the actions of a few aren't determinative of 1.3 billion people. What you meant was the Koran (say it with me!) does have some pretty preposterous things in it, but not everybody follows exactly what it says and enforces it on themself and others. Do all Christians follow the Bible word-for-word and listen to everything it says and agree with it? OF. COURSE. NOT. Terrorists and extremists are hated by many Muslims and they are often the victims. This like getting a glimpse of the KKK and labeling all Christians as the same.

I give up on giving evidence and further arguing because you are too shallow to absorb the facts. This debate and all your one-sentence arguments are just a failing attempt to voice your own political ideas. Please stop.

Also, before making such stupid claims, use correct grammar. The comma between "be" and "without" is unnecessary. I bet you didn't know how to spell "Koran." And "Muslim" is capitalized. Idiot. At least be a gramatically correct xenophobe. :)
Debate Round No. 1


islam is not a religion, its forced.. like eating food is forced, and dosnt make you religious

the punishment for leaving islam is death

the ignorance of your pure evil dosnt shock me, most people sleep walk along side you into the oncoming tide of disaster


Are you... fine? Islam is a religion... Check the dictionary, ask a Muslim, and anybody. No matter what you believe, Islam is a religion, and what you think doesn't matter and will never change anything.

And I don't know about you, but I'm not forced to eat food.. and make it religious. I understand that in some places people cannot believe in anything else. But that is the case with many other religions, and doesn't determine what the religion itself is fundamentally like. What I think you were meaning to say was the Sharia Law. Sharia Law is considered to be a "good" thing based on how it was intended to be, but seeing how it played out through history, some of it wasn't. Some of the Sharia even promoted charity. That isn't the fault of the religion, though. Changes happened through many, many Islamic Caliphates and cultures, and some customs have stayed, for the better or worse. Today, Sharia is different than what it was "meant" to be , but it isn't really what Islam means. It's just a facade of what few used to get and mantain influence. Not. The. Religion.

Now along with decency, reasoning, ignorance, historical knowlege, religious tolerance, and grammar, we also have to the piling list of things you need to fix, your analogies. Please. At least try. You used this before, so you thought about using it. Don't. NONE of your sentences even make SENSE. Are you literate? FOR SUCH BOLD CLAIMS YOU MAKE, MAKE THEM LOGICAL AND CONSISE. I am having TROUBLE READING them and having even more trouble THINKING how such IGNORANT connections can be made!

And onto the oncoming tide of disaster? You?
Are you living in the Middle Ages? Is knowledge and acceptance still a bad thing to have?

Can YOU answer to me, CLEARLY, why Islam is a "life of fear" (hopefully without your atrocious figures of speech) and compare it to other religions ? Do you even know anything of Islamic history? World history? Or history in general?
BEFORE YOU RESPOND, PLEASE READ THROUGHOUT ALL OF ISLAMIC HISTORY. I can guarantee you will make a half-arsed effort of a response, so please read all of it. From Muhammad to the Caliphs to the Golden Age all the way to the Soviet-Afghani War to now. At least understand what Islamic culture and history is like. You may find something you disagree with, you may even find something that you agree with, but you should at least understand how the religion has developed and why it did that way. I doubt you are even going to read this, but if you actually do take a step towards being more knowledgeable, respond with the name of a major Caliphate. If this doesn't work, the debate will soon shift to why and how much of a fundamentally flawed person you are. Please look into this. Thanks! :)
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
but i dont think that means i am xenophobic
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
i have trust issues
Posted by Youngastronomer 3 years ago
The vote was biased, con had much better arguments and grammar, con wins.
Posted by seanhowells 3 years ago
Well doesn't that just tidy up your whole argument! Learning how to spell?! This is progress! Great job! Only if you weren't xenophobic..
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
incoming tide*
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