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Bernie Sanders is not an actual socialist

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Started: 8/15/2019 Category: Economics
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He has expressed openly that he is not anti-capitalist, Which immediatly disqualifies him from being a Democratic Socialist. What he is in fact is a Social Democrat, Which sounds very similar but the key difference is that Dem-Soc is actual socialism where the means of production are collectivized and Soc-Dem is more or less just capitalism with a welfare state.


Socialism simply means you believe in community owned programs which subsequently benefit the community.
Socialism, Socialist, Social, Socializing! These are not bad words. Bernie is not a bad man for his advocacy toward socialism. In fact, The Pro is playing semantics by pointing out an arbitrary difference between a Social Democrat and a Democratic socialist. It's arbitrary because they both ultimately mean that there is a blending of political ideologies. Weather one leans more toward anti-capitalist or not is a subject for another debate.

If you believe in publicly funded education, Police, Fire and rescue services, Etc. You are in favor of some socialist programs. If you want to privatize everything then you are a pure capitalist. If you want to socialize everything you are a pure socialist. If you reside somewhere in the middle then you are a political amalgamation of socialism, Republicanism, And what ever other isms you identify with in the political realm.

Bernie is a socialist, He is a democrat, He probably has a number of other political affiliations too. Let's stop treating socialism like it's a bad word, And start looking what socialism has done throughout the world both good and bad, And let's only allow the good aspects to be integrated into our society.

Thank you! And I love Bernie BTW, Bernie 2020!
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Posted by billsands 1 month ago
He is plainly a social democrat there are no more classical socialists because that failed
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