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Beowulf was the villain in the Beowulf epic

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Started: 5/26/2017 Category: Education
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Hello mythology lovers all! My name is Brandon Badrick, and I am debating on the opposition side of this debate stating why Beowulf was the Hero in the epic Beowulf. I would like to begin this debate by stating my three points.

First, Beowulf was defending the kingdom against a jealous monster. According to, Grendel was filled with "Envy and Hatred for Hrothgar and his warriors." Following this, he went and killed 30 warriors. Grendel then comes the next night for 12 years, until Beowulf slayed him. Many warriors were killed by Grendel, leaving the kingdom open to attack. Beowulf slayed Grendel, according to This means that he stopped a horrible force that was chipping away at its army.

Secondly, he stopped Grendel's mother, also a monster, from terrorizing the danes. According to, Beowulf entered the cave of Grendel's mom and was almost killed, before using a longsword on the wall to kill her. She had also killed many soldiers in revenge for Grendel's death.

Lastly, He was killed while fighting a dragon that was burning villages. He still managed to kill the dragon while suffering from the poison fang in his neck, and decided to burn the treasure with him when he died , according to

Thank you for reading, and I urge you to vote opp in this debate.
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