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Black Lives Matter?

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Started: 8/30/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The 'Black Lives Matter' movement is a terrorist organization that should be disbanded and removed.

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Always state sources


You are wrong

Debate Round No. 1


The Black Lives Matter activists have been nothing but violent and aggressive.

From murdering 5 officers and injuring 11 to being on the streets yelling, 'pigs in blankets, fry em like bacon', The Black Lives Matter movement have been nothing but a pain in the back. Not only for officers but for other citizens.

If the Black Lives Matter really did care about black people then why aren't they doing something for the black people who are killing other black people. They refuse to solve this problem but get all aggressive and violent when a white person or an officer kills a black person.

This tells us that Black Lives Matter activists are also racist.

Will state a more detailed argument with evidence in next round



Black lives matter movement brings awareness to black suffering
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Masterful 1 year ago
Blacks kill more blacks than any other race.
Posted by GrimlyF 2 years ago
The B.L.M."movement" is irrelevant.Like a flash flood in the desert it starts with a seeming power to change where it occurs,but it is simply sucked up and disappears.The I.R.A,K.K.K,.U.F.S.Black Panthers,Al Queda,Boko Haram,I.S.I.S. are all united by one thing.Not religion,politics nor love of freedom but violence.The men and women in all such groups have only the desire to kill and generate terror.This is why they have no real political wing,negotiation is not nor ever will be an aim of these groups.Therein lies the destruction of all such people because after enough violence and mayhem the very terror they create becomes too much for the common people and they will band together to eradicate the violent amongst them.America's problems between black/white are psychological and can be solved by the right man.They just hanen't found him yet.
Posted by the_dark_night 2 years ago
black suffering at the hands of other blacks?
Posted by usawinseverytime 2 years ago
its leaders are communists, but it's followers are just sheep. The democrats have created ghettos and have herded minorities into them. The followers of BLM are just interested in getting out of the death trap that democrats put them in. Still it's leaders are a bunch of communists who are exploiting black anger in order to push their secret agenda.
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