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Black Lives matter is Bad

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Started: 11/21/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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First Round for acceptance. FWI, I am AGAINST Black lives matter

I wish you luck, wish me some, only my second debate!

If you have a question, comment please.


I accept this debate, and I accept my opponent's terms and conditions.
I look forward to this debate.
Debate Round No. 1


I believe that the Black Lives Matter riots are completely pointless. Police are not out to get black people. There is no such thing as white privilege, and the way they are trying to get their point across is simply violent and unnecessary.

1: It is only considered racist if a white guy shoots the black guy

How often do you here in the news of a black police shooting an unarmed white man? Definitely not as much as a white police shooting a black man.

Did you hear of the 2 black police officers that opened fire on a white man´s truck? The man had no weapons in the truck and the officers had not given any reason for why they were pursuing him. They shot 18 rounds into his truck and ended up killing the driver 6 year old autistic son and putting the driver himself in critical condition.(3)

If a black police officer shoots a white man, is it racist? If you look at the statistics, 732 white people were killed by police and 381 were black. Blacks(2)

2: The way the Black Lives Matter movement gets their point is comepletely evil.

Are the Black Lives matter protests peaceful? Yes, if you count looting and burning and rioting peaceful. The black lives matter movement is just making a different image of themselves, by burning, looting and destroying places they are casting an image of violence and aggression.

3:Black people Kill Each other

White males being 38% in 2012 of the population commited 4,582 muders, and black males being 6.6% of the population commited 5,531 muders.(1) If you want to get rid of crime against blacks, you need to get rid of the black gangsters on the streets. You need to change their culture.

From the data above we can see that the black lives movement is a movement that casts a bad image on the black community. If they really want to get rid of black violence you would have to make sure you are getting criminals off the streets. Of course, there will be actual racism such as the shooting of Walter Scott, who was shot running away. But rioting on the streets is not going to do anything.






My opponent makes the opening statement of Black Lives Matter riots are completely pointless, on the principal that police are not out to get black people. Which is partly true, to the fact that police are not out to get black people. But Black Lives riots are caused by an unfair justification when a white accuses a black of committing a crime which is not true.

My opponent makes the statement of "It is only considered racist if a white guy shoots the black guy" which is false. As I stated earlier, if the reason is unjustifiable then it would be considered somewhat racist. But if the "white guy" has a properly justified reason it would not be racist. My opponent then goes on to state one single story about black cops killing a white man and his son, which is a mere one example of bias based cops. While I do not agree/defend the cops actions, it is notable that the cop presumed that the man was carrying a weapon which he states in the video. There have been over 21 cases of black men killed by white police, where else there have been 5 cases of black cops killing white cops.

My opponent further goes on to say that Black Lives matter forcefully make a point, by looting and burning. Whilst I accept a few cases of a mass riot which was caused by Black lives matter, most protests caused by Black Lives matter are peaceful. My opponent has made the stereotype that all protest by Black Lives Matter is evil.

My opponent goes on to say that black people kill each other more, which is largely irrelevant. The entire focus of this debate is that "Black Lives Matter" the group defending unjustifiable crimes committed to black people by other ethnicities. I find that it is completely irrelevant to the entire debate, but since he has brought it up it is notable that Black People kill 12% of people whose race falls into the white ethnicity group where else whites kill 16% of people that fall into the black ethnicity group which means, whites kill more blacks than they do of themselves and they kill more of themselves than they do blacks.

I now conclude my rebuttal

Argument one
The black lives matter is a group that rather than segregates - it unites. Whilst some may think that it is a black supremacist group which it is not it is a group that strives to create unity among both black and white. The group believes that there is a racial gap between white and black and they don't try and make a supremacist society but rather an equal one. Which is stated on its website, and reinforced in every Black Lives Matter protest?

The black lives matter has caused awareness of the racial gap between the white and black ethnicity group, which is vital in understanding where we as a society should work towards.
I conclude my first argument and await my opponenets response.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by GOP_lol 2 years ago
How am I biased?

I do not believe that cops are out to get blacks, and I definitely do not support the way BLM riots get their points across
Posted by madness 2 years ago
A rule should have been that, only a white contender is allowed to accept. Because he's clearly bias a sh**.
Posted by ForeseenParadox 2 years ago
Switch to pro and I'll accept the debate.
Posted by Nanubot 2 years ago
Shouldn't you be the Pro then, if you think BLM is bad...?
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