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Started: 9/14/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The great Britain has to be separated from the European union , the people of England are facing lot of troubles like migration from other countries in search of jobs and this leads to rise in the unemployment level because of which the quality of living is being diminished day by day , they cannot afford for their children's education, health, and daily living . Not everyone is rich enough to spend their lives just by sitting at home without working. Though the new industries might face some difficulties in establishing but it would be good for the people of England as they can find employment, and now we have to make new trading with other countries , this increases the enployment,.


Anti-Brexit had the facts, Brexit had the rhetoric. Irrational fear of immigration and losing autonomy.

Britain clearly needs migrants considering it's own workers don't want to work the dirty jobs such as farming so migrants need to do it for them. [1]

Let's Look at the facts. Britain's Membership in the EU costs around 6.3 Billion pounds or 0.3% of britains GDP. So for the leave side to be economically superior leaving would not be able to affect the UK by more than 0.3%. But considering the UK makes 13% of it's GDP from selling commodties to the EU this seems unlikely. [2] The problem with this is that economists predict that the UK could lose up to 6% of It's GDP from leaving the EU which is much greatet than 0.3% [3] This isn't even including additional costs for tarrifs that would amount to close of the cost for eu membership after free trade deals are abolished along with eu membership. [4]

Also, Britain has complete control of their immigration policy so leaving would do almost nothing when it comes to immigration policy. Not to mention that 70% of Britain's population increase came from immigration. Limiting immigration radically could have some pernicious effects. [5]

Clealry from this information, Brexit would have accomplished nothing in immigration and would hurt the UK economy in the long run. Your emotional appeal will not get you far.


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