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Bitcoin Cash is better than Bitcoin Core

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Started: 4/25/2018 Category: Technology
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Bitcoin used to be useful because its transaction fees were pennies (or less). You could buy coffee, video games, etc. A private currency that pretty much just works. I don't know what BTC is today, but it isn't that. They haven't allowed it to scale and so the transaction fees have risen. Merchants and users have more and more stopped using it for real-world commerce.

BCH is an attempt to restore Bitcoin to its former vision.

With BTC all transactions aside from Deposits and Withdrawals being off chain on the LN? That"s putting a lot of trust back into third parties similar to centralized banking to date.

If it"s on LN, it"s a settlement debt. An IOU. Like banks. Unless it"s cash in your hand it"s the banks' money to hold in trust and if it"s lost in a recession or market crash, it"s gone.

This is what BTC WAS supposed to fix. BCH still follows the roadmap to fix that.

Bitcoin core's top priority is not decentralization and censor-resistance. It is actually censored by a company Blockstream which is funded by banking institutions from behind. Thru segwit and off chain scaling it is nowhere decentralized and becoming more complex as well as controlled version.

BCH priority is usability which means decentralization. Blockstream priority is destroying peer 2 peer and store of value. BTC cannot be used for micropayments.

BCH is empirically the closest thing we have to the real bitcoin when it comes to actual code, not labels or opinions. SegwitLightnetCoin is a fork.

Reminder: Arguments that are invalid:
- Appeal to authority logical fallacy (Person A thinks this, person B claims that)
- Ad hominem logical fallacy (Person C is wrong about X because he is Y)
Of course, all rules of epistemology apply, but these are the common mistakes here.


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