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Can bullying in schools be stopped? How so?

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Started: 12/6/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 16 hours ago Status: Voting Period
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The topic is on whether or not bullying can be stopped.

(Pro agrees that it CAN be stopped) whereas, (Con disagrees that it CAN'T be stopped)

I believe that it can be stopped for a few reasons:

1. If we focus on collaboration and team-work. Rather than, Competition and every person for themself.

For example, Teachers would have to find a way to make assignments about exploring individual talents/skillsets so everyone understands at an early age that they have an important role in society/the world. Furthermore, That would decrease bullying by a large scale because 1. It would strengthen the idea of helping each other in order to pass 2. It would instill wisdom and creativity/thinking outside the box into students, Because nowadays the majority of students don't know what they want and it's pathetic.

2. If teachers were harder on their students. This would make students more disciplined and keep the focus on the teacher teaching at the front of the classroom, And not have time to bully peers.

For example, Teachers would be allowed to yell at their students, Use physical force (to a certain extent such as only being allowed to do so after 3 strikes). Imagine a situation where a student skips class 3 times vs gets into fights/bully 3 times. Then, The teacher is allowed to assess the situation as to hitting them for bullying, Or simply revoking privilideges such as no recess for a week if they were to skip class. Of course, You can then argue about naturally inclined dilinquents who are bound to cause trouble, But that's a unique topic in of itself that has it's unique solutions.

3. If students were taught to stand up for themselves; fight back and help those in need/danger rather than spectate due to cowardice/fear. This way, Students would be more inclined to do the right thing. Furthermore, This type of knowledge should be first taught at home (a simple reminder from the school) because often times, Kids go through stages in life where they stay quiet and no one knows what it is going on with them until it is too late. Then, Schools should make it an acceptable thing for students to fight back if it is justifiable.

These are not my only reasons to how bullying CAN be stopped, But for now I would like to gain a different perspective as to how bullying CAN'T be stopped.

Good luck to my opponent

"Find your reason"


Sadly, Bullying cannot be stopped at schools. There will always be evil in this world, And that sadly cannot be stopped. In real life, There has been many attempts to stop crime, But that has never worked out. Why would this be any different?

Your strategies of stopping bullying may decrease the amount of bullying, But it will not completely stop bullying.

Also, I agree with your point that people should be able to defend themselves. There have been many instances where people are getting attacked by bullies and they have not been able to defend themselves.
Debate Round No. 1


Your statement on how there will always be evil in this world is irrelevant, Because the world and schools are two complete different situations/hierarchies in my opinion. One is larger and broad (world), While the other is not as large and much more narrow (schools). So, Let me first address that crime and bullying aren't exactly the same thing, Because crime is more severe than bullying -> Murder, Rape, Stealing. Therefore, It cannot be compared. You can argue that there are different levels of crime just as there are different conditions of bullying such as cyber, Physical, Verbal. However, If we can both agree on the consensus that since schools are more specific, And if parents of (both bully and victim) do their part in preparing their kids to deal with bullying, Then I believe that bullying can be stopped in schools.

The way I think: As a first step, When considering such a change in a hierarchy we should consider factors such as parenting, Responsibilities as a human being (everyone), Realization that it's a problem that needs to be stopped once and for all; thus, We work towards a common goal and that is to change the way we handle bullying, Because it's a joke in my opinion.

At the end of the day, We're all dealing with our own conflicts (demons) to handle and sometimes we don't always have the best solution at our disposal due to experience or knowledge; therefore, It comes down to RESPONSIBILITY as adults. . . As grown ups. . . As people of higher wisdom to stand for what's right. . . BE the bigger person and DO what's right. Rather than solely believing in something and not acting on it. Lastly, The power is in every individual. Now, I'm not saying that it can be stopped in one day. Neither am I saying it can be in a decade, Or more. What I'm saying here is if we all believe that it can happen, Then it shall.


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Debate Round No. 2


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Debate Round No. 3
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