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Call of Duty Ghosts was one of the best Call of Duty games ever made

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Started: 8/3/2016 Category: Games
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Call of Duty Ghosts is an amazing game, tell me why you disagree.


Characters are limited to 500 so this'll be quick. I'm for MW2.

Campaign- Ghosts is a watered down MW2 campaign. Less plausible, same idea of a traitor. Russian invasion missions were great, Soap and Price were lovable, I don't think I've wanted to get any in-game kill more than the final kill of Shepherd.

Multiplayer- MW2 allows 4 splitscreen, Ghosts allows 2. Maps are better in MW2: Rust, Terminal, Highrise, Estate, Favela, etc.

Spec Ops- Far better than extinction, which was a disaster.

Debate Round No. 1


MW2 while it was still a good Call of Duty, I prefer Ghosts any day.
Campaign: Yes the plot was not the most original thing in the world, but that does not mean it is a bad campaign, I will make the analogy of a movie for example, every movie has a good guy and a bad guy, it doesn't mean that all of today's modern movies are bad. Ghosts keeps things fresh with a dog for example, and new guns, and maps to travel across.
Multiplayer - Great game-modes, enjoyable maps
Extinction- very popular


Concessions by Pro: Unoriginal plot, 4 player splitscreen option in MW2 is better than 2 player in Ghosts

Maps are better in MW2. Ghosts leaves us decent maps yes, but no memorable ones like MW2. I still contend Spec Ops > Extinction

Critical Reception:
Ghosts was the worst ranked CoD from the MW age onward. Most other titles were consistently in the 8-9 range, while Ghosts was mostly 7-8 (sources in comments, scroll to "reception").
Debate Round No. 2


Ghosts does not offer 4 player split-screen because this feature is just not as required especially in 2013 when online gaming was hot. The majority of people play Call of Duty online, very rarely will people play local multiplayer. Maps such as Prison Break, and Stormfront are very popular and can be used in all sorts of game modes. What is also great is that the maps don't feel small or large, in fact they feel just right.
Spec Ops although fun, is not as compelling and exciting as Extinction


Voting Issues

Splitscreen: Better to have 4 player & not use it than 2 player & can't have more people play. MW2 maps great, Ghosts maps decent.

Spec Ops/Extinction: Agree to disagree, neither of us provided warrants

Campaign: Pro conceded, Con wins here

Rankings: At the time I'm doing this only two comments have been posted, don't let Pro add evidence ater debate. IGN may have given Ghosts an 8.8 but check my links, MW2 got a 9.5. I also provided a variety of rankings instead of just IGN
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DarthKenobi 2 years ago
I like Call of Duty MW2 and MW3 myself, wish they'd make a new WW2 game though.
Posted by YouRWrongM8 2 years ago
IGN; a trusted unbiased video game rating company, rated Call of Duty Ghosts a 8.8/10 a very high and very much deserved rating.
Also if you check out the video "Ranking the Call of Duty Games"
You can see that Call of Duty Ghosts is in 4th place as opposed to MW2 which is in 5th place. Therefore Call of Duty Ghosts is not only better than MW2 but also one of the best Call of Duty games ever released.
Posted by warren42 2 years ago
Sources used for reception of games*, in order of release:

World at War:
Black Ops:
Advanced Warfare:

*Scroll to section labeled "Reception" and a chart of ratings the game was given by different companies/publications/etc. is on the right hand side.
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