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Black People Must Pay More Taxes

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Started: 1/31/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I believe black people must pay more taxes, because they cause too much violence and inflict too much trouble in today's society. As atonement for the crimes their fellow blacks have committed, they should pay up to 10% more taxes than whites do.

Also, their dark skin absorbs too much sunlight, reducing the total amount of energy non-black people can harvest. So based on this logic, Hispanics and Indians need to pay relatively more taxes as well.

Great. Now let's debate. Round 9 out of 100. Let's go!


Your first round argument helps me win. Thank you for proving what a complete and utter moron you are. I look forward to winning.
Debate Round No. 1


Black people have dark skin, which absorbs too much sunlight, reducing the total energy white people can harvest. With no sunlight, trees will cease to function and produce oxygen and plants will stop producing food for herbivores, then carnivores can't eat herbivores because they are all dead, and then we humans have no meat or plants to eat, so we will all die, all because black people absorb too much sunshine.

Sure, the Indians will die out, but so will the supreme Russians. The best way to get rid of South Asians is to cull them or throw them all into prison. That curbs overpopulation and global warming.

Also, black people cause too much violence and crime in the world. The best way to atone for it is to have them pay more taxes, up to 10% more. With the extra black tax money, we will compensate those who were victimized by the blacks, and also use the money to research and build efficient ways to collect and use sunlight to the max, so we will still have food and energy.

Furthermore, I'm starting to realize that there should be an extra tax for interracial families (5% more) and for bl


You're still helping me win. I'm still winning. Thanks.
Debate Round No. 2


frankfurter50, my friend, you have barely said anything during this debate.

Well, you are paving the way for me to win. I surely believe black people must pay more taxes. Similarly, in my vision of the ideal world...

There is a limit of one black family per neighborhood.

The 7 Wonders of the ancient world are all reconstructed (excluding the Pyramids and the Statue of Zeus).

Having sex is illegal.

Depression is illegal.

Disney is banned.

Indian people, as well as homosexuals and the disables, don't exist anymore.

Russian people are privileged and tax exempt.

Polar bears are allowed to freely roam the streets, attacking anybody they want.

The world is back to a complete Ice age, making living conditions ideal for polar bears.

Black people and Hispanics pay 10% more income taxes than white people.

There are no bullies in schools.

Everybody worships Vladmir Putin as God and bows down to polar bears.


They're goading me on, in the comment section, to rebut you, and really debate, but it's almost impossible, because I can't rebut you. Rebutting you is worthless, a waste of my time. What you say is gibberish. Your arguments alone speak for me. They're such tripe that I have to win by default, even if I don't say anything. Still, I've got to say something. So here we go- I'll do your last two rounds, then I'll make a big old finish in round 4. OK? I'm tired of this, and so is everybody else.

Black people do not cause any crimes or violence if they're nice. White people commit crimes too. The color of somebody's skin does not affect how inclined they are toward violence, but their upbringing and influences growing up as a child do. White people, for instance, have done bad things. it was a white guy who did 9/11. A white guy crashed into that lady in Charlottesville. White people imprisoned slaves for decades without their consent. That's a crime against humanity. Hitler was white.

People should not pay taxes just because they belong to a race that has committed a crime, because they, as individuals, have not committed a crime. Every race has engaged in some criminal activity. But every member of that race should not be held accountable for the actions of only one individual. That is a grave miscarriage of justice. They're poorer than many white people- we should pay taxes to help them out.

Their dark skin does not absorb any sunlight, and even if it did, you should be happy about that, because that would REDUCE global warming. See, there's a flaw in your argument right there, even though it's based on a made up fact, it's still a flaw. They don't hinder the development of solar technology even a teensy bit. The sun is an eternal lightball, and it will keep shining bright for four billion more years, and we can harness that energy and reduce global warming. Don't hold black people accountable, though.

Black people do not capture enough sunlight for an apocalypse. that is utter crazy talk, in every sense of the word. They do not hinder photosynthesis- and they only absorb about 0.000000000000000000001% more sunlight than white people- their skin is more reflective to the sun, actually, they don't absorb it, it bounces off them. That's why they're better at handling heat. It's simple science, sir.

We are not going to destroy the Indians, or throw them all into prison. You are mentally insane.

Eat garbage. I await your next argument. (Judges, I am fully aware I am using poor conduct. I can do nothing else)
Debate Round No. 3


I don't care. Black people statistically have higher crime rates than non-blacks.

Think about it this way: the actual black criminals cannot atone for their criminal behavior, but somebody has to somehow atone for them; thus, their fellow black people have to pay more taxes. Don't you think that this is fair? Regardless of what you think for it, I think I am being an effective social reformer.

And also, now let me hear your argument:

Our next argument (#10) should be: Russian people are supreme.


They have "higher crime rates STATISTICALLY," you say? Well, anything can be proven or DISPROVEN through the use of statistics. As you can easily see from the handy dandy chart down below, WHITE PEOPLE committed 63.7% of all crime in the year 2017. Black people only committed 13.1% so stuff those fake statistics you made up down your face. They aren't statistics, they're just opinion. WRONG opinion.

Black criminals atone for their crimes by spending time in jail, as all criminals do, regardless of race. Black criminals and all criminals can atone for their crimes, but they alone are responsible for what they do. Their race is not responsible for what they do. If your system was played out, then white people would have to pay more taxes too, just because guilty white people commit crimes all the time. That would mean equality. Still, it would not be just to charge people for their appearances.

You should die, you white supremacist pig. Go burn with Hitler in Hell. I'll snap up that next debate. Toss it at me. I'll wait. Judges, vote wisely.
Debate Round No. 4
15 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by primeministerJoshua812 2 years ago
Con was wrong on the crime stats. Black commit 50% of the crime in the US even though they are only 13% of the population according to the FBI.
Posted by frankfurter50 3 years ago
You sick pig.
Posted by Orangedinossaur 3 years ago
I totally agree with you Icebear.
Posted by Aileen3310 3 years ago
I can't believe people are having such a debate. Pro has mental issues. Pro, why should black people have to pay for the crimes of others with dark skin? Should all white people have to pay the jews because of what Hitler did to them? And that 'fact' that dark people's skin absorbs more sunlight is true. But how the heck does it have an effect on other people? Are they going to absorb the whole sun? Is our sun at threat because of them? Is this debate a joke? If it's not then pro, you are really the most stupid person I have every seen.
Posted by frankfurter50 3 years ago
Wow, you said one thing right for once. Except for how you used the n word.
Posted by Masterful 3 years ago
So Con asked Pro to go die. This is worse than racism, this is encouragement to commit suicide and is actually illegal.

Pro gave an argument concerning black people statistically committing more crime and therefore need to pay more taxes to atone for this. This makes logical sense as it will discourage black people from coming to America thus reducing crime.

Pro suggests blacks absorb more sunlight, this is true, the sunlight that would have touched the ground and allowed plant life to flourish has been absorb by a dark man. This argument shows the 'take take take' nature of black people, who 'take take take' benefits and food stamps. Thus it's logical to begin asking them to input more.

Con stated 'blacks do not absorb more sunlight." This is wrong as the color black absorbs light, whereas the color white reflects light.

Con argued that not all black people commit crime, which is true. However I understand it should be up to them to pay for the other blacks on benefits such as food stamps. Thus a 10% tax addition sounds reasonable.

Pro had only a few arguments, but these were not properly tackled by con.

Con asked Pro to take his own life.

4 points to Pro.
Posted by KadijiahSmith 3 years ago
They shouldn't have too pay more taxes if anything whites should Mexicans etc. Blacks barely have a place too live because too many Mexican's etc taking their welfare. And we can barely get jobs because of out records but whites and other races can. white people can murder somebody and won't get sentenced what a black person should be sentenced if they murdered somebody they would have life without parole but its a difference in everything we but why?
Posted by Actions_Speak 3 years ago
Con please actually debate and win, i"m rooting for you 😂
Posted by kitty_cat_LOL 3 years ago
they should NOT have to pay more taxs
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