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Blue Whale game should be banned

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Started: 5/4/2018 Category: Games
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It shouldn't be banned, it MUST be banned. Maybe you would say that it is the person's choice to play it or not. But, not all children are aware of what they are doing. You might do something and you don't know what you will have to pay. Teenagers are committing suicide because of this, why can't we stand in front of this to defend the people.


This game should not be banned, because the people who play this game, it is only because they accepted the "challenge". Also, there are many people that want to commit suicide, so what better way to do it with a game and a cool whale tattoo...
As you mentioned, the kids who do not know what are they doing are like that because their parents don't care about them, so its the parents fault, not the kid. So first, little kids (maybe under 12) should not have access to computers on their own, and second, if it is not a small kid, it was their choice.
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