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Black Lives Matter Movement

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Started: 8/6/2016 Category: Society
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Black Lives Matter!!! Really? That's your movement's name? I would rename your slogan to Black Lives ALSO Matter. Did you see that word, ALSO? Yes, I know, you might laugh at my argument that ALL LIVES MATTER . Don't get me wrong, you're movement as a whole is perfectly fine and respectable, but the people who protest it are a WHOLE OTHER STORY. Yes, of course, racism totally exists, but it doesn't only effect the lives of black people, it effect's ALL of us. One of you're biggest argument's is that police brutality kills more black people than white people. Well, what can I say, YOUR WRONG. I'm not going to chary pick specific graphs to show that more white people get killed than black people by police brutality, because that's just childish. I'm here to tell you that police brutality effect's all of us, not only black people. SO STOP PROTESTING IT!! One small question, why aren't you protesting the black people that kill black people? Why are you only protesting the white people that are killing black people? Do you just hate your own race?IF YOU WANT RACISM TO END THAN STOP TRYING TO PULL DOWN SOMEBODY ELSE'S RACE.
Let me break down some fact's to you.
Fact- The majority of protesters for this movement are violent.
Fact- Black people are less likely to have lethal force get put against them.
Fact- More white people were killed by police in 2014- white people dead- 414, Black people- 233,
Fact- Also in 2015 493 white people were killed by police brutality and 258 black people were killed. BUT THAT DOESNT MATTER, WHAT MATTERS IS THAT PEOPLE ARE DYING, STOP LOOKING AT ONE ANOTHER'S SKIN IF YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

This movement is violent and racist, it does not care about other black people, and takes things that effect everyone into a black people only problem.



Okay, so I have accepted you challenge. Let me deal with your arguments one at a time. First of all you attack the name. You say it should be called Black Lives Also Matter. Right now the race problem is with the blacks. To say Black lives ALSO matter would suggest there is a "race," or "competition" between the two races. The movement is about blacks, not whites, and not both, so why say also? Anyways, arguing the name is not important. The name is irrelevant to what they have actually done, or will do.
Secondly, you claim that Police Officers kill more white people than black people. You are right. But this information is irrelevant. Killing is killing. The large reason that statistic is true, is because blacks only make up 13.3% of the population according to So of course more whites die, there are more whites. At any rate, why would killing all those blacks be all of the sudden okay, and not racist just because more of the majority are killed than the minority. So that also is an invalid argument. It"s not intelligent to justify killings with more killings.
Another thing is that you said you are not going to bring up bar graphs. Listen you have to be precise. I assume you mean statistics in general when you say bar graphs. You have to be specific, accurate, and precise. Otherwise you argument is worthless. Exact facts are the floor to your argument, without it you will fall.
You also called the views of the third party you disagree with childish. Personal attack is never ok in debate, and just discredits you as a person, and a debater.
Ok so allow me to quote you. "I'm here to tell you that police brutality effect's all of us." So you admit there is a problem with police brutality. But you broke your own argument with this statement. Remember blacks are only 13.3%. And given the past, we as white people have had a problem with black racism. It started as ignorance, but then the attitude became multigenerational. Here in the west we have a smaller problem with racism. But places in the south are plagued by a higher, more genuine racism.
You use the Black on Black crime rate against us. Again this is irrelevant. The movement is about white on black crime, why would we make our focus black on black. We are of course concerned, but that is not the specific goal of the organization. So once again, another irrelevant argument.
We are not trying to pull down whites, but pull us up to them.

Ok so you broke down facts, and they are definitely broken down.

Fact #1 Protestors are violent.
This is a bad argument. It"s not ok to be violent, and these are cases where the crowd gets excited. It"s not like the BLM leaders sit in a conference and say, "at exactly one hour get violent." So that"s not their original intent. Remember that the entire Revolutionary War was a violent protest, and good came of it. If it weren"t for violent protest, America wouldn"t be here.
Fact #2 Blacks lest likely to have lethal force used against them.
Remember that we are talking about police brutality. While this may be true, you don"t have to kill to be brutal
Fact #3 More white people were killed by police in 2014- white people dead- 414, Black people- 233
This is of course irrelevant with the already mentioned fact that blacks are only 13.3% of the population. In fact this is condemning evidence for your argument.
Fact #4 Also in 2015 493 white people were killed by police brutality and 258 black people were killed.
Fact 4 is the same as fact 3, but more up to date. We can use the same argument against it.

Debate Round No. 1


Firstly thanks for debating.
This is going to be my rebuttal of all of your statements.

Firstly you open your response with such an ignorant statement. "Right now the race problem is with the blacks." That is the most contradictory statement to your movement. The definition for your movement is equality for black people, it never said it is a black people only issue. If you want to abolish racism, then we need to work together, this will never be a "Problem with only black people." When I said the name of the movement should be Black Lives ALSO Matter instead of Black Lives Matter, it does not mean that their is a competition between the two races, it simply means that black people aren't the only people that matter, it's everybody that matters. Just because the movement refers to black people, it doesn't mean that we cant work together. Then you say the name is irrelevant to what we do. No, because you follow what you do by your slogan and the definition of your movement. If you don't follow by your political movement, then your protesting for all the wrong reasons.

Yes you are right, black people are only 13 percent of the population, and yet they commit 50 percent of the annual crime. Of course since their population is smaller, their is a less chance of them dying by police brutality. But you couldn't comprehend what my point was, my point wasn't about statistics, it was about that people are dying, DYING. It's time we see through skin color.

Then you say "The movement is about white on black crime, why would we make our focus black on black." Wow. Do you not see the falseness in that answer? So you are purposely only focusing on white people killing black people to make your movement sound more amusing. We should care for everybody, no matter what color, you have to focus on people DYING, don't only get mad when a white person kills a black person. That's just showing how horrible you're movement really is.
Tell me. Why is you're goal for your movement only focused on white people killing black people. Why isn't your movement about people dying in general, not just focusing on white on black crime? Don't disregard my question and statements like you did the last round.

You also say "We are not trying to pull down whites, but pull us up to them." Black people have as much rights as any other race. You have total equality. Of course there is racism, people are racist to all races. We don't live in a Utopian society.

The next thing you say is about protester not being violent just exited.. HAHA. That's just laughable. Exited? Really? Then you say that violent protesters never intend to do any harm, Well guess what? I don't care what they intended to do, they still did do something violent. Let's say you did a prank on somebody that was intended to be harmless, but ended up going wrong and violent. Does the person you pranked really care what you intended the prank to be? No.. They just cared that it was harmful and caused violence... RIGHT? SO DONT SAY THAT THEY JUST GOT "EXCITED", AND DONT SAY THAT THEY DIDNT INTEND IT TO BE HARMFUL....

Then all the other things you say I already answered them previously...

This is my response to you.. And don't disregard any statement's I said.


First of all, I believe you are more or less looking to rant, rather than to debate. Not don"t take that as a personal attack. But when you claim that statistics are not really important to what you have to say, there"s an issue there. Again, this is not a personal attack. First let me address your statement that this is more than just about blacks, but it"s about racial profiling, and discrimination for everyone. You have it wrong there. It"s about blacks. Is there a problem with being racist towards Mexicans? Yes there is. But the black lives matter movement is about blacks, not Mexicans, not Asians, but African Americans. And you can narrow it down to the root of their beef, and say that it is between blacks, and Caucasian police officers. Again there are other racial issues at hand, but the BLM is about black lives only.

Your slogan is not the definition of your movement. If you allow democrats to run the country, you will eventually end up with a communistic government, not a democracy. Point made.

You can"t just rant on, "PEOPLE ARE DYING!!!!!!" and then say, "it"s not about the statistics." You can"t just make claims like that, and not back it up with trustworthy fact checking. What you don"t realize is that in a debate you must back everything up with hard, proven facts, including statistics. You say "People are dying!!!" that may very well be true, but a worthless piece of information in a debate. You must reinforce your debate with hard facts. Anyways I"m not here to teach you how to debate. So on to the next thing.

You made another claim, not reinforced by facts. You say we don"t care about black on black crime. Where are your facts? Back it up. It"s another worthless piece of rant if you don"t have backed up facts. Again, not a personal attack. It"s not that we don"t care about black on black. But black on black is not racially motivated. And while there are hurting families out there who are black, and a loved one was taken away by a black person, that is not the organizations goals. Yes we care about that, yes it is a horrible tragedy. But let"s keep focus here, this is about police brutality on African American people. It"s like wondering why the police aren"t in Afghanistan. Do they not care?! No, they care, but there job is to protect the population at home. Just like the BLM, we care about black on black, but our movement is about white on black, and racial equality.
You say we have just as many rights as whites. I agree, but it"s just ink on paper. We can have our rights signed by every police officer around, but it won"t stop them from doing what they want. There is not some magical force called black rights keeping police from doing what they will. And there are good cops out there. But many are racist. You can"t get around that. So yes, we officially have rights. But pen and paper have never stopped anyone from doing what they want.
So you misunderstand what I mean by excited. I don"t mean it in the case most use it in. I meant they get themselves riled up through cheering, and picketing. Then some of the more zealous ones get violent, and it turns ugly. I"m not saying its ok, I"m saying it"s not planned this way, it unfortunately escalates into that. By exited, I meant an escalation of the situation into something worse.

So as of right now, you are yet to present undeniable evidence backed up by facts. Each of your claims have been met by reasonable dismissal, and your answers to my answers are now dismissed, and dismantled. Next time you respond, I suggest using statistics, facts, and reliable sources. Post them. Remember it"s your job in the argument to present the FACTS, and it"s my job to dismantle them. You are making it easy by not giving backed up information.

I need to be completely honest with you. I can"t stand the BLM. They are a horrible movement built on non-existent racism. They are unintelligent. They are everything that is wrong with the country. Not because they are black, but because they are bad people. I am simply playing "Devil"s Advocate" because I enjoy debating. I suggest you step your game up. Remember the BLM are wrong, so there is a way to beat me, unless you feel you already are. Fortunately that decision is not up to us. If you are to debate, you must be precise, and factual. Let"s see what you do with round 3.

I ask the voters to base their vote on who won the debate, not on your personal beliefs, and opinions.
Debate Round No. 2


Firstly you say that the Black Lives Matter Movement is only about blacks. Well you just contradicted yourself. Previously you said that Black on Black crime is not what the movement focuses on. Well if you just said it's only about blacks, that means black people killing black people too, not just white people killing black people.

I never said you're slogan is your definition, I simply said that you can't go against the Definition of you're Movement. If you think you can still protest without protesting your definition, than like I said, you're protesting for all the wrong reason's.


I said last round that yes, black people are 13.3 percent of the population, and yet they commit 50% of the annual crime. EXPLAIN THAT.... ARE YOU GOING TO IGNORE THAT STATEMENT??... AGAIN?


Fact- This Is more Of a Movement for Attention, and obviously more money.
Fact- It would take 40 years, worth of black people killed by police, to equal the total amount of black people killed by black people.
Fact- People in general are killed by police as often as their struck by lightning, but I don't see you protesting about storms.
Fact-Black people are 58% of those killed by private citizens by self defence, except 75% of them were killed by other blacks.
Fact- Black people are 13 percent of the population and yet they commit 52% of the annual crime.
Fact- Black people are 4 times more likely to attack whites and Hispanics, than whites and Hispanics are to blacks.
Fact- 90% of black people are killed by other black people.
Black lives matter obviously don't matter to the black lives matter movement. This is contradictory, and you failed to acknowledge this, which is a shame, and a reason why the movement itself is racist.
These are from the FBI African American homicidal Reports.

These numbers are very high considering they are only 13% of the population.

And yes you make the argument that some police officers are racist... OF COURSE.. Many people are racist, that's the world we live in. We don't live in a Utopian society.

Then you say that by Excited you meant, people start to get violent, Well yes, you proved my point, THEY ARE VIOLENT.. AND I DONT CARE IF THEY DIDNT INTEND TO GET VIOLENT, THEY DID!!!!!!..



Next you say that your not even for the movement ,and your also defending it??.. Really? that's pretty pathetic... Your debating something that you a pro but your really a con?? WOW???????? JUST BECAUSE YOU ENJOY DEBATING YOU JUST LOOKED AT A DEBATE AND DECIDED TO BE A PRO FOR IT WHEN YOUR ACTUALLY A CON.


GOOD LUCK........


I have answered all of you statements. Every time you reply, you accuse me of disregarding your statements. Please provide an instance. I can"t correct a mistake if you don"t tell me what"s wrong. At any rate, I don"t believe I disregarded any statements.

1st statement: I said Black lives matter is only about blacks. Then I contradicted myself by saying that black on black is not the purpose of the movement.
You are misconstruing what I said. When I said that black lives matter is only about blacks, I meant that they are not a movement form any other race. BLM does not fight for Asian rights, or Mexican rights, but black rights. So there are no actual contradictions there, I was talking about two different issues. BLM does care about black on black murders, and violence, but that is not their primary objective. Of course they care.

2nd statement: You did not say that your slogan defines what you do.
I quote from your second "Essay," "you follow what you do by your slogan." So you are wrong there.

3rd statement: I disregarded your statement
Here you fail to provide the instance, so I can leave that alone.

4th statement: Blacks commit 50 percent of crime.
This does not matter. Saying that more blacks are criminals does not prove the absence of a race problem with police in America. This is irrelevant data.

5th statement: You already gave the statistics I asked for.
False, I asked for backs data, facts and statistics. Once again it looks like you leave most of your facts not backed by actual sources. I can say here, "100 percent of cops are racist!!" that"s a statistic, but it"s not backed up, and obviously not true. I don"t know if your statistics are true, you haven"t for the most part backed it up. You could have made this stuff up on the spot. You probably didn"t. But I don"t know this, and the 3rd party voters don"t know this. That"s why most of your facts are worthless.

Fact #1: This is a completely subjective opinion. You can accuse their motivation, but that is something only they know the real answer too.

Fact #2: It would take 40 years for white people to kill as many black people as blacks have killed.
Over what span of time? Sure it would take 40 years if we are comparing it to black on black murders for the last 40 years, or 100 years. What is your time span? This statistic is vague.

Fact #3: Why in the world would we protest against storms? Storms are not conscious, they don"t decide. No points for being clever on that.

Fact #4: Again, we are not talking about civilians killing blacks. BLM is about the Police Vs. the Black Population. And you are again justifying killings with more killings.

Fact #5: Once again you are running from the real problem. We can acknowledge all we want that blacks are more likely to be criminals. But this is an entirely different situation. Besides, the BLM are claiming that the African American"s culture is because of the white culture. You need to pull the roots out. The problem is senseless police brutality on blacks. Not the warranted brutality, but the unwarranted.

Fact #6: This deserves the same answer as the last fact.

Fact #7: 90% of black people aren"t murdered, much less by specifically black people. What are you saying? That black people only have a 1/10 chance of surviving without being murdered. At any rate, I know what you are trying to say. I don"t believe that number is right. But are you saying that 10% is not worth fighting for?

Fact #8: Black lives matter doesn't care about black lives.
Where"s the beef? You have nothing to back that statement up. You say the movement is racist because I fail to acknowledge the movement doesn"t care about black on black. If I did acknowledge that would the movement be still racist? So where"s your real proof?

You say of course police can be racist we don"t live in a Utopian Society. But why should we stop moving towards that, why shouldn"t we always looking to improve?

You called me a hypocrite. That should take credibility from you right there. Personal attacks are never good in a debate. Besides, I don"t have to give facts. My movement is innocent until proven guilty. I don"t need to prove its innocence, I need to defend it. It"s my job to respond to your "Incriminating evidence." So far I have debunked you, I don"t need to say anything else. Honestly you sound like a child. You write half of your essay in caps. You rant, you don"t argue, and you definitely aren"t debating. You say a lot of things, but it didn"t mean much.

Thank you for "debating" me,
-Andrew Cox

P.S. I am impressed you used a link to a trusted website. :)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by frizzylizzy 2 years ago
lol reverse racism DOESNT EXIST
Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
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Posted by ThisIsMyUsername333 2 years ago
Oh, never mind then...strong rebuttal, ofryinstr.
Posted by thedebater99 2 years ago
Con's argument is way better. Pro is disregarding so many statistics to the point that it's funny,
Posted by ThisIsMyUsername333 2 years ago
Although I personally oppose BLM, Con's argument so far has been very weak and has no basis in facts or statistics.
Posted by BlueDreams 2 years ago
What a terrible argument.
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