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Caesars Legions pure justice VS NCR Cowardice Child Labour

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Started: 8/2/2017 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The legion is better than the NCR. They are pure, have justice and a smart leader. Capitalism will cause decay and the NCRs imperialism will cause strife and terror everywhere they go.


alright so now it's my turn to debate this legion loser. so first up how can you even stand up for the legion i mean come on. it's so obvious that they're the bad guys of the series seeing as how the first time you encounter them they're literally crucifying people Jesus style. i don't even understand why this is a valid argument. let's just set out list of things the legion do poorly.
1. slavery: i don't think i have to explain why slavery is bad but it's pretty bad. so bad that we had to abolish it.
2. poor leadership: OK so it's quite obvious that the legion parallel the roman empire and i reckon that just like the roman empire, the legion will collapse in the very same way
3.tactics: as you can see if you played fallout: new Vegas the legion prefer a more personal touch i.e they prefer melee weapons which is a rally stupid weapon class to rely on especially if you're against an army who wields ranged firearms
so to bring back to what the title said i believe both sub texts are false\as i've proven that caesars legion are unable to even apply justice let alone enforce it and as for the ncr using "child labour" as far as i'm concerned no children we're ever used in fallout nv to represent such a fallacy as "child labour"
Debate Round No. 1


alright kiddo your in the f*ckin big leagues now so you better prepare your profligate self for the legions justice

the people of novac were cowards, irredemable for their crimes. they had to be punsihed to make an example. you may think its unfair but truth is for every profligate we stick on a cross, we spare 3 more from deterrence, as for slavery you can f*ck off fam they only got lucky in the american civil war dont forget half america was fighting for slavery and for a damn good reason because it stops capitalism which is true slavery. think about it- with legions slavery you are working to benefit all mankind but with ncr "slavery" you are benefiting fat cats and there corrupt president kimball. as for melee weapons, f*ck you you nigg*r c*nt, only melee characters get the super slam perk which si the best perk in the game so suck my legion tits you dirty loser ncr


alright firs up i'll have you know that i am not a "kiddo" thank you very much i'm actually a tweenager.
also yes the Novocains might of been cowards but can you blame them? i mean considering what the legion would do if they disobeyed them? i don't blame them in fact ,i applaud them for being smart enough to not play hero.
and to rebuttal the whole half of USA liked slavery just because a majority believe something's good doesn't make it ok i mean look at Nazi Germany. and also do you know what the jokes are for the south now a days? usually they're about how the south is inbred and racist so do what you will with that information. as to be honest yes the leaders of the ncr are slightly corrupt i'm not ashamed to admit that but still corrupt or not their plan for the Mojave is far superior than the legions. oh and speaking of superior or rather inferior melee build suck cow nipple and guns are the superior firearm

yours truly Cuntron
Debate Round No. 2


you listen very closely you dirty ncr profligate coward child murdering f*ggot redneck hillbilly inbred sack of irradiated brahmin sh*t

if you oppose the legion there are SERIOUS consequences. whatever part of nevada you live in, we will find you with our assassin squads and we will nail you to a f*cking cross


ps i hate you


ok you win just don't hurt my pet pigeon clemming i love him to much to see him go

legion rule ncr drol
Debate Round No. 3
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