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Started: 7/23/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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An example of Incoherent thought:

1) Blackmailing God, by telling him to make you his prophet, lest you endorse womanizers, be jealous of womanizers, idolize womanizers and subliminally, passively and actively reinforce their lifestyles and perspectives by promoting atheism.

ie. God is the God of all the elements of this reality. and endorsing womanizers is blasphemy.

Thus blackmailing God, as the full extent of your search for him Is Bigotry, and is a form of incoherent idiocy.

Shall we engage in a debate about the incoherent idiocy of the atheist population's reasoning tactics?
I challenge anyone who cares to suggest otherwise,
that every atheist is entirely bigoted, wrong, and I can prove it through ethical sciences, the physical realms manifestation, and through specific examples of behaviour.

Care to stop being wrong, when you talk to yourself and other's who you discredit out of spite for God not killing all adulterers? Accept ma challenge.


Alright, I'll bite. How, exactly, am I (An atheist) entirely bigoted and wrong? I'm very interested to hear.
Debate Round No. 1


So, a man says to the God of scorpions behind rocks, Spiders in the shadows, Snakes in the Jungle and Forest, Fire, The natural gut wrenching pains of wounds, cancer, herpes, catastrophe and Hell fire, "God, You have not shown me your face and given me a sign, therefor I have chosen to endorse womanizers subliminally and passively by reinforcing the perspectives of atheists and adulterers with complete disregard for sex trafficking, social injustice, social sciences, the influence on children"s morals, imagination and ambitions during their upbringings, as well as structurally accommodating the perspectives of corrupt individuals and cartels etc" You, Oh God of Hellfire, slaughtering children, and Hate for wickedness " whom are the God worshipped by men abroad for your good judgment, fair reasoning and perfect guidance are guilty for my sins, because of that: you have not made me your prophet, but simply suggested that I must follow your commandments, Not to avoid hellfire, but to make progress towards the Kingdom of Heaven man was created to establish upon earth."

And the God of Hellfire responds to the man, for he is unforgiving of all blasphemous sins; denial of the Word of God; ie. Not loving him by fighting him in defence of atheism (the justification & glorification of corrupt, selfish, perverted and indignant ideology: Atheism); Idolizing womanizers, corrupt, perverted or Ludacris things; Being an adulterer (selfishly and sexually moving towards a sexual union without having he necessary components of a ritualistic, friend orientated relationship " or exceptional political goal.); stealing from the republic by funding the cartel, or encouraging prostitution, or being in compete opposition to the republic"s framework; Disgracing your ancestor"s by doubting their testimonies for the sake of perversion, selfishness, insubordinance and calling yourself in your na"ve youth superior in philosophy and ideology to them (doubting their laws and religions in arrogant spite for a governing body) with complete disregard for the effects on societies moral values and active practices.. etc..

"I am the God of scorpions, whom to me are adulterers. I do not tell you where they are, nor that they are poisonous. But when you are caught, You may die, and if you call to me will not answer. They will damage the nerves of your brains for you will say to ME, the God of Hell with perfect wisdom, that you were justified and innocent fro enabling womanizers and exploring this social opportunity. And if You are caught in a spider"s web, which is the poison of drugs and booze, cigarettes and addictions of the heart and mind, I will not deliver you shall you call out my name " You alone must follow my pre-established guidance back into the light. And the snakes, liars, bigots, fools, corruption " This poison can be found in the desert and the jungle. These are my lessons to you, [ you who think that they are innocent for their crimes. The year is 6000+ and the world is not unknown to you, and you understand that I , - were I real, am God of this world - ] "WATCH YOUR SIX"
For In the deepest of Depths of the seas there are Jellyfish, who bolster the venoms of snakes, scorpions and spiders all in one potent mix, where the sharks can be found. These, are atheists, and their corruption is an arrogance, and it is not pitiable nor are there people ignorant to it."

SO the man was made to realize that,
WHETHER OR NOT, GOD WAS REAL, his prognosis was entirely bigoted bullsh*t. He has completely misjudged the situation and applied his brain to the task arrogantly, being biased towards his desires to:
Not hate adulterers for the sake of his own satisfaction (for hating them would be grief to him); for his social benefits of being with drug addicts and womanizers who funded the cartels and neglected women, - hoping to establish a safe social circle to disregard this; of being jealous of adulterers and wealthy people (despite his lack of contributions or efforts " which if there were any would be, replaced with enmity to find that he was not able to be a promiscuous king, and would therefore: be again in dismay and further continue blackmail God for having not blessed him with fortune.); as well as his desire to Blame God for all the sins of Men, despite God"s wisdom dictates it is the guilt of man, not God that these things are effecting the world, and the man Who is fighting with God in his heart actually promoted the causes of the corruption, negligence and sin by defending atheism AND attacking the idea of morals.
This, is not about THEISM. THIS IS ABOUT ATHEISM, BEING: stupid, wrong, illogical and baseless. The debate is not about God BEING REAL, not about Theism being real because Atheism is Wrong. The debate is about Atheists being WRONG and bigoted.

The fact is that, Evolution is not a FACT. The primary reason people defend the theory of evolution is because they suggest, that they: following the words of man; believing in science they have neither seen, practiced, nor participated in or witnessed; spreading gossip of its validity; and arrogantly promoting it " The reason they defend it is because arrogantly, against the God whom it is blasphemy to not love (theoretically, whether he is real or not, according he the philosophy of the wises, and in fact internationally agreeing philosophers [in your atheistic perspective of the topic also]), they suggest the Theist has equally as little means to say religion is fact " and given it is not decree, you must attend church, they do so to endorse adultery alone (another blasphemous sin, given realities social condition " even in an atheist environment.). THUS: because THEY naively suggest the theist ahs equally as little proof, they neglect to consider that they have none themselves and advocate Atheism to spite them, in a bigoted manner. ** because they discredit the theist, They choose to be fools and bigots, and say evolution is fact - to endorse their self-righteousness, lack of concern fro adulteries negative influence on sex trafficking, social injustice, cartels, relationship issues and other problems that people neglect to indulge in it (ie. funding the liquor cartels, to surround all their social gatherings around it.).

These are obvious, reoccurring, common flaws in the atheist population's reasoning skills.This s not about THESIM, this is about Atheists being WRONG.

Further more, since I only have 1500 characters left to make a point; It is most common for atheist, drug addict adulterers to attack the establishment, the Republic, bigotedly in their na"ve selfish behaviour. They do this in the most inconspicuously stupid way:
They fund the cartels, the liquor cartels, the cigarettes, the marijuana,
endorse womanizers [catering to cartels, the women put through the spin-cycle], creating social status quo of neglecting and disregarding women, children, or righteous men who are against such practices,
and even attack religion (which is the avid claim: not to stand for social, or political corruption, and to fight against perversions that create these injustices, before they snow-ball into cartel run nations of poverty).
Low behold: the republic, feeds them food they did not grow; cloths them in cloths they cannot fathom how to make; provides them with utilities & security to ensure they are sustained and maintained; and investing in prostitution and cartels actually is detrimental tot he economy and they bigotedly sponsor it's cancer agents, neglect to contribute, and create pacifying conspiracies that encourage people to fight the Government and sponsor they idiots way of living.
Atheistic Reasoning 101.
more over, those stupid, alien, religion, corruption, history and science conspiracies are always targeted at insulting God to endorse adultery, and are aimed at attacking sustainable economic and social behaviours - in favor of a world where, fukking & chucking women is the quo {but she wants it that way, Delusion
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
"- according he <<TO]] the philosophy of the wises<{T}>, and in fact internationally agreeing philosophers-"

I notice that, this symbol "-" was converted into " " ", < this symbol.. my apologies for not fixing hat.
Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
this will be a pleasure, for both of us: as we explore human psychology; the limited roads of recognizing situations as they arise; the evaluation of science and facts; as well as an appreciation for the logic applied to human reasoning.

I will thoroughly enjoy this and make it as brief as I can.
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