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Can gender equality in the workplace be achieved?

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Started: 4/21/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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To start with, I should say, that according to Universal Declaration of Human Rights, there should be no discrimination on the basis of gender. Nevertheless, in most countries men occupy most of the prestigious and powerful positions. Also in many companies there is such thing as gender wage gap and "glass ceiling". While in the United States and a number of other countries, women now surpass men in educational achievement. The reason why there is gender inequality in workplace can lie in history, because in ancient times physical strength was in priority. And generally men are stronger than women. But nowadays it is more important to be intelligent rather than physically strong.
Still I think, that gender equality in workplace can be achieved. To change the situation and to solve the problem of gender inequality in workplace some countries carry out reforms, that can help achieve this goal. And we can see progress in this sphere. For example some companies in the USA have implemented for that internal strategies, such as: 1) CEO and other top executives had to attend gender training programs focused on gender-bias; 2) companies have provided cash bonuses to top executives on their progress in promoting women and minorities within the company and in general, and other. And now in some companies the number of women is quite the same as the number of men. Furthermore, it depends on the kind of industry, as if it the one where physical strength is needed, it is clear that the number of women will be less than men, as women in general weaker than men.
Apart from that, we can see, that in Sweden in the last decades, women's average hourly earnings have risen from 66 to 87 per cent of men's earnings. So it seems, that the situation is clearly changing for the best.


Do you know how to play chess?

Now upon a chess board, we have the King and the Queen or should I say the Queen and the King as behind every smart King there is a smarter Queen.
So would you say let us mix it up a bit shall we and I ask you what saying suit your cause?

Behind every smart Queen, there is a smarter King?
Behind every smart King, there is a smarter Queen?
Behind every smart Queen, there is a smarter Queen?
Behind every smart King, there is a smarter King?

Or maybe that doesn't suit your cause?

I once met a beautiful nun that shared some of her life with me before she passed away. What she said was we of the bra burners for women's rights only need to have equal rights not to be better then men but to be as equal.

What we all have forgotten is we once knew all about equal right as we had it figured out long ago. When the game of chess was invented.

Let me explain; Now the king moves but one space at a time. the queen does all moves apart from the L jump move of the horse.

So Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king's horse's and all the king men couldn't put Humpty to gather again.

Science tells us that we are all woman at conception. But some become woman and some become man.

So was Humpty Dumpty a woman a man or an egg? Now don't forget that we all where an egg "Ova within the ovaries" once upon a time within our own mother and along came all the king's horses and all the king's men.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting my debate! But I want to highlight, that you took con side, so you should convince me that parity in the workplace can"t be achieved.
I want to add some more examples, which prove, that equality in the workplace can be achieved. There is some high-profile companies like Starbucks, Apple, Salesforce, Intel, Adobe, and others, have recently reached full pay parity for women and underrepresented minorities in the United States. These companies are also taking steps toward creating a better workplace for women and minorities to thrive, advance their careers and move into more leadership roles. Recently formed companies are also taking notice of the push toward equality in the workplace.
Also when we say, that female-dominated industries tend to pay less than male-dominated, it cannot be denied that there is one important circumstance. Probably, it is because some male-dominated jobs, such as police officer, miner, roofer, logging worker and other jobs, where physical strength is important, are dangerous, and that's why these jobs are highly paid. While jobs that are considered women-dominated, such as teacher, babysitter, nurse or waitress, are not. So, when we talk about gender pay gap, we also shouldn"t forget about this important circumstance. Gender pay gap is about unequal pay for equal work in the same industry. But I"m sure, that if all companies will be working on this problem as those mentioned above, we will reach gender equality in the workplace.


I just did can you play chess?
Do you know the rules?

Look I am not here to chain women to the kitchen sink or to label them a sandwich lady at the school canteen.
What I am pointing out to you is women in the workforce have their place.

Now, do you realise that 99% of the popular group are sociopaths or narcissists that use psychopaths as fall guys and girls?

These are the so-called elite; leaders of the world. Do you think that woman yes woman not women will or would do a better job
Why the hell do you think that Eve was at fault? look I know that that was a cheap shot, but that is the world we live in and it isn't going to change in a hurry.

So we nail a man to a cross, why wasn't it a woman. If you stand up and be counted the gutter press will nail you to the same cross. Do you or would you wish that upon yourself?
Because what you wish upon another you wish upon your self.

Peace be with you. All praise and glory belong to Nature our own existence creator of intelligent design of the known universe.

But if you have meet Nature believe me of this that Nature is Woman and Man you will see a golden figure of the human form that is woman then man then women then man in harmony with the beat of your own heartbeat. You have to keep a calm steady heart bet your self or Nature changes that fast that what you see is a blurry image.

That is why children know the way that we all should follow. Give the world back to the children.
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