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Borders and boundaries

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Started: 3/4/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Today our world is running into these imaginary borders created by power hungry humans. I've recently started playing an online game where my team consist of members from all over our homeland , earth. We argue only about the greatness of our teams but have always made amends over heated arguments. It's only a game. A game we all love. If the Internet has done so well without borders and boundaries why can't the physical world follow suit? After all Earth is a home we all love.


Thanks to Con for starting this debate.

Borders are necessary. They help us determine who is wanting to come into this country, so we can vet them and determine whether it would be a good idea to permit them in at all. As an op-ed from the Los Angeles Times says, "The truth is that formal borders do not create difference " they reflect it. Elites" continued attempts to erase borders are both futile and destructive."

Comparing an internet game to real life is inappropriate. Things are not always as simple as they appear.

Good luck to Con.

Debate Round No. 1


Very well stated Pro.
I am happy to here this opposite view in such a way. This leaves us the opportunity to gather more information on how to restructure the way we approach any border issues. I personally believe that our world would be a lot more peaceful if the claim of lands weren't based on ownership. We need more a of a true free trade or common exchange between our fellow man. Greed needs to be dropped and sharing our resources and labors to strengthen one another is a much better platform walls. Walls have been used in the past and in the end the destruction of these walls have proven to be more effective. Take a system like boarders and boundaries and treat it the same way two neighbors do and I promise you will see a better world. I police my neighborhood better than any politician or police officer can. Its my home. For police and politicians, who need these borders to get paid, they just see a house or houses. It's our HOME and we know what's best for each of our mini community's within the greater community. Let us decide our needs and give the power back to the people. After all loving our land is not just job to us, its our HOME.


Thanks to Con for his arguments.

Sovereignty - the authority of a state to govern itself or another state.

As Glynn Custred from the Center for immigration studies says, "The instrumental functions of international boundaries are to mark the place on the ground where one sovereignty ends and another begins. It is along these lines that a state has the legal right to exercise control over the movement of goods and people to and from the sovereign territory and whose violation by outside forces defines invasion."

The evaporation of borders would cause all countries to lose their sovereignty.

LA Times: "Borders are to distinct countries what fences are to neighbors: means of demarcating that something on one side is different from what lies on the other side. Borders amplify the innate human desire to own and protect property and physical space, which is impossible to do unless it is seen " and can be so understood " as distinct and separate. Clearly delineated borders and their enforcement, either by walls and fences or by security patrols, won"t go away because they go to the heart of the human condition " what jurists from Rome to the Scottish Enlightenment called meum et tuum, mine and yours. Between friends, unfenced borders enhance friendship; among the unfriendly, when fortified, they help keep the peace."

My opponent has provided no sources to back up his claims. And as one of my sources said, with the friendlies, unfenced borders are okay, but with the unfriendy people, they are in place to keep peace.

Good luck to Con in the next round.

Debate Round No. 2


First of all I would like to thank TheDragon5 for taking the time out of your life to debate what is to me a very important matter. We need to come together and discuss matters like these more often so that laws and policies that have been in place can continue to be successful.
For me to use the quotes and opinions of others to prove my side of this debate would misrepresent a part of why I started this debate or why I debate any subject. I believe that if we were given more opportunities to decide on the bigger issues that man faces on a daily basis, conflict and war would greatly reduce. If we were shown how to think for ourselves more and allowed to act on these thoughts, people would, through comprises, get along better. I chose to share my own personal experiences because with out question these are proven experiences that I'm 100% confident have helped my life. Statements given by others are good for influencing a decision but should not determine the decisions of everyone who is affected by a matter. Be a free thinker and put a bit more trust in the average everyday person experiencing life and stop allowing credentials to determine how you and I decide. Too many "elites" have violated our trust and have shared opinions that they feel were good for an image they wanted to portray so they can get what they want. Thank again TheDragon5. Hope you and I can do this again my friend.


Thanks to Pro for a great debate.

Due to a ridiculous lack of time, I am unable to post a full response. So I'll just sum up my previous ones.

Borders help sustain sovereignty. Without them, people would just run around everywhere and we'd have no control over who comes into the country.

It seems like most of the "elites" my opponent is talking about actually advocate for OPEN borders.

Finally, based on my arguments above, a lack of borders would result in anarchy, which according to Merriam-Webster is "a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority." The absence of the governmental authority, in this case, being borders. Borders help to establish laws, and a lack of them may lead to anarchy.

Thanks to As_A_Whole for starting list debate, 'twas fun.

Vote Pro!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TheDragon5 3 years ago
And just like my last debate, I forgot to list my sources. Bleh.

Here they are:;
Posted by iamrahulmistry 3 years ago
Ur idea is good but the some of people are think just its opp. For them it can't possible.
Posted by As_A_Whole 3 years ago
I should have specified who these power hungry humans are Chris. I agree with you and my statement leans more toward politicians of today who are no longer the great minds and elites of the past.
Posted by RC-9282 3 years ago
One of the unfortunatley defining traits of humans is violence and greed. Borders are our way to regulate ourselves and prevent foreign threats from entering. Im am of the opinion that as long ss humans are human, war will always follow us, as will the need to enforce justice and laws. Borders are an extension of that...
Posted by RC-9282 3 years ago
Im assuming everyone here has a door on their house?
Posted by TheDragon5 3 years ago
With such a high debt, wouldn't it be best if we spent our own money on rebuilding our OWN country?
Posted by TheDragon5 3 years ago
Who thinks Con will post in time?
Posted by arcticfox1971 3 years ago
"The truth is that formal borders do not create difference " they reflect it.

Or in the case of the Middle East, over the past hundred years, borders were arbitrarily redrawn to benefit outside nations and have nothing to do with a reflection of their natural order. You constantly hear in the media about how it's a hopeless cause over there. If the west would come to the table with some contrition and an acknowledgement of recent history in the area, progress would likely come quickly. I'm just not sure that's what is really wanted.
Posted by chrisl3 3 years ago
The argument about power hungry humans seems to be incorrect. The "elites" as you would call them are for open borders. The big business owners want open borders because they get the cheap labor. The people vastly against open borders seems to be the middle class
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Reasons for voting decision: (Con) made no rational argument for why there should be no borders and his only legit argument was comparing video games to real life. Ya there is a reason why video games are called fiction its because IT IS FICTION. My vote goes to (Pro)

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