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Black people are treated fairly.

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Started: 5/3/2021 Category: Politics
Updated: 4 weeks ago Status: Voting Period
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So far as I can tell Black people are treated fairly and are not discriminated against in any way. They are not targeted by police or criminal justice systems or corporations. You can bring up whatever points you want to try to disprove this but I think most arguments you make can be debunked by pointing out that Black people commit more violent crime and are less educated. This has nothing to do with biology, Is is due to environmental circumstance. I would enjoy having my mind changed, Good luck.


I believe that it is not too much to say that American social history is a history of discrimination toward Black people.
However, We must recognize that a history is not a static process but a dynamically changing social and political process.
Through this process, A society changes and develops.
In the United States it is commonly said that all people should be treated fairly. However, Unfortunately Black people are treated less fairly in every day life. ``As many Americans continue to protest across the country for racial justice,
U. S. Adults are more likely than at any point since 1997 to say that Black people in their communities are treated less fairly than White people when they go about such activities as shopping, Working, Obtaining health care, Interacting with police and enjoying leisure activities. Still, Black Americans are much more likely than White Americans to assert that these inequities occur and nearly half of Black Americans say they have experienced unfair treatment in the past month. `` 1)

Furthermore, We must point out that half of Black people in the U. S. Tend to be treated unfairly by police compared with
Whites. 2) It is fresh in our memory that Black man named George Floyd was killed by police in 2020.
This miserable incident fueled the nation-wide movement to revise the justice system and to protect the dignity of Black people and improve the basic human right among Black people. This revolutionary movement has been continuing since then. Power of people is changing the harsh reality of life among Black people for the better.

Sources: 1) ``New highs say Black people treated less fairly in daily life``, By Megan Brenan, August 19, 2020.
https://news. Gallup. Com.
2) http://www. Independent. Co. Uk.
Debate Round No. 1


So starting with the polls about americans saying that they believe that blacks are treated unfairly. There is of course a perception that black americans are treated unfairly, But this is not reality. In America, We have Obama Care, Anyone can get it. There is no issue obtaining healthcare if you are black, You literally just need any device to apply online or at a hospital.

One point that is true is that black people have a hard time interacting with the police. This isn't because police are racist, But it is due to the perception black people have of the police that make them wary and fearful of police interactions. This has severely damaging effects when black people, Fearing for their lives, Run away or resist arrest. But this escalation is due to a misconception of the reality of police, Not an accurate assessment of policing.

Im not sure what you mean about half of blacks being treated unfairly by police. The UK link just brought me to the main website, Nothing specific. But it is true that police treat black people better than other races. Whites are shoot twice as often as black people despite the fact that police interact with roughly the same amount of black people and white people.
This means that if one thousand black people and one thousand white people interact with the police, Than you would find fifty black people being killed and a hundred white people being killed, Even though the exact same number of white and black people interacted with police.
There appears to be either (a) an anti white bias or (b) officers are more reluctant to shoot at black people for fear of backlash.
Despite what the media says, There is ZERO evidence that Derek Chauvin was racist and killed George Floyed because he was black. This is supported by the fact that Floyed was placed in the car by the police before Floyed asked to be taken out. It ignores the fact that three of the other officers were also restraining Floyed, One of those officers was black,
it ignores the fact that Floyed was extremely high during the arrest
And it ignores the fact that the police training and protocol says that you are supposed to do what Chauvin did by kneeling on him.

Black people are given many privilege's and advantages where whites and Asians are not. Affirmative action is the prime case. But there is also the benefit that police are less likely to shoot you if you're black, And that police don't go into black neighborhoods. Being a black man in America is such a privilege's that if anything bad happens to a black person in this country, Then entire cities are destroyed. No one freaks out that bad when a white person is unjustly killed by police.


In round 2, Pro argues that ``Black people are given many privileges and advantages where whites and Asians are not. ``
I believe that this argument might be partly right. However, When we view it from wider social perspectives, It seems to me that they are not necessarily given many privileges and advantages. The reality is that many of them are facing many disadvantages in education, Health care and employment opportunities. This leads to higher poverty rate among many Black people.
Therefore, Black Lives Matter movement emerged to cope with their dire situation. This is the fight or war to improve their economic and social situation from the ground up.
Next is that Pro argues that ``there is also the benefit that police are less likely to shoot you if you are Black. ``
I can`t understand why Black people are less likely to be shot by police. In reality it is often said that police officers have a racial prejudice that Black people tend to commit more crimes compared with Whites.
The important thing is that many Black people are engulfed by unreasonable and unsatisfactory economic and social
environment. Therefore, As I have pointed out above, Social movement is urgently required to make American society
equitable and friendly for many Black people. The core problem is that racism as a system takes root deeply in American
society. Charles M. Blow argues that ``the fight against rules on every level of government that insulate officers and
criminalize Black people are part of the war. System of racism that have created segregation, Concentrated poverty, Poorly
resourced communities and failing educational systems are part of the war. A public perception that what ails Black people is pathological and that all policing is good and gallant is part of the problem. `` ( After the Derek Chauvin verdict, The war continues, The New York Times International Edition, April 23, 2021)
From above arguments, I believe that Black people are not treated fairly.
Debate Round No. 2


Black excellence--the case of Dunbar High School
Thomas Sowell


I continue to present my arguments for Round 3. Charles M. Blow points out that legal power of police officers are strictly
protected and they tend to exert an enormous power in dealing with crime matters involving Black people.
He argues that ``it is important to remember that the verdict against Derek Chauvin didn`t change a single police union rule that protects officers from incriminating themselves. It didn`t change a word of the criminal code, Which can shield them from prosecution. It didn`t alter a single federal or Supreme Court precedent that prevented them from being convicted.
There are enormous hurdles to overcome in the arrest, Charging, Trial and conviction of an officer. `` 1)

I pointed out that many Black people have been treated unfairly in their social life for many years. The power of people has emerged to cope with their dire situation. This movement is a social movement or fight to change America for more equal and non-discrimination society. The important thig is that Black Lives Matter Movement is closely linked to George Soros.
Astead W. Herndon argues that ``The Open Society Foundations, The philanthropic group founded by the business magnate, George Soros announced that it was investing 220 million dollars in efforts to achieve racial equality in America,
a huge financial undertaking that will support several Black-led racial justice groups for years to come.
The initiative, Which comes amid national protests for racial equality and calls for police reform ignited by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Will immediately reshape the landscape of Black political and civil rights organization. `` 2)

American society is in the process of social evolution seeking for equality, Racial justice and more fairly society for many
Black people led by the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Sources: 1) After the Derek Chauvin verdict, The war continues, The New York Times International Edition, April 23,
2) ``George Soros`s Foundation pours 220 million dollars into racial equality push``, Https://www. Nytimes.
Debate Round No. 3


Ya so basically the main point if I remember right, (not re reading your argument because that glitch was incredibly demoralizing) your big point or question was about police killing white people more than black people than why do people say that police are bias or something right?
So basically that's a benchmark flaw. People say that black people are killed more often because of their representation in the population only being thirteen percent.
That's the wrong benchmark. You don't use population as a benchmark you use rates of violent crime as a benchmark, Since these are the people that interact with police.
If the police interact with black people more because they commit more crime than you would expect them to be killed more often because there are simply more chances for that to happen. But what we see is that the same number of black people and the same number of white people interact with the police. For the sake of simplicity lets say one hundred each.
What you find in the stats is that white people are killed twice as often as black people even though they have an equal chance of being killed. Again for simplicity lets say that twenty out of black people are killed by police, That means forty white people are killed by the police. Again, This is the interaction with police as a benchmark not population benchmark. That's how your supposed to measure this. In that study I cited it mentions that if black people commit less crime, Than the percentage of white people killed by police goes up. This is because cops don't randomly choose people to interact with. They are a responsive organization. Just like ambulances don't randomly drive to peoples houses, They wait for a call. Because they respond, Not sample. Just like the police. That study suggests that crime rates are the benchmark you use to determine wheather or not there is racism, Not population. They find no disparity. Except that maybe white people are treated unfairly.


I continue my arguments in Round 4. As pro points out that, I believe that U. S. Police officers tend to have bias toward Black
people. This shows how they are treated unfairly. However, These days some progress seems to have been made triggered by
Black Lives Matter Movement and the fact that a Black woman has been elected as a vice president of the United States.
But Charles M. Blow says that America is a racist country. He argues that Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina ``argued that the country can`t be racist because both Barack Obama and Kamala Harris had been elected and somehow,
their overcoming racial hurdles proves the absence of racial hurdles. His view seems to be that the exceptions somehow negated the rule. `` 1)
When we pay attention to American society, Many Black people are treated unfairly in many social situations.
They are harsh realities of discrimination among Black people in American society.
Let me show some examples. ``Roughly one in five Black Americans say they have experienced people treating them with less courtesy(22 percent) and respect (20 percent) than others.
Similar percentages of Black adults say people have acted as if they were dishonest(19percent) or as if they were afraid of them(18 percent). 2)
Furthermore, ``fourteen percent of Black adults report that they have received worse service than other people at restaurants or stores. This compares with 4 percent of Asian adults, 4 percent of Hispanic adults and 2 percent of white adults who report having the same experiences. `` 3)

From above arguments I believe that Black people are not treated fairly in American society.

Sources: 1) Is America a racist country? The New York Times International Edition, May 4, 2021
2), 3) Black adults disproportionately experience microaggressions, By Camille Lloyd, July 15, 2020, Https://news. Gallup. Com.
Debate Round No. 4


So those things you pointed out are subjective opinions that don't necessarily reflect reality. Those polls also don't say who these black people were treated unfairly by were. For example, You say that black beaple have experienced less courtesy. That could be experienced at the hands of black offenders. Also if you teach black people that america is racist than the answer a blavk person has been trained to give will automatically be yes. These are anecdotes not data. They are opinion polls, Not reality. Perceived injustice is not the same as actual injustice.


This is my last argument. I believe that presenting subjective opinions are important and indispensable in the debate.
And I believe that Gallup is a reliable and important source to know what is happening in American society.
So I used it to support my arguments. Pro should have shown `Sources` in the debate so far.

Many American people have been suffering from Covid-19 pandemic since 2020. In this dire situation many Black people are
facing disadvantages amid the pandemic. For example, We must pay much attention to the fact that they are living with poor
living condition and under poor medical treatment amid the pandemic. The problem is closely linked to racism.
Camera Phyllis Jones who was president of the American Public Health Association in 2016 and now epidemiologist of Morehouse School of Medicine says that ``once infected, We are more likely to die because we carry a greater burden of chronic diseases from living in disinvested communities with poor food options, Poisoned air quality, And because we have less access to health care. We must also look at the way vulnerable communities live, Often in smaller, Cramped quarters,
or in some cases with no access to water to wash hands often. `` 1)
The important thing is that health disparities between Black and White people must be seriously tackled not only by the
central government but by local governments to protect human dignity among Black people.

``Black community needs more bold voices who are willing to speak on the truths of inequity at least as much as it needs
doctors. `` 2) Today America is a divided society. This fuels distrust and anger toward society among Black people.
Coping with this problem is urgently required.
Here are two cases which give hope and courage for Black people. ``In Oakland the mayor backed an initiative that was to provide 500 dollars a month to low-income families, But not if they were white. In Vermont, The state has given people of color priority for Covid vaccines. ``3)

We must listen to what President Biden had to say in Inaugural Address on January 20, 2021.
``What are the common objects we as Americans love, That define us as Americans?
I think we know. Opportunity, Security, Liberty, Dignity, Respect, Honor. ``

Sources: 1), 2) Why is covid-19 killing so many Black Americans? By Andrea Collier, June 30, 2020.
https:// greatergood. Berkely. Edu.
3) Race and the coming liberal jolt, By Bret Stephens, The New York Times International Edition,
April 28, 2021.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by KAG_Kody 1 month ago
great, There goes 20 minutes for nothing. FVKK
Posted by KAG_Kody 1 month ago
Well my entire argument didnt post except the freeking citation at the end.
Posted by KAG_Kody 1 month ago
Pan Turtal, Yeah I'd love to hear any points you have. If you can point me in the direction of some studies that can say otherwise I welcome those links too. If racism is a problem in America then it needs to be dealt with and I wanna be a part of the solution. Its just any time I look into a claim it turns out to be a nothing burger when you look at the details.
Oh and thankyou Leanings for helping me find this page.
Posted by Hezikiah 1 month ago
" Stay out of politics until you mature alittle bit more" HAHAHAHA You Really Are Funny
Posted by Hezikiah 1 month ago
"That's why I know more than you, " HAHAHAHA You Are So Humble
Posted by PanTurtle 1 month ago
Oh no. No no no. If I wasn't busy with other things most of the time, I would accept. But I don't have time. If you would like, I could give my points here in the comments. I have plenty. Would that be good?

(I am saying that I don't have time because my schedule is almost as inconsistent as my sleep schedule. Let me tell you, My sleep schedule is VERY inconsistent. )
Posted by KAG_Kody 1 month ago
@Hezakiah oh I do, That's why I know more than you, And thats why you're too afraid to accept the debate, Because you know that I do have facts and you don't. Stay out of politics until you mature alittle bit more
Posted by Hezikiah 1 month ago
"I'm really just trying to be exposed to new arguments " It would also help if you exposed yourself to FACTS
Posted by KAG_Kody 1 month ago
I'm really just trying to be exposed to new arguments and factors I havent considered while simultaneously filtering out the false ones for confused people. There probably are areas where black people are treated unfairly, But I just don't know where. Usually people try telling me some stuff that I know is false.
Posted by Leaning 1 month ago
Personally I think it's more of a gray issue, Than one extreme or the other.
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