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Can the citizens of the U.S. trust the government?

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Started: 3/25/2018 Category: Politics
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No, the government cannot be trusted. The government aren't for us, they're against us. First off they don't give a crap about their citizens for the simple fact that they care more about money rather than the people. They're allowing things like kidnapping and harboring human organs for money. Did the cops ever shut down the hotel where several people had mysteriously ended up dead or missing? The most recent being that black girl that I don't remember the name of; She was partying at the hotel, got drunk, wondered off by herself to the hotels kitchen and somehow ended up dead in a freaking deep freezer.

As we know America houses over 7 billion people, meaning the government is paying for 7 billion people. For every person that dies, a new baby is born. You think the government wants to pay for all these people? They're beginning to take 40% of the celebrities' taxes. Where is that money going? Cause it's certainly not going towards schools or hospitals etc. Second I believe they are consulting with aliens. "The government is waiting to release information about aliens because we're not ready" is a load of bs. We're never going to be fully mentally prepared to take in the information that aliens somehow live beyond us or even within us. Studying and observing our behaviors. The government hasn't released this information because they need to have a plan first. They need to learn as much as they can about the aliens so they can better protect themselves, develop a plan that will not only make them money but will also wipe out a lot of people reducing the amount of people down to a drastic number, and then of course finding a way they can cover their tracks so they'll remain the good guys in most of the U.S. eyes.

Seriously people why do you think they make all these stories and movies about the government actually being the person that works behind the scenes of every catastrophe? Maybe these movie directors and producers are wise enough to know what's going on and are trying to hint at us that this most of this stuff is actually happening.
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