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Black Americans have more power than any other group

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Started: 7/5/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Media: There is literally nothing (no matter how racist , sexist, messed up , cruel or untrue it is) at this point that a black person cannot say across any media (print, news, radio and online ... where they are also afforded greater rights to suppress and push down/suspend/delete behavior or truths that go against their narrative or delusions of persecution on google, wikipedia, other reference sites, snopes and other once credible rumor sites... and thus facebook, twitter and the social media sites that rely on these debunked means of debunking things.

Schools: Its fairly clear at this point (given a congressional hearing had to be had in the wake of violent, disruptive and oppressive trampling on the freedom of speech of anyone (no ma


My opponent seems to be arguing that black people can say absolutely anything across all media without receiving some kind of blow-back. Having given absolutely no examples and painting with an absurdly large brush, allow me to provide a couple of examples that contradict that assertion.

PARIS DENNARD is an African American conservative political speaker who frequently appears on CNN. As a Trump supporter, his political opinions are ravaged on social media and he is labeled an "Uncle Tom" for supporting those who are widely perceived to be oppressing his community (racially speaking). Not only is he attacked by other African Americans, he is attacked by Liberals at large for not towing the narrative of black oppression.

KANYE WEST is an African American who constantly gets into trouble for unapologetically shouting his opinions (including, but not limited to, his support for Trump) into microphones all around the world. He also believed Taylor Swift shouldn't have been given a Grammy Award over Beyonce, which didn't go over well across all media platforms.

In a more general sense, this argument presented (and apparently prematurely posted) by my opponent suggests that black people have more "freedom of speech" than other races. I am unaware of any non-African Americans jailed or arrested for speaking their mind unless that speech directly insights violence (a right that is not afforded to anyone under the law, regardless of race).

What I believe my opponent is concerned about is the court of public opinion and being on the "wrong end" of it. Everyone has the right to speak their mind but nobody has the right to be protected from the opinions of other people. Nobody knows that better than minorities who, once upon a time, were judged as inferior human beings by the majority of white Americans.

I'll leave this rebuttal with a clich" quote that, I believe, perfectly applies to my opponent's argument.

When you're accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.
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Posted by Pest 3 years ago
Ugh. I always miss the good debates.

Lemme' get winner!
Posted by Kobi_Kobiashi 3 years ago
For the record, I realize I typed "insights violence" instead of "incites violence". Long day.
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