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Bible contradictions and inconsistencies thus making the bible unreadable and god is a fraud

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Started: 10/23/2017 Category: Religion
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Taken from The Secular Web (Some are clear contradictions. ALL are inconsistencies. The bible is unreadable. god is a fraud.)
PT 1...

GE 1:3-5 On the first day, God created light, then separated light and darkness.
GE 1:14-19 The sun (which separates night and day) wasn't created until the fourth day.

GE 1:11-12, 26-27 Trees were created before man was created.
GE 2:4-9 Man was created before trees were created.

GE 1:20-21, 26-27 Birds were created before man was created.
GE 2:7, 19 Man was created before birds were created.

GE 1:24-27 Animals were created before man was created.
GE 2:7, 19 Man was created before animals were created.

GE 1:26 Man is to have dominion over fish, birds, cattle, and all wild animals, yet--
GE 2:15-17 It is wrong to be able to tell good from evil, right from wrong.

GE 1:26-27 Man and woman were created at the same time.
GE 2:7, 21-22 Man was created first, woman sometime later.

GE 1:28 God encourages reproduction.
LE 12:1-8 God requires purification rites following childbirth which, in effect, makes childbirth a sin. (Note: The period for purification following the birth of a daughter is twice that for a son.)

GE 1:31 God was pleased with his creation.
GE 6:5-6 God was not pleased with his creation.
(Note: That God should be displeased is inconsistent with the concept of omniscience as well as with the fact that God allegedly does not change his mind: NU 23:19-20, 1SA 15:29, JA 1:17.)

GE 2:17 Adam was to die the very day that he ate the forbidden fruit.
GE 5:5 Adam lived 930 years.

GE 4:4-5 God prefers Abel's offering and has no regard for Cain's.
2CH 19:7, AC 10:34, RO 2:11 God shows no partiality. He treats all alike.

GE 4:9 God asks Cain where his brother Able is.
PR 15:3, JE 16:17, 23:24-25, HE 4:13 God is everywhere. He sees everything. Nothing is hidden from his view.

GE 4:15, DT 32:19-27, IS 34:8 God is a vengeful god.
EX 15:3, IS 42:13, HE 12:29 God is a warrior. God is a consuming fire.
EX 20:5, 34:14, DT 4:24, 5:9, 6:15, 29:20, 32:21 God is a jealous god.
LE 26:7-8, NU 31:17-18, DT 20:16-17, JS 10:40, JG 14:19, EZ 9:5-7 The Spirit of God is (sometimes) murder and killing.
NU 25:3-4, DT 6:15, 9:7-8, 29:20, 32:21, PS 7:11, 78:49, JE 4:8, 17:4, 32:30-31, ZP 2:2 God is angry. His anger is sometimes fierce.
2SA 22:7-8 (KJV) "I called to the Lord; ... he heard my voice; ... The earth trembled and quaked, ... because he was angry. Smoke came from his nostrils. Consuming fire came from his mouth, burning coals blazed out of it."
EZ 6:12, NA 1:2, 6 God is jealous and furious. He reserves wrath for, and takes revenge on, his enemies. "... who can abide in the fierceness of his anger? His fury is poured out like fire, and rocks are thrown down by him."
2CO 13:11, 14, 1JN 4:8, 16 God is love.
GA 5:22-23 The fruit of the Spirit of God is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

GE 4:16 Cain went away (or out) from the presence of the Lord.
JE 23:23-24 A man cannot hide from God. God fills heaven and earth.

GE 6:3 The Lord said, "My spirit will not be in man forever, for he is only flesh; so the days of his life will be a hundred and twenty years."
GE 9:29 Noah lived nine hnndred and fifty years.

GE 6:6. EX 32:14, NU 14:20, 1SA 15:35, 2SA 24:16 God does change his mind.
(This is me saying this god does change his mind all the time otherwise he'd be jealous all the time or he'd be angry all the time etc)
NU 23:19-20, 1SA 15:29, JA 1:17 God does not change his mind.

GE 6:19-22, 7:8-9, 7:14-16 Two of each kind are to be taken, and are taken, aboard Noah's Ark.
GE 7:2-5 Seven pairs of some kinds are to be taken, and are taken, aboard the Ark.

GE 7:1 Noah was righteous.
JB 1:1,8, JB 2:3 Job was righteous.
LK 1:6 Zechariah and Elizabeth were righteous.
JA 5:16 Some men are righteous, (which makes their prayers effective).
1JN 3:6-9 Christians become righteous (or else they are not really Christians).
RO 3:10, 3:23, 1JN 1:8-10 No one was or is righteous.

GE 11:9 At Babel, the Lord confused the language of the whole world.
1CO 14:33 Paul says that God is not the author of confusion.

GE 11:26 Terah was 70 years old when his son Abram was born.
GE 11:32 Terah was 205 years old when he died (making Abram 135 at the time).
GE 12:4, AC 7:4 Abram was 75 when he left Haran. This was after Terah died. Thus, Terah could have been no more than 145 when he died; or Abram was only 75 years old after he had lived 135 years.

GE 12:7, 17:1, 18:1, 26:2, 32:30, EX 3:16, 6:2-3, 24:9-11, 33:11, NU 12:7-8, 14:14, JB 42:5, AM 7:7-8, 9:1 God is seen.
EX 33:20, JN 1:18, 1JN 4:12 God is not seen. No one can see God's face and live. No one has ever seen him.

GE 10:5, 20, 31 There were many languages before the Tower of Babel.
GE 11:1 There was only one language before the Tower of Babel.

GE 15:9, EX 20:24, 29:10-42, LE 1:1-7:38, NU 28:1-29:40, God details sacrificial offerings.
JE 7:21-22 God says he did no such thing.

GE 16:15, 21:1-3, GA 4:22 Abraham had two sons, Ishmael and Isaac.
HE 11:17 Abraham had only one son.

GE 17:1, 35:11, 1CH 29:11-12, LK 1:37 God is omnipotent. Nothing is impossible with (or for) God.
JG 1:19 Although God was with Judah, together they could not defeat the plainsmen because the latter had iron chariots. (ha ha tee hee)

GE 17:7, 10-11 The covenant of circumcision is to be everlasting.
GA 6:15 It is of no consequence.

GE 17:8 God promises Abraham the land of Canaan as an "everlasting possession."
GE 25:8, AC 7:2-5, HE 11:13 Abraham died with the promise unfulfilled.

GE 17:15-16, 20:11-12, 22:17 Abraham and his half sister, Sarai, are married and receive God's blessings.
LE 20:17, DT 27:20-23 Incest is wrong.

GE 18:20-21 God decides to "go down" to see what is going on.
PR 15:3, JE 16:17, 23:24-25, HE 4:13 God is everywhere. He sees everything. Nothing is hidden from his view.

GE 19:30-38 While he is drunk, Lot's two daughters "lie with him," become pregnant, and give birth to his offspring.
2PE 2:7 Lot was "just" and "righteous."

GE 22:1-12, DT 8:2 God tempts (tests) Abraham and Moses.
JG 2:22 God himself says that he does test (tempt).
1CO 10:13 Paul says that God controls the extent of our temptations.
JA 1:13 God tests (tempts) no one.

GE 35:10 God says Jacob is to be called Jacob no longer; henceforth his name is Israel.
GE 46:2 At a later time, God himself uses the name Jacob.

GE 49:2-28 The fathers of the twelve tribes of Israel are: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Zebulun, Issachar, Dan, Gad, Asher, Naphtali, Joseph, and Benjamin.
RE 7:4-8 (Leaves out the tribe of Dan, but adds Manasseh.)

GE 50:13 Jacob was buried in a cave at Machpelah bought from Ephron the Hittite.
AC 7:15-16 He was buried in the sepulchre at Shechem bought from the sons of Hamor.

EX 3:1 Jethro was the father-in-law of Moses.
NU 10:29, JG 4:11 (KJV) Hobab was the father-in-law of Moses.

EX 3:20-22, DT 20:13-17 God instructs the Israelites to despoil the Egyptians, to plunder their enemies.
EX 20:15, 17, LE 19:13 God prohibits stealing, defrauding, or robbing a neighbor.

EX 4:11 God decides who will be dumb, deaf, blind, etc.
2CO 13:11, 14, 1JN 4:8, 16 God is a god of love.

EX 9:3-6 God destroys all the cattle (including horses) belonging to the Egyptians.
EX 9:9-11 The people and the cattle are afflicted with boils.
EX 12:12, 29 All the first-born of the cattle of the Egyptians are destroyed.
EX 14:9 After having all their cattle destroyed, then afflicted with boils, and then their first-born cattle destroyed, the Egyptians pursue Moses on horseback.

EX 12:13 The Israelites have to mark their houses with blood in order for God to see which houses they occupy and "pass over" them.
PR 15:3, JE 16:17, 23:24-25, HE 4:13 God is everywhere. He sees everything. Nothing is hidden from God.

EX 12:37, NU 1:45-46 The number of men of military age who take part in the Exodus is given as more than 600,000. Allowing for women, children, and older men would probably mean that a total of about 2,000,000 Israelites left Egypt.
1KI 20:15 All the Israelites, including children, number only 7000 at a later time.

EX 15:3, 17:16, NU 25:4, 32:14, IS 42:13 God is a man of war--he is fierce and angry.
RO 15:33, 2CO 13:11, 14, 1JN 4:8, 16 God is a god of love and peace.

EX 20:1-17 God gave the law directly to Moses (without using an intermediary).
GA 3:19 The law was ordained through angels by a mediator (an intermediary).

EX 20:4 God prohibits the making of any graven images whatsoever.
EX 25:18 God enjoins the making of two graven images.

EX 20:5, 34:7, NU 14:18, DT 5:9, IS 14:21-22 Children are to suffer for their parent's sins.
DT 24:16, EZ 18:19-20 Children are not to suffer for their parent's sins.

EX 20:8-11, 31:15-17, 35:1-3 No work is to be done on the Sabbath, not even lighting a fire. The commandment is permanent, and death is required for infractions.

MK 2:27-28 Jesus says that the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath (after his disciples were criticized for breaking the Sabbath).
RO 14:5, CN 2:14-16 Paul says the Sabbath commandment was temporary, and to decide for yourself regarding its observance.

EX 20:12, DT 5:16, MT 15:4, 19:19, MK 7:10, 10:19, LK 18:20 Honor your father and your mother is one of the ten commandments. It is reinforced by Jesus.
MT 10:35-37, LK 12:51-53, 14:26 Jesus says that he has come to divide families; that a man's foes will be those of his own household; that you must hate your father, mother, wife, children, brothers, sisters, and even your own life to be a disciple.
MT 23:9 Jesus says to call no man on earth your father.

Your mission for this debate is to prove that the bible is somehow a worthy book that should be taken into consideration and be read and should not be burned. After all, with so many mistakes as the bible clearly has, it would not even pass the bar as other Blue and Red books have been shelved with glaring errors like "See Splat run" as an example from children's books and not even make it to their classrooms.

To be continued in the next round with more contrdictions and inconsistencies...


Since you have given me 10,000 characters of contradictions, I obviously cannot answer them all in one response. So I shall respond with a link that cover all of them. If you feel like reading all of the link, then more power to you. However, like I said, this is the best I can do given that you have chosen to give me an impossible task. I have responded with a single link directly showing how each of the contradictions you've mentioned are NOT contradictions.

simply use the ctrl+f method to find your contradiction in the incredibly massive post to see how it is not a contradiction.

Like I said, I would have done this myself, but you literally took 10,000 characters to post your contradictions, so I cannot respond to them all without doing something like this :)
Debate Round No. 1


See that’s the point blank obvious problem with christians like you and why you have a stunted edumacation and intelligence in comparison to bewildered twiddled lips to the rest of Rambo argon mists of the world. Do you know what “READING” is? Apparently not. I CLEARLY stated point blank in which went right over your beany little head “Some are clear contradictions. ALL are inconsistencies.” Now what part of that don’t you understand? And then you made the truly miserable attempt to bring in that everything stated was a CONTRADICTION. I don’t even need to read past the first sentence in the link you presented to know how false it is.
What you could have also done to save just a micron of face, but didn’t do because either you are a coward and know that you are wrong, or that you do not have any answers, was take a few of them and present the fallacies of them and why they are fallacies.
However That’s NOT what the rules are because again YOU can’t READ. Now learn to read. Go back to RD1. And look up the rules and pay attention what the rules are and follow them, or not, and cower of this debate which would be so typical of any christian.

Back to the verses PT 2
EX 20:13, DT 5:17, MK 10:19, LK 18:20, RO 13:9, JA 2:11 God prohibits killing.
GE 34:1-35:5 God condones trickery and killing.
EX 32:27, DT 7:2, 13:15, 20:1-18 God orders killing.
2KI 19:35 An angel of the Lord slaughters 185,000 men.

LV 20:10, EX 20:14 God prohibits adultery.
HO 1:2 God instructs Hosea to "take a wife of harlotry."

EX 21:23-25, LE 24:20, DT 19:21 A life for a life, an eye for an eye, etc.
MT 5:38-44, LK 6:27-29 Turn the other cheek. Love your enemies.

EX 23:7 God prohibits the killing of the innocent.
NU 31:17-18, DT 7:2, JS 6:21-27, 7:19-26, 8:22-25, 10:20, 40, 11:8-15, 20, JG 11:30-39, 21:10-12, 1SA 15:3 God orders or approves the complete extermination of groups of people which include innocent women and/or children.;- list of bible atrocities

EX 34:6, DT 7:9-10, TS 1:2 God is faithful and truthful. He does not lie.
NU 14:30 God breaks his promise.

EX 34:6, DT 7:9-10, TS 1:2 God is faithful and truthful. He does not lie.
1KI 22:21-23 God condones a spirit of deception.

EX 34:6, DT 7:9-10, TS 1:2 God is faithful and truthful. He does not lie.
2TH 2:11-12 God deludes people, making them believe what is false, so as to be able to condemn them. (Note: some versions use the word persuade here. The context makes clear, however, that deception is involved.)

EX 34:6-7, JS 24:19, 1CH 16:34 God is faithful, holy and good.
IS 45:6-7, AM 3:6 God is responsible for evil.

LE 3:17 God himself prohibits forever the eating of blood and fat.
MT 15:11, CN 2:20-22 Jesus and Paul say that such rules don't matter--they are only human injunctions.

LE 19:18, MT 22:39 Love your neighbor [as much as] yourself.
1CO 10:24 Put your neighbor ahead of yourself.

LE 21:10 The chief priest is not to rend his clothes.
MT 26:65, MK 14:63 He does so during the trial of Jesus.

LE 25:37, PS 15:1, 5 It is wrong to lend money at interest.
MT 25:27, LK 19:23-27 It is wrong to lend money without interest.

NU 11:33 God inflicts sickness.
JB 2:7 Satan inflicts sickness.

NU 15:24-28 Sacrifices can, in at least some case, take away sin.
HE 10:11 They never take away sin.

NU 25:9 24,000 died in the plague.
1CO 10:8 23,000 died in the plague.

NU 30:2 God enjoins the making of vows (oaths).
MT 5:33-37 Jesus forbids doing so, saying that they arise from evil (or the Devil).

NU 33:38 Aaron died on Mt. Hor.
DT 10:6 Aaron died in Mosera.

NU 33:41-42 After Aaron's death, the Israelites journeyed from Mt. Hor, to Zalmonah, to Punon, etc.
DT 10:6-7 It was from Mosera, to Gudgodah, to Jotbath.

DT 6:15, 9:7-8, 29:20, 32:21 God is sometimes angry.
MT 5:22 Anger is a sin.

DT 7:9-10 God destroys his enemies.
MT 5:39-44 Do not resist your enemies. Love them.

DT 18:20-22 A false prophet is one whose words do not come true. Death is required.
EZ 14:9 A prophet who is deceived, is deceived by God himself. Death is still required.

DT 23:1 A castrate may not enter the assembly of the Lord.
IS 56:4-5 Some castrates will receive special rewards.

DT 23:1 A castrate may not enter the assembly of the Lord.
MT 19:12 Men are encouraged to consider making themselves castrates for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

DT 24:1-5 A man can divorce his wife simply because she displeases him and both he and his wife can remarry.
MK 10:2-12 Divorce is wrong, and to remarry is to commit adultery.

DT 24:16, 2KI 14:6, 2CH 25:4, EZ 18:20 Children are not to suffer for their parent's sins.
RO 5:12, 19, 1CO 15:22 Death is passed to all men by the sin of Adam.

DT 30:11-20 It is possible to keep the law.
RO 3:20-23 It is not possible to keep the law.

JS 11:20 God shows no mercy to some.
LK 6:36, JA 5:11 God is merciful.

JS 10:38-40 Joshua himself captured Debir.
JG 1:11-15 It was Othniel, who thereby obtained the hand of Caleb's daughter, Achsah.

1SA 8:2-22 Samuel informs God as to what he has heard from others.
PR 15:3, JE 16:17, 23:24-25, HE 4:13 God is everywhere. He sees and hears everything.

1SA 9:15-17 The Lord tells Samuel that Saul has been chosen to lead the Israelites and will save them from the Philistines.
1SA 15:35 The Lord is sorry that he has chosen Saul.
1SA 31:4-7 Saul commits suicide and the Israelites are overrun by the Philistines.

1SA 15:7-8, 20 The Amalekites are utterly destroyed.
1SA 27:8-9 They are utterly destroyed (again?).
1SA 30:1, 17-18 They raid Ziklag and David smites them (again?).

1SA 16:10-11, 17:12 Jesse had seven sons plus David, or eight total.
1CH 2:13-15 He had seven total.

1SA 16:19-23 Saul knew David well before the latter's encounter with Goliath.
1SA 17:55-58 Saul did not know David at the time of his encounter with Goliath and had to ask about David's identity.

1SA 17:50 David killed Goliath with a slingshot.
1SA 17:51 David killed Goliath (again?) with a sword.

1SA 17:50 David killed Goliath.
2SA 21:19 Elhanan killed Goliath. (Note: Some translations insert the words "the brother of" before Elhanan. These are an addition to the earliest manuscripts in an apparent attempt to rectify this inconsistency.)

1SA 21:1-6 Ahimalech was high priest when David ate the bread.
MK 2:26 Abiathar was high priest at the time.

1SA 28:6 Saul inquired of the Lord, but received no answer.
1CH 10:13-14 Saul died for not inquiring of the Lord.

1SA 31:4-6 Saul killed himself by falling on his sword.
2SA 1:2-10 Saul, at his own request, was slain by an Amalekite.
2SA 21:12 Saul was killed by the Philistines on Gilboa.
1CH 10:13-14 Saul was slain by God.

2SA 6:23 Michal was childless.
2SA 21:8 (KJV) She had five sons.

2SA 24:1 The Lord inspired David to take the census.
1CH 21:1 Satan inspired the census.

2SA 24:9 The census count was: Israel 800,000 and Judah 500,000.
1CH 21:5 The census count was: Israel 1,100,000 and Judah 470,000.

2SA 24:10-17 David sinned in taking the census.
1KI 15:5 David's only sin (ever) was in regard to another matter.

2SA 24:24 David paid 50 shekels of silver for the purchase of a property.
1CH 21:22-25 He paid 600 shekels of gold.

1KI 3:12 God made Solomon the wisest man that ever lived, yet ....
1KI 11:1-13 Solomon loved many foreign women (against God's explicit prohibition) who turned him to other gods (for which he deserved death).

1KI 3:12, 4:29, 10:23-24, 2CH 9:22-23 God made Solomon the wisest king and the wisest man that ever lived. There never has been nor will be another like him.
MT 12:42, LK 11:31 Jesus says: "... now one greater than Solomon is here."

1KI 4:26 Solomon had 40,000 horses (or stalls for horses).
2CH 9:25 He had 4,000 horses (or stalls for horses).

1KI 5:16 Solomon had 3,300 supervisors.
2CH 2:2 He had 3,600 supervisors.

1KI 7:15-22 The two pillars were 18 cubits high.
2CH 3:15-17 They were 35 cubits high.

1KI 7:26 Solomon's "molten sea" held 2000 "baths" (1 bath = about 8 gallons).
2CH 4:5 It held 3000 "baths."

1KI 8:12, 2CH 6:1, PS 18:11 God dwells in thick darkness.
1TI 6:16 God dwells in unapproachable light.

1KI 8:13, AC 7:47 Solomon, whom God made the wisest man ever, built his temple as an abode for God.
AC 7:48-49 God does not dwell in temples built by men.

1KI 9:28 420 talents of gold were brought back from Ophir.
2CH 8:18 450 talents of gold were brought back from Ophir.

1KI 15:14 Asa did not remove the high places.
2CH 14:2-3 He did remove them.

1KI 16:6-8 Baasha died in the 26th year of King Asa's reign.
2CH 16:1 Baasha built a city in the 36th year of King Asa's reign.

1KI 16:23 Omri became king in the thirty-first year of Asa's reign and he reigned for a total of twelve years.
1KI 16:28-29 Omri died, and his son Ahab became king in the thirty- eighth year of Asa's reign. (Note: Thirty-one through thirty-eight equals a reign of seven or eight years.)

1KI 22:23, 2CH 18:22, 2TH 2:11 God himself causes a lying spirit.
PR 12:22 God abhors lying lips and delights in honesty.

1KI 22:42-43 Jehoshaphat did not remove the high places.
2CH 17:5-6 He did remove them.

2KI 2:11 Elijah went up to heaven.
JN 3:13 Only the Son of Man (Jesus) has ever ascended to heaven.
2CO 12:2-4 An unnamed man, known to Paul, went up to heaven and came back.
HE 11:5 Enoch was translated to heaven.

2KI 4:32-37 A dead child is raised (well before the time of Jesus).
MT 9:18-25, JN 11:38-44 Two dead persons are raised (by Jesus himself).
AC 26:23 Jesus was the first to rise from the dead.

We are not even half way through biblical contradictions and nconsistencies. Pathetic isn't it that people actually read this book and get something out of it with this many blatant errors? If any other book had this many miss-steaks, it would never make it into the worst of preschool classrooms. Indeed, why shouldn't the bible be burned?



Well, apparently you are in need of a dictionary, because an inconsistency is a contradiction. Now, are we going to debate as adults or are you looking for someone to pat you on the back and tell you how smart you are for finding fake contradictions? Oh, and here's the definition of inconsistency according to Oxford English Dictionary:

1. "The fact or state of being inconsistent."

Now, here's the definition of a contradiction (same dictionary):

1.1 "A situation in which inconsistent elements are present."

so you can see how I might have mixed up the words considering ONE OF THE WORDS IS IN THE DEFINITION OF THE OTHER.

Also, you can appeal to authority all you please, but that did not dismiss my souce as being invalid. You said you got "one sentence into" my link. Perhaps that is why you are discreditng it. If you got further than one sentence you would see how every apparent "contradiction" you've addressed is really not a contradiction at all.

Oh, and I would consider myself pretty educated considering I just recently graduated with a Bachelors degree in Communication Studies. I also took various theology courses, some psychology courses, and other courses. So please don't appeal to such childish responses. That way you will not look bad when you are proven wrong.

Debate Round No. 2


You consider yourself pretty well edumacated AND you have a bachelor's degree in communications and yet you don’t even know how to use a simple spell check gosh golly gee gosh darned gee whiz. Wow could you even be more apparent to yourself that you most certainly sleep through a nuclear war?

Inconsistent: 1. lacking in harmony between the different parts or elements; self-contradictory: an inconsistent story. 2. lacking agreement, as one thing with another or two or more things in relation to each other; at variance: a summary that is inconsistent with the previously stated facts. 3. not consistent in principles, conduct, etc.: He's so inconsistent we never know if he'll be kind or cruel. 4. acting at variance with professed principles. 5. Logic. incompatible (def 4b).
Now let’s take a look-see-doo’s-see at the author’s definition of what he considers IS the difference between a contradiction and an inconsistency… “IMPORTANT: Even though accepted and common definitions of the two terms often make them synonymous, "inconsistencies" do not necessarily equate to "contradictions." An inconsistency involves a lack of harmonious uniformity, regularity, steady continuity, or agreement. Thus, a contradiction is necessarily an inconsistency, but an inconsistency is not necessarily a contradiction.” Now what part of that DOESN’T your pubic rotting kindergarten mind NOT get? EVERYTHING, every little verse, at the very least that is listed IS either an inconsistency or a contradiction or both. And if your teeny tiny little mind doesn’t get that, you know what? That’s entirely YOUR problem.

Oh and oh yeah. Duh. Still can’t follow the rules as clearly laid out in RD1. So you get no candy until you do. Oh an oh yeah your whimsical little so-called link was all about contradictions and had NOTHING to do with ANYTHING that was inconsistent. So no. I'm NOT going to pay ANY attention to it.

Moving on to MORE verses PT 3...

2KI 8:25-26 Ahaziah was 22 years old when he began his reign.
2CH 22:2 He was 42 when he began his reign.
[Note: Some translations use "twenty-two" here in an attempt to rectify this discrepancy. The Hebrew is clear, however, that 2CH 22:2 is 42. The Hebrew words involved are Strong's H705 and H8147, "forty" and "two," respectively.]

2KI 9:27 Jehu shot Ahaziah near Ibleam. Ahaziah fled to Meggido and died there.
2CH 22:9 Ahaziah was found hiding in Samaria, brought to Jehu, and put to death.

2KI 16:5 The King of Syria and the son of the King of Israel did not conquer Ahaz.
2CH 28:5-6 They did conquer Ahaz.

2KI 24:8 Jehoiachin (Jehoiakim) was eighteen years old when he began to reign.
2CH 36:9 He was eight.
(Note: This discrepancy has been "corrected" in some versions.)

2KI 24:8 Jehoiachin (Jehoiakim) reigned three months.
2CH 36:9 He reigned three months and ten days.

2KI 24:17 Jehoiachin (Jehoaikim) was succeeded by his uncle.
2CH 36:10 He was succeeded by his brother.

1CH 3:11-13 The lineage is: Joram, Ahaziah, Joash, Amaziah, Azariah, Jotham.
MT 1:8-9 It is: Joram, Uzziah, Jotham, etc.

1CH 3:19 Pedaiah was the father of Zerubbabel.
ER 3:2 Shealtiel was the father of Zerubbabel.

2CH 19:7, AC 10:34, RO 2:11 There is no injustice or partiality with the Lord.
RO 9:15-18 God has mercy on (and hardens the hearts of) whom he pleases.

ER 2:3-64 (Gives the whole congregation as 42,360 while the actual sum of the numbers is about 30,000.)

JB 2:3-6, 21:7-13, 2TI 3:12 The godly are persecuted and chastised but the wicked grow old, wealthy, and powerful, unchastised by God.
PS 55:23, 92:12-14, PR 10:2-3, 27-31, 12:2, 21 The lives of the wicked are cut short. The righteous flourish and obtain favor from the Lord.

PS 10:1 God cannot be found in time of need. He is "far off."
PS 145:18 God is near to all who call upon him in truth.

PS 22:1-2 God sometimes forsakes his children. He does not answer.
PS 46:1 God is a refuge, a strength, a very present help.

PS 30:5, JE 3:12, MI 7:18 God's anger does not last forever.
JE 17:4, MT 25:46 It does last forever. (He has provided for eternal punishment.)

PS 58:10-11 The righteous shall rejoice when he sees vengeance.
PR 24:16-18 Do not rejoice when your enemy falls or stumbles.

PS 78:69, EC 1:4, 3:14 The earth was established forever.
PS 102:25-26, MT 24:35, MK 13:31, LK 21:33, HE 1:10-11, 2PE 3:10 The earth will someday perish.

PR 3:13, 4:7, 19:8, JA 1:5 Happy is the man who finds wisdom. Get wisdom.
LK 2:40, 52 Jesus was filled with wisdom and found favor with God.
1CO 1:19-25, 3:18-20 Wisdom is foolishness.

PR 12:2, RO 8:28 A good man obtains favor from the Lord.
2TI 3:12, HE 12:6 The godly will be persecuted.

PR 14:8 The wisdom of a prudent man is to discern his way.
MT 6:25-34 Take no thought for tomorrow. God will take care of you.

PR 14:15-18 The simple believe everything and acquire folly; the prudent look where they are going and are crowned with knowledge.
MT 18:3, LK 18:17 You must believe as little children do.
1CO 1:20, 27 God has made the wisdom of the world foolish so as to shame the wise.
PR 16:4 God made the wicked for the "day of evil."
MT 11:25, MK 4:11-12 God and Jesus hide some things from some people.
JN 6:65 No one can come to Jesus unless it is granted by God.
RO 8:28-30 Some are predestined to be called to God, believe in Jesus, and be justified.
RO 9:15-18 God has mercy on, and hardens the hearts of, whom he pleases.
2TH 2:11-12 God deceives the wicked so as to be able to condemn them.
1TI 2:3-4, 2PE 3:9 [Yet] God wants all to be saved.

PR 8:13, 16:6 It is the fear of God that keeps men from evil.
1JN 4:18 There is no fear in love. Perfect love drives out fear.
1JN 5:2, 2JN 1:6 Those who love God keep his commandments.

PR 26:4 Do not answer a fool. To do so makes you foolish too.
PR 26:5 Answer a fool. If you don't, he will think himself wise.

PR 30:5 Every word of God proves true.
JE 8:8 The scribes falsify the word of God.
JE 20:7, EZ 14:9, 2TH 2:11-12 God himself deceives people.
(Note: Some versions translate deceive as "persuade." The context makes clear, however, that deception is involved.)

IS 3:13 God stands to judge.
JL 3:12 He sits to judge.

IS 53:9 Usually taken to be a prophecy re: Jesus, mentions burial with others.
MT 27:58-60, MK 15:45-46, LK 23:52-53, JN 19:38-42 Jesus was buried by himself.

JE 12:13 Some sow wheat but reap thorns.
MI 6:15 Some sow but won't reap anything.
MT 25:26, LK 19:22 Some reap without sowing.
2CO 9:6, GA 6:7 A man reaps what he sows.

JE 32:18 God shows love to thousands, but brings punishment for the sins of their fathers to many children.
2CO 13:11, 14, 1JN 4:8, 16 God is a god of love.

JE 34:4-5 Zedekiah was to die in peace.
JE 52:10-11 Instead, Zedekaih's sons are slain before his eyes, his eyes are then put out, he is bound in fetters, taken to Babylon and left in prison to die.

EZ 20:25-26 The law was not good. The sacrifice of children was for the purpose of horrifying the people so that they would know that God is Lord.
RO 7:12, 1TI 1:8 The law is good.

EZ 26:15-21 God says that Tyre will be destroyed and will never be found again.
(Nebudchanezzar failed to capture or destroy Tyre. It is still inhabited.)

DN 5:1 (Gives the title of "king" to Belshazzar although Belshazzar was actually the "viceroy.")

DN 5:2 (Says that Nebuchadnezzar was the father of Belshazzar, but actually, Nebonidus was the father of Belshazzar.) (Note: Some versions attempt to correct this error by making the verse say that Nebuchadnezzar was the grandfather of Belshazzar.)

MT 1:6-7 The lineage of Jesus is traced through David's son, Solomon.
LK 3:23-31 It is traced through David's son, Nathan.

(Note: Some apologists assert that Luke traces the lineage through Mary. That this is untrue is obvious from the context since Luke and Matthew both clearly state that Joseph was Jesus' father.)

MT 1:16 Jacob was Joseph's father.
LK 3:23 Heli was Joseph's father.

MT 1:17 There were twenty-eight generations from David to Jesus.
LK 3:23-38 There were forty-three.

MT 1:18-21 The Annunciation occurred after Mary had conceived Jesus.
LK 1:26-31 It occurred before conception.

MT 1:20 The angel spoke to Joseph.
LK 1:28 The angel spoke to Mary.

MT 1:20-23, LK 1:26-33 An angel announces to Joseph and/or Mary that the child (Jesus) will be "great," the "son of the Most High," etc., and ....
MT 3:13-17, MK 1:9-11 The baptism of Jesus is accompanied by the most extraordinary happenings, yet ....
MK 3:21 Jesus' own relatives (or friends) attempt to constrain him, thinking that he might be out of his mind, and ....
MK 6:4-6 Jesus says that a prophet is without honor in his own house (which certainly should not have been the case considering the Annunciation and the Baptism).

MT 1:23 He will be called Emmanuel (or Immanuel).
MT 1:25 Instead, he was called Jesus.

MT 2:13-16 Following the birth of Jesus, Joseph and Mary flee to Egypt, (where they stay until after Herod's death) in order to avoid the murder of their firstborn by Herod. Herod slaughters all male infants two years old and under. (Note: John the Baptist, Jesus' cousin, though under two is somehow spared without fleeing to Egypt.)
LK 2:22-40 Following the birth of Jesus, Joseph and Mary remain in the area of Jerusalem for the Presentation (about forty days) and then return to Nazareth without ever going to Egypt. There is no slaughter of the infants.

MT 2:23 "And he went and lived in a town called Nazareth. So was fulfilled what was said through the prophets: He will be called a Nazarene.'" (This prophecy is not found in the OT and while Jesus is often referred to as "Jesus of Nazareth", he is seldom referred to as "Jesus the Nazarene.")

MT 3:11-14, JN 1:31-34 John realized the true identity of Jesus (as the Messiah) either prior to the actual Baptism, or from the Baptism onward. The very purpose of John's baptism was to reveal Jesus to Israel.
MT 11:2-3 After the Baptism, John sends his disciples to ask if Jesus is the Messiah.

Yeah a 2 year old would get the point that the bible is simply NOT worth reading. After all, with so many errors and mistakes how can it be read with any type of understanding and truth? And now we are about half way through.



This debate is rather pointless considering the OP doesn't want to debate anything. In his own definition he used "self-contradictory" to describe inconsistent. I honestly don't have anything more to say other than to post the same link as a response...
Debate Round No. 3


Yes this debate is pointless to a pointless person like yourself who cannot follow simpleton goo goo gaa gaa rules for this debate and obviously needs to be burped between meals. So don't tell me I don't want to debate. That one is on your cheapened flowery head because you still obviously don't know how to read. And that's entirely your problem. You never had anything to say in the first place. What are you talking about?


You still have not referenced any of the real content of my source link, indicating that you would rather incessantly insult me like a middle schooler rather than read something that contradicts your blatant misunderstandings of Scripture. I do not want to engage in an insult-a-thon as I would win. Apparently the only insults you are capable of are those of intelligence. I have still posted the same link with the same disproofs against your "inconsistencies" and "contradictions." You also have conveniently chosen to ignore how I pointed out that the two words you seem to have squabbled over being "different" are indeed necessary counterparts of each other and mean the same thing. I think one of us is having difficulty processing things they disagree with, and it isn't me.

When you would like to have a real debate over the nature of Scripture then I shall be ready to proceed. But until then, just posting a bunch of out of context references to a sentence from one area of the Bible and a sentence in another area of the Bible does not prove there is a contradiction. I could do the same thing with your "answers" to my rebuttals.

Here's an example:

Round 2 sentence 5: ALL are Inconsistencies.
Round 2 sentence 3: Apparently Not.

Another example:

Round 2 Sentence 7: And then you made the truly miserable attempt to bring in that everything stated was a CONTRADICTION.
Round 4 sentence 5: You never had anything to say in the first place.

So because I found a couple sentences that were totally contradictory (and this is only out of about 40 total sentences that you wrote), I guess I can say that you are unreadable and a fraud. Since that is apparently the logic you are living by in your posts. So it's kind of impossible to debate someone who is unreadable and full of inconsistencies and contradictions...

Once again, I shall give you the link that covers all of the inconsistencies and contradictions that you have addressed, so far as I can tell... It will show you just how they are not contradictions or inconsistencies.
Debate Round No. 4


“You still have not referenced any of the real content of my source link,” I already told a muchkin silly pity boy toy tinker toy minced mutton moron mechanical mind meandering across his nun’s steps the reason. But no. You---can’t---read. And you claim to have a “bachelor's degree in communications”? Are you serious? OK well then if true then you should also know (because I took a class in communications) that when you show no intelligence nor edumacation, especially on the subject(s) the you profess to having knowledge upon and you really don’t and you thus have to invent excuses for it to keep your lowly body above water with some kind of floating device then you absolutely 100% deserve to be insulted, degraded, humiliated, dehumanized and defamed. Now you run along and you read that reason I posted to you because I’m not going to repeat it, well maybe I might, to a bumbling detective like you who clearly has no genuine friends or loved ones which is very telling.
Trust me boy, I understand your god, religion, and the bible better than you ---ever--- will.

“I have still posted the same link with the same disproofs against your "inconsistencies" and "contradictions."” Absolutely not have you. See that’s the problem with christians like you is you are far too stupid for your own good. I’m not even going to clue you in as to how stupid you are because there’s a very big difference upon one simple glance. That only took one fleeting miserable second of my life which was far too long.

Oh the problem is entirely you. You haven’t paid any attention to the your mission for this debate aka the fricken rules you groundhog ape in which are clearly laid out in RD1. Your ability to debate and read what people say, and you don’t even know what you say are a true convoluted mess. Bachelor’s degree in communications? Try harder for your sake.

If this was a game of poker I’d take all of your chips before you were to have even sat down to the game. Your tells are so amazingly transparent.

Oh and oh yeah I’m right on the two words in which I attacked very nicely. You lose as always. Darn it you HATE losing. Too bad. Deal with it.

Oh and oh yeah you didn’t even pick out something, anything from the big big big long list of contradictions and inconsistencies and prove them wrong. So that means that the list stands and is entirely correct. Duh. Its not my job to search for something and make attempts to make holes in its existence. That’s your job. Again you have no idea as how to debate with someone. None.

Wow are you a true moron and an imbecile. I mean you truly are. I mean you fully understand and get that right? “ just posting a bunch of out of context references to a sentence from one area of the Bible and a sentence in another area of the Bible does not prove there is a contradiction.” Only a true idiot with absolutely worms in his brain to suffer severe brain hemorrhaging and or is just not capable of any intelligence whatsoever would make such a stupid statement. Now read the very first sentence of RD1. What does it say you good wittle boy? It says “Taken from The Secular Web” Wow! Imagine that big big big boy! Its a copy and paste taken from the site. Hooray! Oh and btw, you contradictory hypocrite, have a lookie at your so-called precious link for the EXACT SAME STYLE OF “just posting a bunch of out of context references to a sentence from one area of the Bible and a sentence in another area of the Bible does not prove anything is taken out of context.” You are such a true born loser. Did you even look at the site you presented me with? No of course not. Yeah you are your own hangman’s knot around your you know where areas to spice up your life.

“I could do the same thing with your "answers" to my rebuttals.” No you can’t because I am a lot smarter than you and a lot more educated than you.

Here's an example:
Apparently not do you know how to read.

“Some are clear contradictions. ALL are inconsistencies.”

“Round 2 Sentence 7: And then you made the truly miserable attempt to bring in that everything stated was a CONTRADICTION.” There yah go. Now you figure out that missing piece to the puzzle and you might actually be able to come up with something other than soap suds for your cotton gin that runs your meow mix in candy land. Got it hot stuff?

“Round 4 sentence 5: You never had anything to say in the first place.” Oh how true how true how true that one is.

“So because I found a couple sentences that were totally contradictory… Really? According to what imbecile? You? How would you know? What grade of self depository gratification on a can of screeching RAID to help the bedbugs bite to make you and only you thinks so by golly gosh darned gee whiz? Oh but wait… strange, that’s what your bible does.

“Once again, I shall give you the link that covers all of the inconsistencies…” Really? According to what does it cover ANY inconsistency? Oh gee I guess the cat is now out of the bag. Wow. Imagine that. Your wintergreen breath of nothing but stone cold amusement for me has truly been a lot of fun for me to compose this argument to truly claw on your cabbage batbrain that isn’t worth 2 fricken cents on any meat market of yodeling buffoons.

Oh and yeah ONE MORE TIME pay attention to your mission/ rules as clearly stated in RD1 you dimwitted dullard snot meat sow and respond to them, or not which means that if you don’t you break the mission/ rules and I win this debate. Toodles.


Wow are you *yawn* BORING.


Thank you for a waste of time. My opponent seems to have no idea what informal logic is. He also seems to be unaware that in communication theory we call his type of communication style volatile because the way he communicates is demeaning and belittling to people. It's because of insultful, spiteful people like him that the group think mentality exists and people kill themselves. I hope this miserable excuse of a human being learns that being a cyber bully actually causes people to kill themselves.

I have said my piece in this "debate" (since I wasn't really debating anything due to my opponent being nothing but a pretentious airhead) and I await the voting results.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
"That belief, I think is a good thing and helps relieve and save people from suffering." Well you were just proven A+ wrong on that one.

"Everyone inherently knows what is good," Nope. Some are just born bad.

"but regardless, I cannot see how trying to be Christ-like would suffering?" Makes no sense.

"Legitimate hatred. That is what I believe is a cause of suffering for othe" Why don"t you seriously read about YOUR god sometime IF you want a true genuine answer to that rather than beating around the bush?
Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
When she dies does she get to go to heaven? If she gets to go to heaven will she be happy? And she"ll probably say "yes". And you say "Will you be able to choose and do anything you want while you are in heaven?" And she"ll say "yes." And so you are basically saying "you"ll have free will in heaven?" So you have free will in heaven and no one is being hurt, raped, so you can do anything you want and no one gets hurt. If god has that power in heaven, he must have that power on earth. So he"s chose not to set that condition/ toggle switch which means he"s a dick. Phil Ferguson

Um no there is---no---understanding---your---belief because of the hate, evil, suffering and pain that your god brings as proved above in which you nor anybody can refute. In believing in YOUR god, there is no choice offered.

I believe the consensus with religions is to fight our inherently selfish nature." Well the christian god is extremely selfish and egotistical. You should try reading your bible sometime. I mean its rather point blank clear that you haven"t. Try reading Deuteronomy 13 especially verses 9-10. Also read Deuteronomy 17: 2-5. Your god is such a jolly ole fellow isn"t he and truly hates those that do not believe in him and egotistically orders their deaths TO EVERYBODY.
"If you try to get clarification, if you try to get what the christian orthodox view is on the law, you're not going to find consensus. You"re not going to find christians "oh here"s what christians think about" they"re all going to have this concept of this different thing now. But as far as it applies and why and what to do with it, they"re all different. Its going to be a hard argument because most have different ideas about it and most are going to change their ideas and start tweeking them as soon as they have to start answering questions because they haven"t looked into it before most of them." Tracie Harris
Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
Oh and btw, please do not try to lecture me, OK? That"s because I can 100% guarantee you that indeed I do know your god, bible and religion far better than you ---ever--- will. After all, I"ve studied it, been involved with it for 42+ years and have talked with roughly 25,000 people on the very subject. Can you say the same?

"You see, if you took away the idea of religion you would still have racism, poverty, the 1%, ect"" Well um no. Not if you believe in YOUR god as being good, caring, king, peaceful, harmonious, loving in which YOUR god clearly is not. Stop making excuses!!!!! "They like to do what makes them feel good and are inherently selfish." Oh you mean like the super egotistical god complex that is clearly YOUR god and what he sickeningly spreads to others? "I speak for everyone on this, even myself." No you don"t. You certainly don"t speak for me. You certainly don"t speak for billions of others who happen to disagree with YOUR worldview. "Yeah it feels good to do wrong things. But they are still wrong ya know?" Um with a very BIG DUH believing in your god because of the clear hatred that he represents in YOUR bible IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!

"I feel"" don"t feel. Know. BIG DIFFERENCE. "that without religion many of those wrong things would be unrecognized." Really? According to what imbecile? You? How would you know? What grade of plastique undies explosion class have you graduated from in order to make such a grand decision without any evidence, just a "feeling"? Do some actual research. K? Now pay attention"
- Richard Carrier debunking christianity

"Many movements that helped stop suffering would have never came to be." Well um duh YOUR fricken god knowingly CREATED suffering and even worse, he created it for children. Now what part of that don"t you understand?
Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
You use religion as an excuse. You did it in your last post on my other debate which didn"t work. Ab-so-lu-te-ly religion causes hate for ev-ery-bo-dy. Especially those that believe in it. That"s because religion gives people a sense of false hope. Especially christianity.
Though these quotes from Matt Dillahunty are a bit harsh, they are 100% true"
"Stop making excuses for your holy book. It is an abomination. It encourages abomination. And the more you sacrifice your humanity and morality to make excuses like "well god really wanted people to love each other but they just wouldn"t so they just wanted to nudge them in the right direction by saying you can own people but don"t beat them too damn much." Its still a weaka$$ immoral god. And YOU are better than that. Stop making excuses for the immorality. Take responsibility for your life and realize that if a GOD tells you that you can own somebody, that GOD is a piece of s--t."

"I would say that instructions to kill homosexuals is immoral. I would say the subjugation of women is immoral. I would say that having women inferior position to men is immoral. I would say that selling your daughter into slavery is immoral. I would say that sacrificing the first thing that comes out of your house is immoral. I would say that substitutional atonement is immoral. I would say that the very concept of of sin is immoral" the idea that I could somehow offend a god or something that I could think or do which has no impact in or around in reality is immoral. I would say holding someone responsible for the sins of their father under the fourth or the tenth generation is immoral. How many more do you need before you recognize you are making excuses that advocates for immoral positions?"
- Atheist Experience 10/15/17

There"s no "confusion" at all. Only with what YOU bring to the table. Atheists in general know the bible a lot better than christians do.
Posted by Stonehe4rt 2 years ago
While I see your point that controversial topics such as religious views can cause confusion and people have acted wrongly using religion as an excuse. I don't think that is what causes hate and suffering for a lot of people. You see, if you took away the idea of religion you would still have racism, poverty, the 1%, ect... because people like to feel good. They like to do what makes them feel good and are inherently selfish. I speak for everyone on this, even myself. Yeah it feels good to do wrong things. But they are still wrong ya know? I feel that without religion many of those wrong things would be unrecognized. Many movements that helped stop suffering would have never came to be. While I understand we are at a bit of an impasse when talking about Christianity, we both of to many thoughts on that matter. That just don't have a "connecting piece to them" so I am not asking for you to understand my belief today nor will I claim to fully understand yours. We are both people and I bet we both have logical reasoning for our choices. So talking about Religious views in general, I believe the consensus with religions is to fight our inherently selfish nature. That belief, I think is a good thing and helps relieve and save people from suffering.

Now I am not saying you cannot be a good person without religion, because while I believe everyone is inherently selfish, everyone also wants to be the hero. Everyone inherently knows what is good, and that might be why we are always compelled to stand up for the underdog.

I won't deny I probably have no idea how bad suffering can get, but regardless, I cannot see how trying to be Christ-like would suffering?

While I do think things like calling others "creatures" or "bloated" is wrong. I do understand you have your circumstances and reasoning for feeling the way you do, and don't want to dismiss that. But to me, when I see actions like that. Legitimate hatred. That is what I believe is a cause of suffering for othe
Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
"However, often times people are more angered by what they do not comprehend." Oh absolutely. They try to think of ways out of the mess created for themselves. Mainly because they truly do not know what they are talking about and yet they think they try to pretend that they do. Bad idea. I"m really not angry. Or at least angry in comparison to others. I mean the only thing that I truly hate is the printed god in the bible.
Oh believe me I most certainly don"t blame god for anything. That"s because I 100% know this god does not exist. It is the mere belief in this god that creates all this hatred, evil, pain and suffering especially among children. And trust me you have no idea, none as to what true suffering is.None.
The bile creature BigDebate that looks like a past-time friend,(no kidding) though a lot more bloated, started right out from the gate and did not use any intelligence nor an education. People like that I simply wipe out all over the board and he flatly deserved it. He didn"t TRY AT FRICKEN ALN + a whole lot more. Big difference!!!!!!!!!

See now you are being genuine. That"s something that is easily understood. Its not something that I"m going to pour concrete over either. Its something I respect because you are"""""" trying. Please tc and have fun.
Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
@Stonehe4rt - Oh no absolutely in no way were my suicide attempts related to christianity. I have a great deal of anger for a lot of reasons. But there"s a lot of happiness as well within my life. A lot of things give me joy such as hearing a true masterpiece band/ artist and or album for the first time which is extremely rare even though it just happened and I"ve heard at least 100,000 cd"s. Watching a film and seeing that it is a truly great film and or a masterpiece also brings me joy which is also extremely rare which also just happened and I"ve seen roughly 10,000 films. Spending time with my friend and talking with my friends also gives me great joy. Composing my music also gives me truly great joy. Tasting great food for the first time also gives me great joy. Things like that. Now why I am so angry is I"ve seen things that would blacken your soul and then I would be able to tell you about me. I"ve seen enough crap to last probably at least 100 lifetimes or more.

Oh absolutely not is everybody narcissistic. If true I"d have no friends. I"d have committed suicide and be dead. But I do have friends. And veryyyyyyy good ones at that. Many here on don"t have a single one and wow its so so so obvious.

Well people hate to lose their christianity or even contemplate the nth degree of losing their christianity. That"s what they hate to lose. So yes, they hate to lose the debate. And they always lose. No exceptions. None. After all there"s no defense for their god in which they cannot even prove exists. There"s no defence for their god"s violence or hate or evil in which their god is and that"s according to their bible. There"s no defence for faith which the entire christian faith is hinged upon as there"s no evidence for faith. There"s no defence nor proof whatsoever for a supposed god choosing text as a form of communication in which no god would ever be dumb enough to do such a thing. Etc etc etc
Posted by Stonehe4rt 2 years ago
If that is true that you have attempted suicide, may I ask if it is related to your anger towards Christianity? Seemingly everywhere on this site that I see you, I see you have a great deal of anger.

There is nothing that anyone could say in regards to what has scarred you. Whatever that may be. However whatever it was, it appears to have caused you to believe that everyone is seemingly narcissistic. Such as the times you mentioned that you think your opponents anger comes from something silly like winning or losing a debate. However, often times people are more angered by what they do not comprehend. It is much more likely that many people simply do not understand WHY you are angry, which in turns frustrates them. Perhaps speaking about whatever caused such anger may help whatever confusion that stirs within to settle. I know it is easy to blame someone like God for all the bad things that have happened, however God isn't the one who has wronged you. People are. I don't know who, or why, and frankly I don't care about those things. But what I do care about, is seeing less people tormented by the past, or maybe something that is still happening. There is no way for ANYONE to know why you are angry unless you say so. Unfortunately reading your mind is not an option.

Now it was wrong for BigDebate to insult you back (Even if those were just responses from insults), however Christians or not. People aren't perfect. We try, but fail often. That is the point of Christianity, forgiveness and trying to be better.

I just ask this, if you are even going to respond to this, don't do so in anger/spite/hatred ect.... Be serious and true; make sure to voice out your true reasons for why you feel/felt a certain way.
Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
@bigdebate - "It's because of insultful, spiteful people like him that the group think mentality exists and people kill themselves. I hope this miserable excuse of a human being learns that being a cyber bully actually causes people to kill themselves."
Here's the difference between you and me BOY... you have no idea, none, as to what suicide is, Nice guesswork on your part. I've attempted it twice AND I've lost 4 friends due to suicide. You are true scum to even try to suggest that you even know in the slightest what the flying pregnant fetus screw you are even squawking about especially to know what the slightest inkling as to what suicide in fact is. You look and act like the typical smug christian thinking he knows everything, but in truth, knows nothing. You are nothing but a concrete parachuting manure spread Oliver Norvell "Babe" Hardy flabby belly flop on a totem pole that only falls upon yourself.
Here's also a HUGE difference between you and me BOY... I NEVER invent excuses. I, unlike you, and nearly all christians, tell you EXACTLY how it is.
Here's also a HUGE MAJOR difference between you and me BOY... I DO NOT EVER threaten people with ill will, unlike you. Oh yeah, you hideous maggot, I take suicide VERY seriously. Bye.
Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
@ThedebaternamedJ - When someone shows 0 intelligence or an education on the subject that they claim to profess to have a knowledge upon and they really don't and they thus have to invent excuses and or flat out lie (no con didn't lie) but he sure did make up excuses as ALL christians do in order to stop from their sinking ship, they they flat out deserve to have their cherry tree chopped down with a barrage of insults or people will walk away. Its that simple. You will learn that should you take a COMMUNICATIONS class in college in which our friend con claimed he took and received a bachelor's degree. In no way did he. He doesn't even know how to use a simpleton spell check. His teachers would have failed him on the spot.
And then our friend con stated "It's because of insultful, spiteful people like him that the group think mentality exists and people kill themselves. I hope this miserable excuse of a human being learns that being a cyber bully actually causes people to kill themselves." So you don't think that that is way way way way wayyyyyyyyyyyy beyond abysmal? The guy is reaching because he hated to lose. There is so much hatred in this guy towards me because he flat---out---lost. He could not follow the simplest of instructions in which was stated to him each round to follow and he never did. Well gee go figure. His truly miserable and unimpressed attempt at character assassination towards me is pathetically weak. He has no genuine friends or loved ones and wow oh wow does it show.
I don't hate anything except for his god because his god hates children and that's for starters. Yeah you guessed it, its not hard to guess that con pretty much hates everything. Its not hard to figure out especially when things don't go his way. He truly hates to lose.
One more thing... the guy has no clue as to what suicide is. I do. I've attempted it twice and lost 4 friends to it.
Please tc and have fun.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro called Con a "coward" and a "moron". This is poor conduct.

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