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Can single-sex school meet the needs of the modern society?

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Started: 12/3/2017 Category: Education
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This is an eternal question, which school is better for children: co-educational or single-sex. To my mind, today co-educational schools are better at preparing both genders for life. Maybe two hundreds years ago, when the domains of interests of men and women were hardly intersected, when a woman was staying with children at home, hosting sometimes other women over a cup of tea and saw her husband only before the bedtime, who also preferred to spend his free time lightning his pipe, rather than talking to his wife, there was a place for single-sex schools, but now we live not so detached from the world of men, and we have to learn, how to cooperate with the opposite gender as soon as we can.
To back up my point of view, I will provide some arguments. Having boys and girls together in the same class room creates competition between the genders and this means that both, boys and girls, are more driven, they are more motivated to compete and succeed against each other, which can often lead to better results. Doing the same projects together means that they can develop team working skills with the opposite sex. This is an opportunity that is completely lacking in single-sex education. And the reason that this is so important is because it mirrors the real world and that means it provides opportunities to build skills working together, which they do need to have for a good future in the real world. All jobs these days usually require good team working skills. Another positive point is that communication and understanding between genders has a chance to happen in a mixed school. Boys and girls view things differently. This means they have different perspectives on life. And, of course, this can be very useful, because it means that boys and girls can benefit and learn from each other, learn from seeing a world in a different light.


I think that single sex schools might be a good idea, knowing how times changed and all.
Studies have actually shown that boys learn different than girls, an The hippocampus which is a region of the brain critical to verbal memory storage develops earlier for girls and is larger in women than in men.
also that In boys' brains, a greater part of the cerebral cortex is dedicated to spatial and mechanical functioning. So boys tend to learn better with movement and pictures rather than just words.
With this evidence you can clearly see how boys and girls brains work diffrently.
I will talk about the social pros in the next round.
Debate Round No. 1


Actually, I agree with you to some point. But the question here: "Do they really implement these special methods of instruction in single-sex schools?". I mean, if boys "tend to learn better with movement and pictures rather than just words", does the educational program of a single-sex school for boys, for instance, differ so radically in methods of teaching in comparison to the co-educational ones? I don't think so. And besides, as you have said, boys and girls do think and absorb information in different ways, but at the same time, there are exceptions. There are girls, whose thinking is more like what they call "boy's pattern of thinking", and on the contrary. So do we have to restrict students from adopting some new ways of information processing from the opposite sex, by isolating them? I suppose, it could have prevent many outstanding minds from developing their thinking skills to the utmost.
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