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Black People Should be Injected with AIDS

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Started: 7/25/2018 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hello. I'm pro, And I believe that black people should be required to be injected with AIDS. This way, They will get cancer, Get autism, And develop type-2 diabetes. This way, Their IQ will drop even more and they will be incapable of committing crime.

You see, The average black IQ is 52 and the average Indian IQ is 67. If black people get increasingly stupid, Their average IQ will drop by another 5-10 points. This way, They will get autism, ADHD, Cerebral palsy, And look ugly.

Your turn now. . .


Thank you for the opportunity to have this fun debate.

Since definitions weren't stated in my opponent's opening round, I'll state them now.

with - In the company of; accompanying (https://www. Thefreedictionary. Com/with)

My opponent does not state who specifically would be injected with the AIDS and the black people. In order to actually have a resolution, There should be a statement of *who* is being injected by AIDS. Therefore, His arguments presented in R1 are irrelevant.

Secondly, It is implausible to inject all of black people along with AIDS. How would my opponent propose we put all black people into a syringe along with the AIDS?

It's impractical as well as immoral to round of all the black people and put them into a syringe with AIDS.

Furthermore, Even if we were to do this, The amount of energy expended to put black people into a vial along with AIDS would expend CO2 emissions into the atmosphere which would be harmful to the environment.

The resolution stands negated.
Debate Round No. 1


Well yes. Black people have indeed caused a lot of trouble for society.

Black people are nothing but a bad influence on the world.

Here are the facts about black people that we must seriously consider:

1 in every 3 black men will end up in prison.

Many black families on being headed by single mothers making barely more than minimum wage. Those families often have kids and youngsters who get in trouble with the law.

Many violence in public schools, Especially in downtown and big metropolises, Are inflicted by black students.

Furthermore, There have been many incidents where white people were attacked, Targeted, And assaulted by black people.

If we completely segregate neighborhoods and cities into black people and non-black people, It is downright racist and cruel towards black people. The only way to prevent black violence from occurring, Or at least to minimize it as much as we can, Is to have and enforce a strict limit of one black/African family per neighborhood.

Please think carefully about it: once there is already one black family in every neighborhood, What can we do with the remaining black families? We cannot put them in ghettos, Because that would be very racist and reverting back to the 1950s and 1960s. Nor can we kill them because that is simply immoral. (I mean, Isn't that what Hitler would do? ) Instead, The best solution is to throw them in prison, And then let them out of prison once there is a neighborhood with no black family living in it.

Furthermore, If we put black families to prison, We will put them under control. (I think we must segregate prisons by race too. ) No offense and not at all being racist, Their dark skin absorbs too much sunlight, Reducing the total amount of sunlight white people can harvest. And beyond that, Throwing them in prison is a solution to overpopulation, Because the world will be less crowded. You see what I am saying here?

Now you might be thinking that it's racist and cruel, But it's not. Just read on.

No, I am not being racist. It's true. How would you like to be assaulted by black people or a gang. You said that you are not a black person. Non-black people are vulnerable targets to black people. Since no people want to be assaulted by black people, But we cannot totally segregate the world based on race or skin color, The best way to combat black violence is to limit each neighborhood to one black family. If we throw remaining black families in prison, We are also combating overpopulation so they won't be crowding up the Earth.

Now I want to here a convincing argument from you.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 2
This round has not been posted yet.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by anti_ethnocentric 3 years ago
As I've mentioned in a previous comment. Icebeartheawesome's heart is a shelter of bitterness and Low self esteem. The effect and consequence of a tumultuous upbringing. You all may not believe what I'm getting ready to say but base on Greek Orthodoxy and Roman Catholic Orthodoxy icebeartheawesome is a devout Christian. He like every Ultra Orthodox Religious individual walking the earth today. Suffer the same syndromes ( Racism, Hate, Contempt, Hypocrisy, Sexual deviation just to name a few symptoms ). Religion has been the #1 Root cause for War's and Conflicts in all of the history of Humanity. My point is don't take any Icebeartheawesome opinion's personal. I know all you young kids go off the rails reading his debates and opinions. But by posting ethnocentric comments on any of his post you're only adding fire to his attention seeking roast pit. My recommendation is ; Challenge yourself to brake free from the Ethnocentricity refugee camp you've been living in all your life and saturate your heart mind and soul with Wisdom Knowledge and Understanding. That my friends is the True Superior Race.
Posted by mosc 3 years ago
Its called measure for measure. An abortion for an Abortion.
Posted by asta 3 years ago
That's mean and cruel and unusual punishment for being a Natzi.
Posted by mosc 3 years ago
Frankly I would vote to sell off these sub human Nazi abortions, Grind up their bodies and sell the gook to the cosmetics industry.
Posted by mosc 3 years ago
Masterful and icebeartheawesome. . . Living proof that a child can be born into this world and remain a dead abortion of humanity.
Posted by MadamMaddie 3 years ago
I'm debating something else with icebeartheawesome, And they are racist, Pro-nazi, And all the other disgusting things a human being can be. I swear this account needs to be a troll, If it isn't i don't know how people can live like this.
@Arnold_Schwarzenigger, Good luck and congrats on the win.
Posted by Masterful 3 years ago
I'm guessing that Arnold is MagicaintReal
Posted by Arnold_Schwarzenigger 3 years ago
My opponent is a racist.
Posted by anti_ethnocentric 3 years ago
icebeartheawesome By the things you've been posting lately. You ain't got no room to talk so shut up.
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
@anti-ethnocentric liar!
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