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Bronies Do Not Deserve Being Criticized As Much As They Are

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Started: 6/8/2014 Category: Entertainment
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Hello, and good day to you, reader. As you know, this debate is about all the revile that the fan base of M.L.P. (My Little Pony), or "bronies", have been receiving. I have been around the Internet on M.L.P. related things whether it be YouTube videos or Facebook fan pages or whatever it may be, and always I find that there is someone or multiple people in the comments section that just deliver harsh insults or venomous criticisms to the Brony community in general. I personally think this really isn't well deserved to them, to me, it just looks like a giant two-handed handful of bigotry at a certain group of people that is not deserving of it, as I already said.

Thank you for reading this introduction and I wish to elaborate some things before the debate begins that I feel may be important to any readers or potential opponents.

1.) I am not a Brony
2.) I am an Atheist, please try not to drift off to religious arguments as that could easily become off-topic, but I will not ban it. I will simply just try to keep it relevant.

Good luck, potential opponent.


Sources found here:


The 'Brony' community began on a website named 4Chan.[1][2] In its beginnings, there was no 'pony' section to 4Chan, it was actually being posted on the cartoon section of 4Chan[3] This, alone, may not appear to be sufficient reason for a group to deserve criticism to the severity which Bronies have received. Nonetheless, I shall set off to prove that not only do Bronies deserve the criticism that they receive, but that the entire cult set out to get such feedback from outsiders in the first place.

For the purposes of this debate, the term 'Bronyism' shall refer to the values and beliefs on which the 'Brony' cult is based.

The 4Chan Concern

4Chan is a website where the majority of internet-based trends begin, or at least manifest.[4] Throughout its history it has been the hub of the highly Illicit, discriminatory hacker group Anonymous (they discriminate against Scientology).[11] In fact, it is most ironic that a group at the receiving end of criticism would evolve from this website because it is most famous for driving people to suicide and inciting huge hate crimes and rumors of a massive scale within the Internet.[11]

Not to mention that the website has a vast array of the most extreme forms of pornography out there visible for anyone coming across the website to see.[3]

The Double Standard of Bronyism

Most Bronies make the appeal that anyone should be allowed to like whatever they want to without having to justify their fandom to others.[12][13] They like the cartoon because it's "better than all other cartoons". What about other, more age-appropriate, non-cartoon movies, or series, that they could follow instead? They have no answer to this.There are many beautiful series involving far more complex storylines and truly exploring the notion of friendship and its magic. Just because MLP does this doesn't mean it's the best, even if the claim of it being the best cartoon out there were true (which it isn't).

Bronies will valiantly justify the brilliance of MLP and actively defend against any abuse towards the MLP enterprise but then they stomp on the quality of all other cartoons, calling them distasteful and incomparable to MLP. They are just as ignorant and prejudiced with other cartoons as Anti-Bronies are of MLP. Despite this, they continually make the appeal that they are the victim when, in actual fact, their entire fandom's attitude to other cartoons and series is identical to the attitude of Anti-Bronies to MLP.

The Narrow Minded Basis for Bronyism

Bronies consider the show My Little Pony(MLP): Friendship is Magic to be significantly superior to all other cartoons of its kind.[5] The criteria on which this is based are design, storyline execution, character personality depth and the moral appeal of the show.[5]

Subset: Design

The argument for superior design is simply based on the notion that MLP's graphics are somehow superior to every other cartoon out there.

Weeaboos are the Bronies of the anime world[10] (although, unlike Bronies, they also used Google and Reddit to evolve, as opposed to 4Chan alone)[7][8]. They passionately love certain animes and claim it to be a superior art-form to any non-Japanese cartoons.[8]

What exactly is so great about MLP in comparison with the graphics of other cartoons? We may never know. All Bronies state is that MLP has good graphics compared with other cartoons because its graphics happen to attract Bronies to the show. This is ridiculously circular reasoning.

Subset: Storyline Execution

This is entirely subjective but pretty much every series, cartoon or not, has its own storyline that is executed brilliantly in its own right. This argument is baseless and merely appreciates the brilliant of MLP's storyline alone, ignoring the magnificence of other series' storyline.

Subset: Character Personality Depth

I am not sure why this is even a point that is raised. Character complexity is not even measurable because the value and depth of a character can only be measured relative to the other characters of that show. Therefore, comparing the characters of MLP to those outside of it is objectively impossible.

Subset: Moral Appeal

The notion of friendship being magical and that ponies are cute and elicit a 'protective' instinct in men is simply preposterous. I have no idea why human, adult males, would feel the need to protect ponies. Nor do I understand why friendship is morally superior to rivalry considering that our species only became the dominant one on Earth via its brutality and the merciless process of natural selection to kill off those in our species who were weak in some way. The only aspect of friendship present was that if you could manipulate enough people to be your friend, you stood a good chance of getting laid before you died and therefore passing on your genes in comparison with a less popular competitor. The show MLP is not morally applicable to human society nor is it necessary in the slightest.

[SPOILER] Rainbow Dash Never Comes Out of the Closet

For a fandom that claims MLP to be so tolerant and encourage friendship as well as claiming that it helps to fight gender inequality and go against gender stereotypes[6], it is quite startling that not one character in the show is openly confused with their sexuality.

Now, am I saying that a show must have a character of every minority imaginable to be labeled as accepting? Not at all!

What I am saying is that a character who has the same hair color as the LGBT flag[17][18] should at least have been written to come out as bisexual, or even as a lesbian, during the show.[19]

Why would a show that's so morally magnificent in its encouragement of adapting people of all walks of life have such a blatant closet lesbian never reveal her inner lady-love?I will tell you why: It is a show designed for little girls to watch and wants to brainwash even the most masculine among them to remain heterosexual and never once bring up the topic of potential bisexuality, let alone homosexuality. It is not designed for open minded gender egalitarian men who would be able to handle such an open minded viewership and maybe even would have purchased some X-rated MLP editions made especially for their community where Rainbow Dash 'comes' in many more places than out of the closet.The fact that Rainbow Dash never comes out of the closet not only proves the ignorance of Hasbro but also disproves the notion that Bronies are a recognized fan group of the MLP enterprise. They're in denial of the fact that Hasbro has not remotely catered for their outlook on life, nor their age group.

The Naming of the MLP Fan Communities are Inherently Sexist

"Bronies" and "Pegasisters" are the terms used to describe both fan clubs of MLP.[21] This means that the women like the Pegasus of the show and the men like the ponies. There's actually a dragon so why is the dragon not liked by anyone? The Brony community claim that they are helping fight gender inequality but by labeling the male and female fans differently it limits the species which the genders can favor within the show and causes an inherent sexist rift within the MLP fan community.

Disrespecting Religious Values

"MLP: Friendship is Magic" is the title of the show Bronies' adore.[14] Magic, in Christianity, is taboo.[15] Islam bans drawing life-forms (especially magical ones).[16] Clearly if unicorns and Pegasus were supposed to exist, God would have created them.

The Fandom Actively Alienates Fans of any Other Animated Series/Movies

The entire motivation behind Bronyism is that MLP does something no other cartoon does in a way that no other cartoon comes close to.[9] There is simply not animated production, of any kind, that Bronies would consider close to their highly revered movie/series and so Bronies inherently alienate themselves form any avid fans of another series or movie that may have become Bronies had the community been more accepting of other animated screenplays.

The Status Quo Paradox

Bronies stand in vigilant opposition of the Status Quo and yet expect those upholding it to be amiable towards their community. Why should people upholding the norms of society appreciate the views of those aggressively tearing them apart? Why is it that a minority of people is dictating what the norm should come to accept rather than the reverse? This goes against any line of logic and thus is a paradox within itself.

If you are going to go against the norm, you cannot expect the norm to affiliate themselves with you. That would be like the Nazis expecting the nations they are actively standing against to accept their policies and way of life with open arms. People have concluded that MLP is for little girls, if grown men wish to view it then they should expect backlash if they publicly announce their abnormal fandom that goes against the conclusion that society has reach about the show that they love.

What About the Non-Ponies?

There are unicorns and dragons in the cast of MLP[19][20] but neither Bronies nor Pegasisters are allocated fandom of them. In fact, why is the show even named My Little Pony if not everyone on it is a Pony?
Debate Round No. 1


Good day sir. First, I want to start off that I am very, very impressed with how you neatly organized your entire argument. It made it a ton more appealing to read, and if when this debate is over, I would love for you to teach me how to do that. It's quite amazing and would make MY arguments a lot more appealing. I am going to try to neatly organize this as best I can in a fashion that somewhat copies the sections that you labeled your arguments in and refute each section. I feel this is a simple way to start off, but if you would rather another method, do tell. I will try to implement it.


In the way you called Brony community a cult does show an example of the "harsh insults" I have seen against Bronies. But other then that, it all sounds fine to me. Thank you, again, for accepting to challenge me before things really kick off.

The 4Chan Concern:

In this debate, for this round, I am going to accept that every one of your links as though they are 100% definitively factual. For starters, they do look pretty accurate, and secondly, I don't believe that your arguments hold up even if they are. For example, correlation does not equal causation. Just because bronies happened to be originated from 4Chan and are popular on the website, does not mean that they are the cause of driving people to suicide, hate crimes or rumors of any scale. Instead, you would probably be more accurate if you were referring to the 4Chan community in general.

And sure, there is plenty of pornography on 4Chan and there is literally no limits to it, but again, correlation does not equal causation and you would be more accurate blaming the 4Chan community in general for that.

The Double Standard of Bronyism:

To start, I have heard some bronies indeed say that about the show that they like to watch. But so what? I know plenty of other fandoms that say that the show they watch is better then other shows. Take people who watch Family Guy and American Dad for example. I have heard many debate as to which show is better. There are countless examples where people say one show, sport, person, or any other comparable source is better then the other. You speak like they do not go off the beaten path when it comes to media entertainment. But let us say that one person does only like M.L.P. in regards to what is on TV, so what? Why do they have to like other things other then M.L.P.? It's nobody else's problem on what they watch on TV, especially if it is just a kids show which shows no possible harm or danger to anyone else.

And again, many other series do the same acts that you have pointed out. Call of Duty fans do it. Halo fans do it. Twilight fans have done it. But you wouldn't say that ALL of them do that do you? There is people who put a certain thing on top in everything. You can't label everybody in a fandom just off some people's passionate beliefs.

The Narrow Minded Basis for Bronyism:

1.) Design

Some art styles are more favorable to others. I already handled most of this argument in the paragraph above.

2.) Storyline Execution

Already argued.

3.) Character Personality Depth

It is, and some still do because I already said, some are so passionate they are willing to do illogical acts such as that.

4.) Moral Appeal

Why would you feel that bronies feel that way? They know the ponies themselves don't exist. What you probably mistake for protecting ponies is protecting a fandom they enjoy that is under intense prejudice. And here you come to the argument which I do truly admire, the Darwin evolutionary ideals. I love it indeed. But you see, that could be applied to everything that are held as values if they are in real life or even in fictional worlds like M.L.P. All the lessons that we learn as children, such as "sharing is caring" or to treat others how you want to be treated, stealing isn't right, killing isn't right, et cetera. The reason we know those types of things is because of morals that man has made because some people somewhere wanted things beyond that, and used the mind we have to make them. And those rules are just one of the things that started what we call today, humanity. It is humane to have good morals. If we did everything our evolutionary road told us to do and soley followed that path alone, then we'd be just exactly like our less-evolved ancestors. But you know why we aren't like that. By the way, M.L.P. is merely a children's show, and the creators know it, so they do have some morals packed in there as well.

[SPOILER] Rainbow Dash Never Comes Out of the Closet

The reason that the character Rainbow Dash does not come out as Lesbian or Bisexual because, as you say ahead of this, it is a show designed to appeal to young girls (though, the shows intent is not to "brainwash" anyone into anything.) And no, I disagree, bronies, are well aware by now that they alone are not being catered too. Nobody expected bronies to come along because it was a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence where the typical "male=masculine and female=feminine" marketing strategy is swept under the rug. And they are for the most part fully aware that this is how it came about, and they are also fully aware that they are not following the gender roles that our society has oh so primitively set. But you want to know the best part? Most of them just don't care, they enjoy the show for what it is.

The Naming of the MLP Fan Communities are Inherently Sexist

What actually went down, unmentioned by you is that when the whole Brony thing started to gain some attention, they called themselves Bronies because as a standard it was a mostly male population in the Brony community. The issue of girls in them didn't come around until a bit later, which calling a female fan of M.L.P. A -BRO-ny doesn't make a lot of sense, now does it? And they knew that, so they gave them the second name because of that. It wasn't anything AGAINST females, in our society we can all agree that if you hate any specific gender you are well-deserving of any and all criticism. And why the don't mention the dragon in their title? Well, M.L.P. is mostly known for its ponies. So, that pretty much was a name that made sense due to the mostly male audience, and common pony characters in the series.

Disrespecting Religious Values

Magic in Christianity is taboo simply for what I find to be illogical grounds. What would one person call turning water to wine or curing leprosy within a snap of the finger or resurrecting miraculously? Islam, pretty much same logic, except change it to various Islam tales in which I will give if asked. Now, I'm an atheist, but I'll just agree with you there. 100%. That's why they don't. That is why the are in a fictional TV series, written to express creativity of the human mind as mythical creatures by many different people. Isn't that great?

The Fandom Actively Alienates Fans of any Other Animated Series/Movies

Some do, some don't, but as I already said, that just isn't true. Bronies have been at popular gaming channels on YouTube for example. Take Pewdiepie for instance. Bronies have an interest in many other things because variety is the spice of life and very few bronies, I guarantee, lack the life to have variety in. They're people like you and me. Not lowly, creepy people who act as if they have a drug-like obsession to the show.

The Status Quo Paradox

Incorrect sir. That is like asking why blacks where allowed civil rights back in the day. That is like asking why homosexuals should be allowed to love freely. That question has been asked by racists, homophobes, sexists and many other prejudicing groups. And it is funny you bring up the Nazis, because they would have asked the same exact question you did in the first paragraph of this text. I'm not implying any reflection of it on your personality, but you need to bear that in mind. And you know why people are proud of it? Because they are not ashamed of what they like. Surely you hear the similarities between your arguments and the arguments of homophobes or racists? Because I do and I must say it is quite loud.

What about the Non-Ponies?

That's like saying Family Guy shouldn't be called Family Guy because not every character in the series is a family guy.


nayme forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent has forfeited this match. I will await for his response.


nayme forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


A_Flying_Toaster forfeited this round.


nayme forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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