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Being a muslim is a lifestyle of fear

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Started: 1/28/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hey muslim.. How do you think life would be, without following a book of terrorism?


I would like this to be a continuation of the previous debate. This is my response to your last argument, argument #2.

"islam is not a religion, its forced.. like eating food is forced, and dosnt make you religious

the punishment for leaving islam is death

the ignorance of your pure evil dosnt shock me, most people sleep walk along side you into the oncoming tide of disaster"

Are you... fine? Islam is a religion... Check the dictionary, ask a Muslim, and anybody. No matter what you believe, Islam is a religion, and what you think doesn't matter and will never change anything.

And I don't know about you, but I'm not forced to eat food.. and make it religious. I understand that in some places people cannot believe in anything else. But that is the case with many other religions, and doesn't determine what the religion itself is fundamentally like. What I think you were meaning to say was the Sharia Law. Sharia Law is considered to be a "good" thing based on how it was intended to be, but seeing how it played out through history, some of it wasn't. Some of the Sharia even promoted charity. That isn't the fault of the religion, though. Changes happened through many, many Islamic Caliphates and cultures, and some customs have stayed, for the better or worse. Today, Sharia is different than what it was "meant" to be , but it isn't really what Islam means. It's just a facade of what few used to get and mantain influence. Not. The. Religion.

Now along with decency, reasoning, ignorance, historical knowlege, religious tolerance, and grammar, we also have to the piling list of things you need to fix, your analogies. Please. At least try. You used this before, so you thought about using it. Don't. NONE of your sentences even make SENSE. Are you literate? FOR SUCH BOLD CLAIMS YOU MAKE, MAKE THEM LOGICAL AND CONSISE. I am having TROUBLE READING them and having even more trouble THINKING how such IGNORANT connections can be made!

And onto the oncoming tide of disaster? You?
Are you living in the Middle Ages? Is knowledge and acceptance still a bad thing to have?

Can YOU answer to me, CLEARLY, why Islam is a "life of fear" (hopefully without your atrocious figures of speech) and compare it to other religions ? Do you even know anything of Islamic history? World history? Or history in general?
BEFORE YOU RESPOND, PLEASE READ THROUGHOUT ALL OF ISLAMIC HISTORY. I can guarantee you will make a half-arsed effort of a response, so please read all of it. From Muhammad to the Caliphs to the Golden Age all the way to the Soviet-Afghani War to now. At least understand what Islamic culture and history is like. You may find something you disagree with, you may even find something that you agree with, but you should at least understand how the religion has developed and why it did that way. I doubt you are even going to read this, but if you actually do take a step towards being more knowledgeable, respond with the name of a major Caliphate. If this doesn't work, the debate will soon shift to why and how much of a fundamentally flawed person you are. Please look into this. Thanks! :)
Debate Round No. 1


you are not fine.

islam is forced, and going deeper into it allah is the spirit of terror or fear.. so islam not being banned means muslims cant convert, they cant unsubmit, in fact anyone who supports islam out of fear, is a muslimp.

eating food dosnt make me religious.. try not eating food for a year, good luck

the root of islam is that its forced, without this islam could not exist.. as it cant be a religion, this is fundemental, banning islam will make it a religion, and it would die..


Referring to your comments, you are against the religion not the people?
I guess slightly more reasonable, but still learn a bit more.. What you are really against is Sharia Law. Sharia Law is an extention of the religion, that intends good but really extremists use it to create an oppressive society:

Please, please, please read upon Islamic and Middle Eastern history to understand this topic more:

Also, you mentioned the first sentence of the Quran is "Kill unbelievers where ever you find them." Now I'm not that good at Arabic, but I don't think that meaning can be derived from what actually means "In the Name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful."
Here is what the Quran actually says if you'd like to read it:
Read up before making these claims. It's a good thing you've finally understood it isn't the people who are bad, but you also need to come to acceptance with the religion.

Moving on, you say Islam is forced. Not in all places. In places it is, it is an issue, but it isn't the religion that is at fault, it's the corrupt minority keeping it that way. I'm sure in many places, switching from Christianity to another religion will certainly get you in hot water, even killed, but that isn't the fault of the religion. Understand that.

Also please stop with the forced food analogy. And learn how to spell "doesn't." I really think you are the perfect example of showing how ignorance and hate intertwine. Learn how Sharia Law works. Learn how Islam works. Know how history went down.

Lastly, what is your last sentence even supposed to mean? "the root of islam is that its forced, without this islam could not exist.. as it cant be a religion, this is fundemental, banning islam will make it a religion, and it would die..." I both agree and disagree with that statement. I do indeed agree that in some places believing in it isn't a choice, but do I need to repeat this AGAIN. IT IS THE CORRUPT AT FAULT. This is like looking at a laid-off employee and blaming them for the company's misfault. S t o p.
Also how would banning a religion work? How many loops would we jump through. Let's walk through how that would go out. Let's say America ban's Islam. Muslims are not allowed to enter, and those living are forced to convert or be repatriated.

Riots will soon ensue, both by Muslims and non-Muslims. Having such an act passing through and being approved shows that such unconstitutional things can be that easy to happen. Everybody but you and some other Islamaphobes would be upset just to please you and your theories. Civil unrest would erupt. Crime and unemployment will soar and peace will plummet. We would go through extreme sanctions. Geneva would be very dissapointed.

America would lose it's merit as being a country that accepts everybody. Tension would increase with the Middle East, and because of this stupid decision, not many people would become an ally. And by also doing this, it's proving terrorist groups they're right; America hates Muslims. Now along with international tension, loss of national respect, rioting, civil unrest, imminent war, we also have to add to this flaming mess, more terrorism. Counter intuitive, but true. Banning Islam in the name of "peace" will do anything but make it plummet.

I rest my argument with this point. Be more knowlegable on a topic you know so little about. If you have the confidence to make these claims, back it up. What you are trying to express is valid, but explain why! Say more than some anecdotes you think are right! It is so sad that I have to end all my arguments telling you to be more educated! I took very much into consideration your arguments. I see why you may think that.

Why can you not do that for me? Why are you denying me the right to a fair debate just to repeat your same points? Why can you not listen to me and at least TRY to see why I think this? I was right. I said the debate was going to shift to this point because you really just want to be such a bad person and keep your opinion and keep on riding your high horse. I am sure you aren't even reading this. Before I asked you to respond with the name of a Caliphate to show that you really are a fair person. I can conclude you don't want to be. As far as I know, "you" is not the name of a Caliphate. Just read upon the religion. You are so uneducated, so morally.. declined and deprived..

It is sad you won't listen. I can say anything and it won't get past you. You are green. You are a bird. You won't read any of this. What's left now to do is to make sure more people don't fall down your path.
Debate Round No. 2


how is it relevant.. muslims are the problem.. without muslims islam is but a book ready to be burned

the quran has over 100 verses that calls for death and torture of unbelievers..

history and statistics are irrelevant to what is in the book.. to what muslims need to follow

right there are other forced at play.. muslims need to abide by our laws or they go to jail, and they need money or they cant eat... a higher power then allah

i know exactly what islam is... this is easy to figure out for someone like me.. everytime i read a little of the quran i can predict the rest of the stuff... easily, and im spot on everytime

the only moderate muslim is when there isnt enough muslims to radicalize him...

ban it.. they go to jail for doing muslim stuff.. like we banned cannibalism.. its just a law

islamaphobia is a non sense term.. as phobia is unresonable fear... islam is terrorism.. and there are 1.6 billion of them in the terrorist mafia spreading through the world like a cancer

islam is about killing everyone else or making them join islam.... there is no coexistence with islam with only islamic rule

banning islam will kill islam.. as it can not exist as a religion, it would put responsibility on muslims and they wouldnt be unable to continue being muslims, couldnt do terrorism morally anymore...

you are not listening.. every word i speak is true... there is no denying it...

its sad peoples brains are gone like yours


For what the Quran says is violent, it says many times more statements promoting the how life is sacred, peace, anti-aggression, forgiveness, and the Freedom to Believe and there Being NO compulsion in religion. Explicitly.

[2:256] There shall be no compulsion in religion.

This attitude led Islam to flourish while Europe was in the Dark Ages, and many Muslims still try to live by it today. The minority terrorists are defacing a religion of peace and creating oppressive societies misrepresented by the Quran.

Muslim terrorism is still a very minor cause of terrorism when looked on at a larger scale. In Europe, where you mentioned the migrant crisis was happening, less than 2% of terrorism is caused by a Muslim. And less than 4% in America. Is the end of the world you claim to be happening truly being caused by the same people? Being a Muslim is a lifestyle of peace. No matter what you think is a religion or not, it was and always will be a religion, and whether ever single Muslim follows it or not, it is a lifestyle of peace.

Do read that site for any more questions you may have.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Masterful 3 years ago
If I had God-like powers, I'd also ban Islam in every country but the Middle Eastern ones.
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
take a guess
Posted by BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 3 years ago
Why is this topic so common?
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
its islamarealism btw not islamophobia
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
basically islam is.. kill everyone else or get killed by muslims
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
this is the easiest shitt to figure out... childishly simple predictable terrorism
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago

the numerical value of the word limit is 11.. ii

every word with 2 i's in it is a limit
Posted by seanhowells 3 years ago
Also that says Isiam. What? Islam; Is-lam. Isiam. Iz-e-am. Please stop with these stupid quotations.
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
yea we can message privately
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