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Bush Gardens is worse than SeaWorld

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Started: 11/10/2017 Category: Science
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Challenge Declined
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Is SeaWorld worse or Busch Gardens? If SeaWorld was willing to change its ways will Busch Gardens?
After flying to Florida my family and I couldn't help but want to pay SeaWorld and Busch Gardens a visit. Several of my friends warned me of past disagreements with the way SeaWorld had treated their animals but after hearing SeaWorld had changed its ways we went anyway. Turns out that it was a lot better than we thought it would be although I was feeling concerned for the "Dolphin nursery" where young dolphins had been separated from their mothers and put into a separate viewing tank. A few days later we went to Busch Gardens a park I had visited when I was younger but had no recollection of. I was even more concerned for the well being of these animals. A section name "Lorikeet Landing" allowed you to walk around an open area where the birds could fly. Before entering I had watched a young boy with his mother try stamping on a rainbow lorikeet which had been sat on the floor. These birds should, like humans, have the flight or fight reaction and for small birds like the lorikeet this action should have triggered the flight reaction. Yet the bird seemed unable to fly away and hopped as fast as it could into a nearby bush. There were several other lorikeets on the floor as well although some of these seemed ok to fly. As well as an interactive bird section there was also an interactive kangaroo section where you were able o feed the kangaroos pellets and lettuce leaves purchased just outside the area. But when we got inside I discovered the kangaroos seemed to want to do nothing but come near any of us, which is quite normal I expect, yet cut away from the rest of the kangaroos was a small wallaby by itself in a tiny section of grass. When I looked closer at the kangaroos I found one that had half a tail with only a small stump left. I'm not sure whether it is common for kangaroos to fight but kept in captivity they are probably likely to get fed up of being so near each other.
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