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COD is better then Halo

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Started: 4/14/2014 Category: Games
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I believe that COD is better then Halo because Halo is just getting boring to be honest all you do through the game is just fight aliens in COD at least they change it up a little and change the setting when you play multi player in COD its amazing going around doing different things in Halo's multi its not as fun either


I'm gonna love this argument so here we go :D

So you state that "Halo is just getting boring to be honest all you do through the game is just fight aliens". Well, in the campaign you do fight aliens. Whether it be Halo , Halo 2, etc. They all fight aliens or just some form of intelligent life. But why is it boring? You fight in the future, giving the player the experience that they will never experience in his/her lifetime because these things won't happen. You fight as one of the remaining KNOWN Spartans that are alive.

For multiplayer, you said that "in COD its amazing going around doing different things in Halo's multi its not as fun either". Both have almost equal number of game types so you should have A LOT of things to do including Halo's sub-campaign called Spartan Ops which is kind of like Ghosts Extinction game to the point of doing something else than multiplayer. More importantly, i think Halo has a more strategic game play to it than you think. COD provides you the weapons. You are able to customize your loadout for better control of the map whether it be close range or long range. On the other hand, Halo does the same thing but there are weapons on the map providing a more strategic play of conquest. Making players remember, spawn times on each weapon and if your conquest is done correctly, you are able to take the enemy weapons like maybe a sniper or maybe the Rocket Launcher. Each game are fast pace games so you do have to be on the ball.

I will provide multiple sites to see where each game stands, recent game Halo 4 and CoD:Ghost, on critic reviews.
Halo 4 CoD:Ghosts
Metacritic 87 metascore 73 metascore
GameStop 8.7/10 review 5.4/10 review
TrustedReviews 9/10 review 7/10 review
Debate Round No. 1


I see your points I do but I still think that COD is better if you look at the reviews all the COD is amazing but Ghost wasn't there best I don't think I mean yes Halo is a good game but why just play it over and over with the same theme based game at least COD changes locations and doesn't make you do the same thing over and over Halo you have the same mission almost all the time to get rid of the Covenant it gets boring after a while if you think about it at least in COD it gives you different people and different Missions and gives you different back grounds look I know all ready I'm gonna lose this debate and I don't care my opinion is out there and that is that COD is way better


WoozyPoozy forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by WoozyPoozy 7 years ago
Mmm... same as well if it is still up later in the afternoon :3
Posted by MysticEgg 7 years ago
I might take this if it is just three rounds.
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Vote Placed by Dishoungh 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Con may had the better argument, but he forfeited at the last round. I can't really let that slide. For his forfeit, he shouldn't get points for making the better arguments. Never forfeit from a debate no matter what. Yes, I suck at voting, but it's not fair for Pro to still lose even though her opponent forfeited in a round.

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