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Bullying is good as it creates a stronger person

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Started: 5/17/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Bullying is good as it creates a stronger person out of the person being bullied. A person grows a thicker skin, can handle criticism and does not shy away from conflict in the future after being bullied. It makes a person become a fighter and want to eventually challenge the bully and bring him down. otherwise the rest of the people are just sissies and cry babies that are afraid and wimpy and can't handle and stand up to adversity.

Bullying prepares you for adult life where in the workforce there are bullies everywhere and you need to rise above it or be demoted to the broom closet. The strong always come out on top and the whinny babies end up working minimum wage jobs because they can't handle the pressure. it's for this reason why bullying is good and should always be practiced.

Bullying shapes you for the future and builds character and resilience and makes a person a warrior and builds strong character. The ones that can't handle bullying are just emotional, wimpy limp wristed gimps who can't survive in this fast paced no holds barred world. Bullying provides that early character building exercise.

Are you going to stand up to the bully or cower like a sissy in the corner crying.

Bullying is good


To rebut your arguments: First, you want fighters who can bring the bully down. The problem with bullying is that the targets are people who usually don't have the social or physical means to directly challenge a bully. Unless they get a gun, or resort to some other legally questionable means. Second, bullying is not a normal part of adult life, as it doesn't occur as often as you think it does. There are HR departments in many companies to address the issue of HARASSMENT and bullying can be a fire-able offense, or land a person in jail. Being assertive has little to with being bullied. Third, bullying does not make warriors, nor is it the best early character building exercise. Good parenting makes children capable of handling challenges and playing organized sports with a tough coach who pushes you past your limits to excel is a better early character building exercise.

While I disagree with coddling and sheltering children, bullying is the worst way to strengthen a person's character. Bullying is the same as eating rotting garbage to toughen up your digestive tract. Bullying is bad because it has little to with the strength of a person's character and more to do with exploitation.

Bullying forces the victim into enduring repeated stressful and painful situations they cannot control. This can cause serious mental trauma similar to those experienced by soldiers suffering from PTSD. How is it that warriors and children can suffer similar negative effects? Is it because soldiers are emotional, wimpy limp wrist gimps who can't handle it? No, it's because war exploits and taxes an inherent weakness in the human subconscious. The effects of such trauma are haunting to soldiers and many never recover. Bullies do the same to their victims. Bullies will target those they perceive will be unable to fight back or gain control over the situation. Just how soldiers cannot escape war, bullies seek to trap their victims in confrontation. Bullies will exploit the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of their victims just as soldiers have the weakness of their subconscious prodded by the experience of combat. PTSD is not good it's a disease. Bullies are a disease. We don't embrace diseases and parade them around as champions of good.

Also, your concept of Bullying is too narrow. Wedgies and bad rumors are not the limits of bullying. Where do bullies draw the line? They don't. This can lead to the sexual exploitation of vulnerable people. Too often do we hear in the news of a bully or group of bullies who sodomize their victims after already having tormented them physically and mentally for long periods of time. These victims are sometimes mentally disabled. Do you expect people believe that bullying is supposed to make a disabled person overcome their disability and fight back? Or what about the child who has a bully for father? Is it okay for a father to bully their daughter into sex? Because that stuff happens. Even if that little girl develops into a strong person later in life I guarantee you she doesn't think it was a good thing to be bullied by her father. All too often these bullied and abused girls end up on the streets working for a pimp who bullies them. Bullying doesn't happen because it's good it happens because bad people exploit the weaknesses vulnerable people around them. Bullying exploits a person's often inherent weakness and, more often than not, makes that weakness worse. If bullies keep showing up in that person's life before the wounds get a chance to heal that person may never become strong.

Just because you have a weakness in the form of an open wound doesn't give me the right to come by and twist my finger in there every time you weren't actively holding your hand over it. That would simply make me an a**hole not some purveyor of resilience and strength of character.
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Posted by unknown777 3 years ago
Plus good character doesn't came from the bullies. It's from the bullied itself basing on how he/she react and believe.
Posted by unknown777 3 years ago
Wow no offence Fanboy, you sound like one of the bully calling people cry babies and sissy. Bullying is bad but people try to make it positive because its everywhere. Bullies bring people down, so its not good. It just depend to the bullied if she/he will get affected about the people with no manners.
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