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Beneficial to offer someone a job to get them off welfare (increase consumer spending?

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Started: 5/31/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I think anti-welfare activists should employ welfare recipients. I also think that antiwelfare congressmen should employ people to get them off the much demonized welfare system. Afterall, the Congress advocates for tax breaks yet doesn't demand concessions from corporations or millionaires to hire. I think there is a job to do for a minimum of $11.00 an hour: cleaning, labor, etc. I think it would benefit the homeless as well as struggling father who seek extra work. Why not hire someone to get them off welfare which increases consumer spending which creates more jobs...which lifts the poverty burden of some cities

excuse my unedited grammar punctuation bad sentence structure run on sentence


Haha, no, no, no, no. I don't think I WILL excuse your unedited grammar you imbecilic fiend. God you're a tragedy. Of course you'd want people to work for you - you probably grew up in the back room at Maccas, the place where your 14 year old single mum gave birth to you in her shift break. Why don't you spend your time actually looking for a job instead of sniffing out for a fight online like an utter cock. I really think you should - wait...HOLD ON A GOLDEN SECOND. Ohhhhh shiiiiiiit....I think I've cracked this one. Yes, yes it MUST be. YOU'RE homeless aren't you? That's the only reason you're desperate for this "give work to the little guy" type strategy. Well I'll have none of it. Being shitty at life doesn't mean we have to lower the bar to admit scum like you into the workplace - it means you have to get out of your cardboard box at whatever intersection you sleep on and DO SOMETHING. Your brain clearly isn't all there - is it dude? The memory of your father's erect penis under your sheets while you sleep is probably what takes up most of your mental space.

Look bro, I'm not saying your argument is invalid. All I'm saying is that you're a misfire from the maccas executive that gave your mum work. What's funny is that she did better than you'll ever do.

Haha. Masterdrave out.
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