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Started: 9/21/2017 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Pro released another new update that includes user page customization, redesigned Debting, new Debates and Communtiies views, redesigned profile, new closed Debate functionality and Debate status.

DebateIsland is troll free and you can block trolls.
DebateIsland is actively developed and has other updates coming out soon with amazing functionality! After all, it is actively developed unlike DDO. That's why I switched there.

The DebateIsland community is very civil and the founder is extremely active, so is the customer service.
A lot of other users from competitor websites and forums have switched to DebateIsland.
I was an user, but have switched to is a modern casual debate website with great functionality and design. The website is making a formal format of Debating in addition to their current casual format. The page speeds are great... it's built for the modern web. The community is civil. Finally, the founder is extremely friendly and cares about the users. He also personally reached out to all users, that's not happened before on other sites like DDO.
The casual Debating is great and users can get input from the whole whole community

with a great design and amazing functionality there as well. It is extremely civil, with amazing moderation and computerized spam filter.


Hello! Please answer the following questions-

A) About how much debate traffic goes on compared to For, a debate gets updated or created every ~8 minutes.

B) If you love so much, why are you here and not there?

C) If you aren't a spam/advertiser's account, why are your only debates consisting of glorifying this website?

Please answer, and I may consider if you can get me convinced that your website is better.


Debate Round No. 1

Pro, consists of a large amount of activity. downs not have a new Debate uploaded about every 8 minutes. That is false information. They have one uploaded about every 1 hour possibly. has a much better UI and functionality than They also have not rolls and ate actively developed.


~~~My Response~~~
A] That is true information, and if you bothered to check you would find that, in the weekday afternoons, a debate gets created AND/OR updated every eight minutes. Again, can I see evidence?

B] I'm not sure about a better UI and functionality. While is experiencing some issues currently, it still is easy navigate and doesn't require a guide to use. It has an easy-to-see menu and a simple UI. I visited and it seemed confusing on every device I visited it in.

C] Please rephrase. I don't understand your last sentence.

~~~My Questions~~~
B) My last B claim still stands. Please answer this one.

C) You haven't answered C, either. If you want any credibility, you need to answer those two.

D) Name three things that DI has that DDO does not.
Debate Round No. 2


Please provide evidence for your activity claim. DebatsIaland has many features such as different Debate layouts, more customizable profile, built in Debate polls, more views such as hot Debates, and reactions.


~~~My Reponse~~~
A] If you look at the times in which debates are updated/created up to the hour and average it, you will get eight minutes or a close number if you run the mean on a weekday afternoon, which is when I calculated the eight minutes.

A) You haven't answered this one yet. If you love so much, why are you here and not there?

B) You also didn't answer this: if you aren't a spam/advertiser's account, why are your only debates consisting of glorifying this website?
Debate Round No. 3
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