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Books are better than movies

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Started: 6/10/2018 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Books are better than movies as they are informative.
In fiction books you can tell what the character is thinking. It is easy to know what they are thinking as it is said in the book. In movies you don't know what they character is thinking, and it is harder to let the viewer understand the characters thoughts.
In fiction books you visual each individual character based on your opinion of them. You can picture a character however you want, and let your imagination run wild. In movies, there is a set character and you can't change the way they are based in your personal opinion.
In fact books you often learn new ideas. You can learn new words and new ideas about space, the environment and basically everything. It is important that people learn new ideas and learn about new topics.
Therefore books are better than movies.


Imagine walking into the cinema after a long exhausting day at school or work, you can't wait to enjoy your Friday night by hanging out with your best friends watching a movie. You can't read a book with your friends, you only read a book alone, however when watching a movie the experience is a lot different. You can plan out a movie day with your family and friends, order great food and watch. Have you ever heard of a book day?
Movies already put an image into the viewers mind, making the story more realistic.
Movies are a great way to relax when you are tired, whereas books are hard to follow along and you have to be fully focused to enjoy a book.
Wouldn't you rather watching a movie after a long day of school?
Debate Round No. 1


Books can have a plot twist in the end that no one sees coming. In books the author may give small clues to the plot twist, that are not noticeable. However, when you see these hints in the movie, the plot twist becomes obvious.
Movies rush through details. Movies are confined to a short time to include the whole book. Movies rush through details, and tend to leave things out from books as they are not believed to be important, meaning the viewer does not get the same feel from a movie as a book. Books are not rushed, as there is no maximum length that they can be. This allows books to be more descriptive and include more details and ideas. These ideas may be irrelevant to the overall idea; however they often satisfy the reader in a way a movie cannot when this idea is left out.
Books are easy to relive. They don't need any kind of electricity or anything else to enjoy the story. You can easily bring out a book, and enjoy it, without having to set up electrical appliances to get a movie ready to watch.
Books are more engaging. In books there does not always have to be action or talking taking place, whereas in a movie the story-line easily becomes boring from the viewer when nothing physical is happening. In books you can enjoy the description of scenery or even thoughts, which are often immediately lost in a movie.
Lastly, movies over dramatize things. They make insignificant ideas turn into big deals which no one really cares about and ruins the story. Books have specific ideas kept quiet and not mentioned again when they don't make a big impact. People often find this better as then this idea is not repeated. In movies, it is not necessary, and often makes the movie less engaging, when small details become major ideas. Sometimes, as in books, simpler is better.
Overall books are better than movies as they can hide clues in the text, include all detail, are portable, are more engaging and do not over dramatize ideas. For all these reasons people often prefer books. Simpler is better, and because books are simple, they are clearly better.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by DylanTheGreatk 3 years ago
I find books boring
Posted by movie123 3 years ago
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Posted by DeezNutz11 3 years ago
Good point Con.
Posted by DeezNutz11 3 years ago
Wow, tough one. uhm I'll go with books
Posted by DylanTheGreatk 3 years ago
This question is subjective so there's no answer to which one is better
Posted by DylanTheGreatk 3 years ago
I like movies a lot better because you can see and hear what's going on while you just have to use your weak imagination to read books
Posted by Bigwumbus 3 years ago
right listen here get the frick out of here its obvious that cloudwatching is way better and isvery under rated
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