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Can child labour be ever eradicated or is it just an ever elusive goal?

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Started: 4/17/2018 Category: Society
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To begin with, I believe that we can eradicate child labour.
It all starts with children, they are our future. In turn, the future of children is in the hands of adults. So if we want to provide a happy future for our planet, for every human being, we must make every effort to ensure that children throughout the world have access to education, protection and care. In Africa, Asia and Latin America, the situation is deplorable. From an early age, children work in coalmines, plantations and factories. While governments are engaged in wars and political issues, the problems of children are for the most part ignored.
However, I believe that if support is provided from the side of the state, then such a terrible problem can be slowly but surely overcome.
It is important to note, that not only the government, but also parents should play a role. Because sometimes it is the parents who force their little children to work. Although they know, this is a huge risk to health, and sometimes to their children's life. Therefore, it is so important that parents realize that they are obliged to protect their children. Children do not belong in coalmines and factories. Children do not belong to the war. Children are helpless. I believe that it is necessary to punish parents if they put the child's life at risk.
We can do many things to overcome this evil. We should unite, make everyone aware of this crime by organizing different campaigns, provide free education for poor people, as well as employment.


I believe as long as we live in a capitalist society in which work is a chore (not all capitalist societies) I believe that there will always be illegitimate ways of making money, child labour being one of them. Child labour is rising with the wealth inequality and while there are huge waves of refugees being forced out of countries there is little chhance of child labour being eradicated.
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In my opinion, it is not the capitalist society values to blame, but the people themselves.
The whole problem comes from human cruelty and neglect, and often impunity for their deeds. And all we need is to tighten the punishment for the illegal use of child labour, up to the death penalty. After all, if the problem is serious, then we need to take serious measures. I believe that if small strikes do not help, then you need to hold large-scale aggressive rallies. It is necessary to bring this problem to a new level.
You know, in most countries, children work because they do not have access to education. But it is obvious, if children go to schools they are less likely to work. A better education also means a better chance of getting a good job later on.
Poverty is one of the crucial reasons of the child labour. It is so important to deal with this problem, but not with the help of children, no way. Adults and only adults must deal with it. Women must get better jobs so that they can escape poverty and their children don"t have to work. The state should provide greater financial assistance to poor families, and not spend half of the budget on the purchase of weapons.
Many children work in factories. So even consumers can help. They must refuse to buy products made by children. Sometimes there is a label on clothes or other items that indicate children are not involved in manufacturing them.
As you can see, there are always a lot of excuses. In fact, everything is possible.
It is clear that such a problem will not be solved in a month or, perhaps, even in a year. But a purposeful and intense struggle for the rights of children can give its results.
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