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Can gender equality be ever achieved in practice?

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Started: 4/9/2017 Category: Society
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Gender equality has always been one of the top discussed and incredibly difficult problems to deal with, because no matter when we live, there have always been strong proponents of the ideas of parity and freedoms to every single human on Earth.
Having looked into this issue deeper I came to conclusion that there is a great chance to witness relative equality in future, and here are some reasons for it.
First, the idea of getting education by both genders can't but causes the improvement of women's social status. The more they learn, the more they broaden their outlook, which makes them want setting and achieving their goals.
Second, during the recent century more and more women worldwide have been entitled the right to work. freedom of speech, thought and conscious, therefore they've become endowed with the same rights as men have.
Third, the more our world develops, the far braver and more fearless women become, because they understand they have nothing to lose so it's time to act. As Emma Watson stated: “If not me, who? If not now, when?”.
Overall, I want to point out that the idea of further promotion of gender equality will only prosper, as the mechanism has alredy been launched. But at the same time sme other questions remain open: do all women want to get this parity? Do they all really need it? These and some other related quiries are still to be answered.


Yes, gender equality can and will be achieved. Unfortunately many western nations are going through a time when feminism has gone too far and has promoted women by pushing men down. In many parts of the private sector a woman of the same qualifications as a man will be chosen over the man because companies are incentivized to hire women. Culturally men are brought up in a fearful mindset. The false notion of rape culture is perpetrated despite the fact that rape happened much more in the past and is now only so visible due to modern technology and the internet.
Historically women were considered second class citizens to men but this is clearly no longer the case. The challenge of this century is to strike a balance between preserving gender equality and not prioritizing one gender over the other.
Debate Round No. 1


I fully share your point of view that it's essential to strike balance between genders so that neither felt discriminated and oppressed. But at the same time I completely disagree with you that today feminism has reached its climax in some Western countries, because, firstly, there are quite many cases when a woman and a man of the same knowledge and skills are treated absolutely unequally, when a man gets promotion quicker, gets a higher salary faster just because he's a man. Secondly, when you mention that rape culture doesn't exist in real life today, how can you comment, for example, on the case of mass rape, which was commited in Cologne, Germany in January 2016 by immigrants? Isn't it an example of sheer women's rights violation?
And now we are taking into account mainly developed countries where people are prone to accept changes and new tendencies. But we also have to consider other world, for instance, African states, where women rights are still neglected and parity can hardly be achieved.


Actually in the mathematic and scientific fields, women are hired at a greater rate than men of the same credentials. Furthermore in most universities there exists a larger proportion of females than males. This is because the educational system favors women. For example in most high schools a modular system is used which is more complementary to the brain of a girl than a boy.
The sexual attacks in Germany were committed by Islamic refugees and immigrants. The men who attacked these women were from non western countries and cultures and furthermore follow a religion that denounces women as second to men. The rape culture I'm referring to is the over sensitive way our culture responds to the rape cases that get overblown by the media. For example Brock Turner is an example of someone that became a household name because of the media being overly focused on a failure of the legal system to indict him. Yes, rape is wrong and he was probably guilty, but the fact remains rapes have declined enormously in the 20th century and the only reason this is a discussion is because of the media being overly focused on a non-issue. This in turn creates a culture where women resent innocent men and blame men disproportionally for sexual assault crimes they don't commit.
I believe that as the third world countries develop economically the rights of women will also improve, except for predominantly muslim third world countries. As women become more educated and earn more in the third world their will be a greater demand for better treatment. Since Islam basically creates an institution where women are not considered equal to men things will only get better for women in these countries once the people shed their religion or become less fundamentalist.
What we can do now is treat boys and girls equally from when they start elementary school. It is also important to continue the research in the differences between the way boys and girls brains work. It is true that boys and girls are biologically different and we must evaluate the differences and create an optimal environment for each gender.
Debate Round No. 2


As for jobs and education I want to draw your attention to the fact that there are female- as well as male-dominated fields, the existence of which is preconditioned, as you mentioned, by the differences in male and female brain functioning processes, that's why obviously there always will be universities and work places occupied mostly be women. But this doesn't mean that men get discriminated. Take, for instance, engeneering or mechanics where the majority of workers are men. Universities that prepare students for such kinds of work are also predominantly "male", that's why it's just a matter of natural abilities and inclinations. Moreover, women's salary is lower then a men's one in general by 23% worldwide, and even in the spheres where you can see more women-employees than men, men earn more for more reason. Additionally, just have a look at the majority of companies, state organizations, governments, factories and so on CEOs, chief executives, managers etc. are men in most cases, and only now step by step women start getting promoted to higher posts.

Yes, those rapists were Islamic refugees, but still they want to live in another society and also to be treated equally, they are granted allowances and provided with quite comfortable conditions for further self-development and leading a normal, calm and peaceful life, but at the same time such actions of theirs fuel crimes among other Europeans and law violations in the receiving countries. That's why they all must obey the rules and regulations of these states, they aren't in their own isolated world where they can do what they want to, they have to be RESPECT from their side. By the way, why don't they rape their women if they treat them as second to men? It would be at least logical and explainable.
And what conserns the case of Brock Turner, mass media attention is the least severe punishment for such a dirty action and this attention is aimed at the reduction of the number of such crimes in future. Even if the number of rapes has declined enormously in the 20th century, there are still such cases, so how can we talk about parity when these outrages aren't eliminated? Women are physically weaker then men, and if a man has dirty intentions towards a woman, he will put them into life without any difficulties, therefore such measures can at least prevent some deeds and perhaps contribute to their elimination later on. That's another matter when women can be too suspicious and distrustful, I think it's a matter of their psychology and this attitude isn't common for all women in our society.

As for the third world countries I fully agree that all that matters and can bring changes is education, which hopefully will be spreading during the following years.

And finally, I'm also convinced that mental as well as physical differences of both genders must be paid great attention to, because neglecting their peculiarities can cause huge problems for them in future.


In the corporate world the decision to hire someone as a CEO is irrespective to gender. Since the 80's women have climbed to top positions based on their skills in many top companies. To say there needs to be an artificial incentive to give women these positions is wrong.
Engineering is one thing, but how do you explain the fact that in the vast majority of universities and institutions of higher learning women occupy around 55% of the student body? That seems to clearly suggest women are given more advantages with regard to university admission and education prior to university. To further push for women in admission is illogical and degrading to the boys who actually need those places in university.
The reason Germany and other European nations have volunteered to accept refugees has to do with their aging populations. Due to a decreased birth rate Germany won't have enough workers to support the social care system for the aging population. To reverse this the country wants the refugees to fatten the workforce and yield more taxes from their contributions. As to them not raping their women. Countries in the middle East are more concerned with terrorism and civilian bombings than rape. Mass assault like the New Years one are uncommon. Rape on an individual basis is likely higher in the middle east.
If women are in the mindset that men all want to rape them how can they view men fairly? Their psychology is that way because of the way our country deals with rape. Rather than educate women on actual statistics and ways to defend themselves, the lesson given to everyone is, "if a man has dirty intentions towards a woman, he will put them into life without any difficulties." How can you foster a healthy relationship between the sexes when one side is cast as evil? That message tells women to distrust men and look down on them. Men that fall into that category are .00001% of the total. Men and women need to love one another for who they are and not put one side down to favor the other.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by packers284 3 years ago
I agree with your points. Filing paper work, waiting in line, taking care of registration, sitting in the DMV.
Posted by TheBenC 3 years ago
It would be a shorter list to tell how men and women are equals. There are so many areas of life that one or the other is better at.

Physically men are superior except in areas pertaining to babies (getting pregnant, carrying babies, giving birth to them, breast feeding).

Culturally men and women can be equal very different. Women are able to empathize a bit better and men are able to stay focused better. Hormonal levels can play a part in how we behave. For example, a depressed woman tends to feel more of the sadness and a depressed man can feel more of the anger.

Intellectually men and women are different. I would not say either is more intelligent but men and women generally prefer to use their intellect on different pursuits.

I can go on and on and get into tiny details but it is not worth it. I am 100% behind equal rights and opportunity for everyone but that doesn't mean men and women are equal.

Can you give me some scenarios where men and women would handle the situations the same way?
Posted by packers284 3 years ago
Bro..."generally very different" doesn't mean anything. when you say not equal, in what respect are they not equal? That is also a broad statement
Posted by packers284 3 years ago
Bro..."generally very different" doesn't mean anything. when you say not equal, in what respect are they not equal? That is also a broad statement
Posted by TheBenC 3 years ago
Men and women are generally very different. Neither is superior but they are not equal.
Posted by packers284 3 years ago
TheBenC, why? That's a strong statement to make without any support
Posted by TheBenC 3 years ago
Gender equality will never be achieved in society mainly because the 2 genders are not equal.
Posted by SirHarrison0 3 years ago
Funny, The immigrants that raped the woman in cologne where Islamic refugees.
the quran supports the treatment of women as second class citizens.
modern day feminists support Islam.
Its oxymoron to complain about rape culture when the Islamic world is essentially a rape culture but still support that religion and mass import them.
Posted by Thiest_1998 3 years ago
It has been achieved especially in the west although in some Asian countries that's not the case, not because they don't know any better but because of their religion Islam.

There's various of verses in the Qur'an that states Women are less than men, something I totally disagree with but just to name a few.

Quran (2:228) - "and the men are a degree above them [women]"

Quran (24:31) - Women are to lower their gaze around men, so they do not look them in the eye. (To be fair, men are told to do the same thing in the prior verse).

Quran (4:24) and Quran (33:50) - A man is permitted to take women as sex slaves outside of marriage. Note that the verse distinguishes wives from captives (those whom they right hand possesses).

Plainly there in black and white for you to see as well as everyone else who looks in the comment section.
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