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Can anarchy work?

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Started: 4/10/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I have been looking into anarchism lately. Some people believe in it because of all the crimes governments have committed in the past, which I get but it seems like without government, everybody is at a loss what to do in certain situations, so chaos could ensue. For example, if there's no government and somebody is found killed in their home, where would we go from here?


When I tell you that I am at the very least 1000x the debater you'll ever be, how does it feel? That feeling you have, that disgust inside yourself... The urge to hurt me back, to make me weep and rage and regret... That is the feeling you should feel to your government and the media that they control but in turn who controls them... You are a puppet of puppets in a game you don't even comprehend little sheep and I'm about to tell you something you won't like to hear; the system works because of idiots like you wilfully staying ignorant.

I am not an idiot, I would never write something that incites terrorism online. That would be me getting detained and a rat in a cage framed as a suicide or accidental death while I'm really alive and being tortured for information for the next 72 hours before they let me die of starvation and piss on my dead body before throwing me into acid to never be recovered. We don't live in a nice world and you are praying that those in power are not going to abuse it when you VOTE TO HAND IT OVER TO THEM.

Keep your head screwed on straight and listen here:

The anarchy that you haven't heard about goes against everything the current anarchist scene preaches and wants but achieves everything they dream of in practise. You are about to understand that the concept of true anarchy is not one of overthrowing the government or destroying the system, you never will destroy an organised system of strategy with chaotic dreams of freedom from it. You need to create a system so much more intricately defended and so much more specific in how it exploits the other system's flaws.

The best antivirus scripters don't wait to find something new on the dark web before designing the defence, they ARE THE PEOPLE who make the new viruses and SCRIPT THE DEFENCE TO THEIR OWN INVENTIONS.

We don't achieve and maintain anarchy by fighting the power tug-of-war, we achieve it by making both sides completely powerless to pull the rope.

We need the power to spy on NSA, we need the power to know every detail of every person on Earth at all times available to every individual on Earth at all times. This is gun-rights-mentality but to the fullest extreme; we need to have everyone having power over everyone at all times. This is how you achieve real, stable anarchy where no one wins and that's why the government never lets you hear of this version of anarchy... The idea is so flawless and undeniably sustainable and leaves us not needing them anymore.

A society where everyone is the police force, where everyone is the president... This is the purest democracy there ever could be. No 'confidential letters', not 'private Internet browsing' public everything for everyone.

That is the undeniable truth they don't want you to know. Anarchy can and will work. If someone fancies launching a nuke and the rest of us are all too lazy to watch each other to notice them going for the button, we lose and that's how the game works. It's fair and requires the true democratic majority to all defend each other or to all lose to a few well-armed maniacs. That's how our original human ancestors dominated all other species (we were an anarchy to begin with) and it's why we got to where we got to as a species prior to regimes like Ancient Egypt.
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Posted by Antoine_Wolfgang 3 years ago
One must remember that within a World of anarchy, a form of government is inevitable, as the strong within a society will dictate their own policies on those they rule over. Hence, Anarchy can never exist unless one is willing to give up the benefits of power.
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