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Building a wall (economic aspect)

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Started: 3/16/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Building Wall (Economic)
The border between Mexico and the United States was the protagonist of the electoral campaign of the now president, Donald Trump. This is one of the most guarded borders, perhaps the most watched in the world and yet hundreds of thousands of people continue to try to cross it every year. People coming to this country need to come under certain regulations and laws because illegal immigration is very destabilizing for this country, so we believe that on the one hand, the wall would limit the flow of people who illegally enter. However, if we only construct a wall, this will not succeed, there must be other complementary measures to achieve success. On the other hand, building a wall would be too expensive, and inefficient. This will not stop people; they will keep coming and think of the wall as a challenge. A raise of taxes will be needed and this is against everything he has said. This will be a huge cost of money and blow our ties with Mexico and screw ourselves. We feel that a wall would be too costly, ineffective, unpractical, and history has shown that walls don't work. The wall will help to reduce the statistics of drug trafficking and illegal people, but the wall will not completely end that problems. Then it is here that we will realize that all the money invested was thrown away. Even if the wall would help reduce immigrant deaths, create jobs, and "would not be paid" by the United States, it is not the best option. The potential for environmental damage is one more reason President Trump should not proceed with his planned wall. Our environment is too precious to destroy it by building a huge wall in an unnecessary location. Along with the social and political problems, this should be a message to Trump to stop, the environment is also at stake.


Allow me to preface this saying I am not a Trump supporter but more of a person with a strong dislike for Hillary, and I usually support the democratic candidates.

This debate will be strictly about the economic aspect of the wall, as the title suggests. This means we can disregard the environment protection argument.

If we take the estimates from various sources we get the cost of the wall to be somewhere between $12-50 billion dollars. This is completely doable. This could actually just be taken from the military's budget. About $156 billion dollars is spent maintaining overseas military bases. This sounds very important right? Yes and no. If we had a modest amount of them then it would be important and we should touch that budget, but: "We have 174 bases and military sites in Germany alone. We also have 113 in Japan and 83 in South Korea. We even have one in Aruba, yes Aruba." We simply have too many that are unneeded. Plus, these excessive bases may turn out to hurt America's interests, but that's not pertinent to the debate. We can easily cut a third of this part of the military budget. Overall $50 billion, the most expensive estimate, is only 8.3% of the annual military budget.

Building the wall would have no effect on the economy in that sense but it won't affect travel between either. The ports will still be there, unaffected by the wall.

We will not "screw ourselves" by defending our nation, that is ludicrous. Mexico's only beef with this is paying for it, which is reasonable.
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Posted by KingofTheSkullServants 3 years ago
Basically, the cons heavily out weigh the pros.
Posted by SJM 3 years ago
Walls haven't worked in the past? Um what about houses? get rekt
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