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Billander Seige not Referenced in Yortyff's Journal

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Started: 9/16/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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Earlier in our conversations you mentioned how the Billander Dragon Seige is what was referenced in Yortyff's journal halfway through Perilla in the Harbor. I'd like to challenge you on this. I believe that this can't be true due to the following facts.

- Yortyff mentions in his journal that he was handling a Feirpan during the siege, a reptile that had gone extinct on Cerphill 6 years before. We know this because Yortyff's cousin was on the expedition to save their clan but had failed.

- The siege was said to have been a long one, but Billander Siege had only lasted for a few days.

- All who fought in the Billander Seige had been scorched by Queen Hajk creating special marks on their skin. Though it is never mentioned if Yortyff had these marks it seems something that would be notable, and would have been brought up earlier with the professor was checking his neck for worgal bites.


I have to admit, you make some pretty good points. Let me see if I can muster up a good response.

About Feirpan being extinct on Cerphill. In the Billander Seige we know that there was outside help from rogue planets, any of these assisted could have brought Feirpan on one of their ships. Feirpan were known throughout the galaxy for their exquisite fighting skills and easy riding.

Yortyff was an in experienced fighter a siege of a few days could constitute to him as long.

I don't think his marks were mentioned, and you're right not sure what to say to that.
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