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Bullying is useful

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Started: 6/25/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I will be arguing that Bullying is so hard to get rid of due to the usefulness of the activity for the bully. I will expect my opponent to either argue that bullying is easy to get rid of, or argue that Bullying is not useful. I ask my opponent to inform me of any qualms they might have about these conditions. Thank you.


I believe that bullying isn't really that big of an issue these days as it used to be from the 90s back. If there are bullies in the school, it's very easy to get help from an adviser and have the kids sit down and work through their problems. I for one was basically never bullied as a child. Only one time in the 3rd grade where I was playing with sand and 3 kids walked up to me and kicked my sand pile. And I ran at them with my fist and a teacher stopped it immediately.

If there is a bully, there usually is an anti-bully. Another student that would stop something like that. Or a teacher or security. Plus cameras everywhere. Easy to get rid of, not a chance. You can't get rid of something like fighting because that would require a literal police state at that point, of just watching everyone do their daily lives. I'll get into more detail of examples and over all effects of bullying as we go on.
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Posted by Redbluegreen 3 years ago
Con. Hey sorry i forgot to mention that you can argue that the usefulness of bullying is not the reason its hard to get rid of. So. With that in mind. Do what you will
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