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Can the Environement be protected without assistance from the Government?

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Started: 6/9/2017 Category: Science
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'Pro' is defined as "Yes, the government is not necessary for environmental protection." 'Con' is defined as "No, the government is necessary for environmental protection."

I am of the opinion that government is not necessary for environmental protection. My first point is that governmental actions that are not intended to harm the environment, may hurt the efforts of private citizens' environmental efforts.

One example is a private citizen owning private land, so that the area is preserved from trespassers and developers. Drawing from personal experience, property taxes make holding extensive amounts of unmaintained property unsustainable. This means that land that would've been owned and not developed upon by a private citizen may instead be only afforded by a large business who's intent is to make use of its resources.

In addition, select governmental powers, such as eminent domain, put citizen-led conservation efforts in jeopardy. If a school, pipeline, hospital, casino, or low-income apartment complex is planned and the preserved land an ideal location for the structure, the government may seize control of that land and start construction. Few environmentalists will agree that the construction of the railroad industry had a positive effect on the land. My point is emphasized when governments gave the railroad construction companies the limited right of eminent domain to build the railroad, further damaging the land.

Furthermore, many instances of privately owned charities exist for environmentalism. Private organizations lead recycling and other conservation efforts. Private ecotourism may be a relevant business idea for the conservation of wildlife. Even for-profit coal-fueled powerplants are changing to natural gas. At the heart of environmentalism is voluntarism- the idea that the individual can voluntarily make a difference, not the idea that everyone must be coerced into making a difference.

For more information on ecotourism:

For instances of Eminent Domain:
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