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Black Lives Matter does not help blacks nor black should be with BLM.

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Started: 3/26/2019 Category: Politics
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3rd attempt at this.

INTRODUCTION-Black Lives Matter(BLM) is a group that claims that Police Brutality is against blacks and that society oppress blacks a lot. Is it true, No. I will also argue that BLM does not help blacks.

Good luck to my opponent.


Police Brutality is more prevalent towards blacks as more of a subconscious bias. The cops that unjustifiably shoot black teens don't consciously think "hey he is black, I should shoot him". They might be scared or nervous and just pull the trigger. BLM more or less just rubs this in their faces, So that they actually think before they decide to shoot. American society doesn't exactly suppress blacks, But seeing as how 'certain people' somehow got in office, I can confidently claim that a decent amount of America is racist. Don't forget that we're the ones that forced blacks to use different washrooms up until the 50s.
Debate Round No. 1


{--BLM SITS ON A CROWN OF LIES---}Despite what The MSM and BML tells you, Police Brutality affects all races. According to The Washington Post statistics:(1). 46% of police shootings was to whites compared to 23% for blacks. For unarmed the statistic is 23 whites dead to 18 blacks dead. If there really was an epidemic of cops shooting innocent blacks, These numbers should be way higher.

(2)According to John Jay College, If you are a young white man, And in a police confrontation, You are more likely to be shot by police than if you are a young black man

Yes, Blacks make up around 14% of the population but commit more violent crime per capita. According to the Us Department Of Justice, African Americans accounted for 52. 5% of all homicide offenders from 1980 to 2008, With European Americans 45. 3%and "Other" 2. 2%. In 2013, Number and percentage of murder arrests by race were:Black or African Americans 4, 379 = 51. 3%White Americans (non-Hispanic Americans) 2, 861 = 33. 5%.

BLM activists say that Blacks should train for Police Brutality. The chance of that happening. 1 in 60, 000. (the same chance as getting struck by lightning) Michael Brown. AHH, Where do we start? First he robbed a convenience store and reached for a cops gun. But that is not it. He created the ferguson effect which is discussed below. The number one way to not interfere or get shot by cops in not to commit a crime. It is not useful to riot or destroy black businesses. Hands up, Don't shoot = Fake News.

If America oppress blacks, Then why did we elect a black president?

Black Lives Matter should be called Facts don't Matter.

{---BLM IS A BAD ASSOCIATION TO BE WITH----}MLK achieved justice for blacks because he bridged whites and blacks together.

1)Top BLM members at colleges demand for segregation. Source:(3)

2)Call for banning white people from their meetings even though their own leader is white. Sean King:

3)They call for killing dead cops

4)One of their original founders back in 2012 is on the FBI'S most wanted TERRORISTS with a 2 million dollar reward. Her mission was to create a race war between delusional blacks and cops. She got what she wanted. She killed a cop and escaped to Cuba. In St. Louis, There was a protest quoting and praising her.

5)Hijacking other civil rights movements:source:(4)

6)Co-Founder claims that All Lives Matter is racist. So according to a poll, 64% of blacks are racist.

7)BLM members torturing disabled trump supporter

8)BLM destroyed businesses run by other black people.

9)Funded by George Soros.

10)MLK found justice through peace and unity under Constitutional foundings. BLM divides and race hates. MLK preached not to riot and march peacefully. BLM riots. They want to keep blacks dependent on welfare and the government.

11)Police Officers can not do their job because BLM will hunt them down and doxx them, Call for their head and their firing. What about the ferguson effect after the Protests In Ferguson caused by the shooting of Michael Brown that August, His officers had been hesitant to enforce the law due to fears of being charged, And that "the criminal element is feeling empowered" as a result.

12)BLM also supports victimhood. Victimhood disempowers black people because they are not motivated to do anything if there are always the “Victim”.

13)Shooting cops. Dallas police Shooting Blue Lives Matter. The Left and BLM trying to dethrone cops when they protect ALL of them is ridiculous.

14) The Charlotte Riots: A BLM protest, White people were being beat up and were screaming for mercy. Rocks were being thrown at rocks and trucks, Stores, And buildings were looted. A state of emergency was declared and The national Guard has been deployed. Everywhere BLM goes, Hate, Riots and destruction follows. If these were a minority, How come everywhere BLM goes-violence goes. Ferguson, Baltimore, Salt-Lake City, Dallas, Milwaukee, Detroit, Etc, Etc. It's not a coincidence. Whenever this stupid narrative is pushed by Obama and MSM, Violence happens right after. BLM is a hateful movement at heart. We have never seen this out of the KKK or other groups that are claimed to be violent. Other groups do not see the level of riots seen at BLM protests. Feminists don't burn down cities. If there was violence at every tea Party event, Then the MSM would be ALL OVER the Tea Party. Hence, Why only 37% of blacks support BLM now, And only 11% for all citizens.

15. Crashing a cops wedding

As a black person, You should not be in a culture/ association of acceptance of these ideas. Don't be in a group that goes against Martin Luther King. Jr.

{---THEY ARE BIGGER ISSUES----}If BLM cared about Black people, They would address these issues. The percentage of blacks murdered by other blacks before BLM existed was 91%. Today it is anywhere near 87% to 94%. Or how about blacks are 4x more likely to undergo an abortion. In NYC, More black babies were aborted than born. Same in Georgia. How about The Victim Mentality, Urban terrorism, 80 years of KKK lynching is just 6 months of black on black crime. A lack of fathers and brainwashing from Democrats, Black kids undergraduates, And high prison rates. They only care about money. Join BLEXIT if black. Blacks are waking up as only 37% of them support BLM.

Think for your yourself if you are black.

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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by ryanses 3 years ago
MLK literally supported affirmative action, I don't think he would have a problem with a racially targeted movement.
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