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Calvin and Hobbes is the best comic

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Started: 4/5/2018 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Calvin and Hobbes is indeed the best comic ever. It is about a little boy and his tiger romping through the woods, using his imagination, and getting in trouble. I may be a noob, BUT I AM NOT A COWARD. COME HERE AND ACCEPT MY CHALLENGE.


You're brave, I give you that

Pulling me out of the shadows of inactivity to fight

very well.

The best comic series is not Calvin and Hobbes, but rather...


So please, state your case. I'll be waiting.
Debate Round No. 1


I was offended that a fellow C&H fan would concede, and decided I needed a rematch. You were wrong about several things in the last debate- Calvin and Hobbes does have action- in the form of Spaceman spiff shooting aliens or Tracer bullet solving a mystery.

Calvin and Hobbes feels so inventive because it is: the strips take us to new planets, to parodies of film noir, to the Cretaceous period, to encounters with aliens in American suburbs and bicycles coming to life and reality itself being revised into Cubist art. Calvin and Hobbes ponder whether or not life and art have any meaning"often while careening off the edge of a cliff on a wagon or sled. At times, the strip simply abandons panels or dialogue altogether, using black and white space and wordless narrative in fascinating ways. Like Alice in wonderland, Calvin shrinks in one sequence, becoming tiny enough to transport himself on a passing house fly; in another, he grows larger than the galaxy itself.

Garfield isn't all that great a comic- all it's about is a lazy cat, a dumb dog, and a sad man. Recently I read a Garfield comic on a actual newspaper, and it wasn't funny at all. Garfield just got excited because he thought he saw a tea rose. No humor at all. However, Calvin and Hobbes is full and overflowing with humor, philosophy, and sometimes, both.


Now, for this debate, I will be looking at two important factors on why Garfield is indeed superior to Calvin and Hobbes.

1. Simplicity/Relatability
2. Impact on the World

1. Simplicity/Relatability.

There's a reason why millions of people read the Funny Pages to find Garfield, Jon, and the other characters of the strip. It's because they're simple. A cat that loves lasagna, hates Mondays, and is obese may seem like a boring concept, but the premise works. Many a cat owners relive Jon's struggle of having to feed the damn cat, and have it be a complete d!ckhead at the same time. It's relatable. It speaks to people. A story about a tiger that comes to life and travels with an 8 (or however many years) old kid through some crazy sh!t, not as relatable. The comic strip of Garfield was made intentionally for the millions of cat owners that didn't have the same representation as dog owners when it came to comics and stories. So, one was made. And the simplicity of it all is what makes Garfield such a timeless comic, opposed to Calvin and Hobbes.

2. Impact on the world

Now, I'm not debating with you that Garfield isn't funny. In fact, doing my research I found proof that it wasn't even made to be funny. The creator made it to combat Snoopy and others on popularity.(1)

Does that make it any worse. No.

Because it worked.

Due to the simplicity of the character, Garfield and all the characters in it was a huge success. As you said before, you caught a strip of one on a newspaper you were reading. It's everywhere. You can't go two feet without either seeing a Garfield poster in a school, a strip in the newspaper, or a goddamn movie. You can't say the same for Ol' Calv. And the genius of the man who created Garfield, to make it simple in order to create a worldwide phenomenon, and it working, is why I believe that Garfield is a superior comic to Calvin and Hobbes.

I await my opponent's counter-argument.

Debate Round No. 2


Calvin and Hobbes is just as relatable as Garfield. It is not all Calvin & Hobbes. Several times you see the dad struggling to pay bills, (Mom and Dad do not have names) or mom cooking for hours only to see that the food that she worked so hard on is repulsive to Calvin. And about not seeing C&H everywhere, that's because Bill Watterson specifically said that he did not want to be famous like peanuts, or Garfield, because HE WANTED THE CHARACTERS TO HAVE CHARACTER. He did not want his comic to end, with people only seeing a tiger and a kid. He wanted fans to remember their personality's. If it was not for this, Calvin and Hobbes would probably be as famous as Garfield. Once he passes away, it will be still illegal to sell C&H merchandise and make a movie, etc etc. but people seeing a fortune will, (and do) do it. As for Garfield, The lazy cat is still eating, the man is still looking for a date, and the poor dog is still trying to be smarter. Actually, scratch the last one. He doesn't try at all.

A example of when the copyright took place-

:) I await your next arguement


A few things to rebut.

-I'm assuming based on what I've seen and heard in your arguments, Calvin and Hobbes is about a boy using his imagination to get away from the real world, like the bills and such. While this can be an interesting story, obviously you only see the parents once in a while, and as such only see the "relatability" once in a while. Most kids would only relate to Calvin for a short time before growing out of the "imaginary friend/adventure" phase of their life. As with Garfield, due to the simplicity of the work, it shows situations that can always be relatable to people, whether it be trying to find love, relationships with their animals, etc.

-Garfield's characters DO HAVE CHARACTER. Even in you're own argument, about "The lazy cat is still eating, the man is still looking for a date, and the poor dog is still trying to be smarter.", those are character traits. They may be somewhat simple, but they still reveal characters that think and feel. Garfield is a lazy cat that hates Mondays and loves lasagna. Jon Arbuckle is a depressed guy looking for someone to make him happier. Those are characters that are simple, but work. And that's why so many people adore them.

-I know this isn't part of the argument, but I wanted to point out that your source shows how much more lenient the creator of Garfield is compared to the Creator of Calvin and Hobbes. A project for Calvin and Hobbes gets shut down while a similar project for Garfield gets supported/endorsed by the creator and the publishing company. I know this is based on opinion, and has no point being here, but I just wanted to add that.
Debate Round No. 3


-People like nostalgia. That is what made people read C&H. They enjoy 'reliving' their childhoods.

-As said, The characters have no character. When I said "The lazy cat is still eating, the man is still looking for a date, and the poor dog is still trying to be smarter." I meant that that is all they do. I haven't seen a single Garfield comic (trust me, I used to be a Garfield fan too, and then I found my dads secret stash of C&H) That is not pointless, or about a gluttonous cat, a dumb dog, and a sad man. Seriously. Any comic. Try to find a comic that has a new approach other than the Garfield stereotype and is actually funny.

-I did have a point in putting that link in the argument. "The real Calvin and Hobbes" had to be shut down because a person edited the comics so Calvin & Hobbes were in real environments. However, in a similar Garfield approach, Garfield minus Garfield has not faced these consequences, or I would know
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Xx_Calvin_and_Hobbes_xX 3 years ago
hahahahahaha you forfeited heheheahahahaa
Posted by Xx_Calvin_and_Hobbes_xX 3 years ago
Seriously? 😠
Posted by yomama12 3 years ago
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