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Biology Education is Useless

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Started: 11/28/2017 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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IF YOU ARE AGAINST THE CLAIM YOU ARE CON! Please only accept if you believe that biology education is useful, go CON



Biology education is very useful, because biology is the logical classification of living things, and you must understand it in order to comprehend the many types of wonderful beasts that live on our planet. Anatomy, a subdivision of biology, is also incredibly fascinating. I accept. I'm completely prepared.
Debate Round No. 1


Hello. First off I would like to commend your claim in the first round. It was really philosophical and that was a really good opener. I am going to make my arguments and i am going to respond to.
My main source is:
Another source:

1) Biology degree as a whole does not lead to any needed jobs, only helps in needed jobs
Biology degrees are useless in a way that studying animals does not affect us humans. Humans do not need information on animals unless you want to pursue a biology career

2) Medicine degrees to cure diseases majors in Chemistry, Biology minor.
We can only cure diseases using chemical compounds. If anything, biology is a college course that helps with chemistry, it should not be a full on course

3) Education of Biology should only be used career path education, not required education
We don't need to know about animals to live. That is a study that is neat, not neccessary

4) Biology Educators in High Schools Are Useless
High school students are too young to know a lot about human body. Why teach is when no one understands it?

5) Biology teachers are inexpierenced
Students don't like Biology because the teacher is not experienced in Biology or even teaching.

6)Labs having to do with Biology have nothing to do with learning
Most of the time in class, you do labs. The labs don't help yet the teachers expect us to know stuff on the lab. How is that fair

"Biology education is very useful, because biology is the logical classification of living things, and you must understand it in order to comprehend the many types of wonderful beasts that live on our planet. Anatomy, a subdivision of biology, is also incredibly fascinating."

Taking Biology before Anatomy is not required but it won't hurt. These words are stated from There is reasonability that you do not need biology to study anatomy

Biology is something that people either find useless or fun. Either way, the teaching of it for a general topic is useless.


I'd like to mention, both sources you provided do not in any way indicate that biology is a useless topic, as a matter of fact, they stress the importance of biology for certain careers. I should have used those sources. In the next rounds, please post more relevant sources that relate more to your own side.

Now, I'll counter all your arguments. In the next round, you can come up with some new ones.

1)A biology degree does lead to needed jobs. It can help out in any jobs, but if you major in biology, you can be a paleontologist, a veterinarian, or a zookeeper. All three jobs are very necessary in this world. Paleontologists uncover the remains of animals who lived millions of years ago, veterinarians help sick pets, and zookeepers strive to create a safe, enclosed habitat for possibly endangered species. There are many, many more jobs which require biology, but at the moment I can't think of any. Also, keep in mind that humans are animals, just highly advanced ones, and the study of humans is as biological as the study of animals. Biology isn't just the study of animals, either. It's the study of all living things, put into five kingdoms:

It's a very broad subject, much more than just animals.

2) True, we can only cure diseases using chemical compounds, but, in many cases, a doctor does not create the chemicals, he simply gets them from somewhere else, and administers them to the patient. Chemistry is very important to the field of medicine, but biology is too. I'd say they're about equal. Some doctors need to learn more biology than chemistry, you can't apply a specific ratio to every doctor on Earth. Chemistry and biology are, in a sense, intertwined. Life as we know it is made of DNA, and DNA is nothing more than a complex chemical compound. However, when a doctor knows about anatomy as well as the type of medicines he's giving, he can perform his job much better. To become a doctor, you have to know a whole bunch of anatomy. You have to study the bones, the muscles, the different types of cells, the organs, and all the systems. Being a doctor is risky. One mistake and you could end a life. Because of this, doctors need to have an extensive knowledge of every part in the human body.

3)Biology should be required education, not just career path education. It's a very difficult thing to learn, so the sooner somebody starts learning it, the better. That way, you can progress through the different stages until you master it. Even if you do take a biology class or two in high school, you don't have to become a biologist. It's just an option you can use if you don't know what your job is going to be. We do need to know about animals to live, because we eat animals, and we own animals, and we use animals for transportation, and animals are vital to earth's ecosystem. Your blatant rejection of the importance of biology shows your ignorance. It's neat and necessary. Biology was invented because every creature on Earth is unique, and they deserve to be classified into different groups. Biology is a long and revered science. Just think, if we didn't know about germs we never could have stopped smallpox, or the black plague, or ebola. Biologists helped out with that.

4)High school students aren't too young to learn about biology. Sure, they don't have the mental capacity of a full grown adult, but if the instructor is easy going and the material is on a pretty low level, students can easily grasp the different parts of biology. It's important to know about the human body. If you know about what's inside you, you can get through a cold or a flu more easily. If you get cancer, you'll know what's going on better. And why do you say that nobody understands the human body? Many people do. We know exactly how the human body operates. We know about the circulatory system, the nervous system, the digestive system. There are very few anatomical mysteries left. Science is pure, so it's very easy to understand. Especially biology, in which every species and microorganism is different and has different characteristics.

5) Like all professions, there will be both good and bad biology teachers, and I'm sure you could say the same thing about any class. If you had a bad biology teacher, it's not his fault, they should just hire better teachers. they're not going to get Einstein, but they'll bring in somebody who's been through college.

6) Labs are very useful to the learning process. The point of a lab is to have you, as a student, figure out what's going on, instead of the teacher bluntly telling you. In this way, you can learn to use your cognitive powers, and draw hypotheses and conclusions, which are all important in the field of science. Also, labs are the funnest part about science class. Would you rather fill out a worksheet with 20 questions on it, or look into a microscope and see some red blood cells? Labs are the best part. You get to explore things.

Biology is required before anatomy. It was for me, anyway. Anatomy is a subdivision of biology, so to study anatomy, you must first take biology, in order to gain a broader mindset of the course ahead. Anatomy cannot function without biology, because before you learn about the things inside you, you have to learn about what they're made of. I doubt that any doctor passed up biology and went straight for anatomy. It's a dumb choice to make.

Biology is a very useful topic, and, like math and English, must be taught to our youth.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by frankfurter50 2 years ago
That's fine. I don't think you would have won anyway.
Posted by SupaDudz 2 years ago
i am really sorry!!!! i was stressed with school and just forgot
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