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Can you come up with a non-religious argument against same sex marriage?

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Started: 1/22/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I don't care if two men want to get married. It ius none of my business. Pure apathy, give me a non-religious reason why I should care enough to to oppose it.


Hello! I'm happy to participate in such an interesting debate. I hope we both can understand each other's views and come to a valid conclusion at the end. Having said that, I have a concern with their main point. I'll be addressing it here:

"...give me a non-religious reason why I should care enough to to oppose it."

Whether they care or not is irrelevant, because this debate is about giving a non-theistic argument towards why having the same sex marriage is wrong or right. Since I have no idea, on what they'd accept as evidence; or more specifically, what would make them "care" to "oppose" it - I'll be defending two contentions:

1. Children need mothers
2. Children need fathers

The first round is about establishing rules, therefore, I do not want them to try and establish any more rules in the future rounds. But moving on, I'll now be addressing my two arguments.

1. Children need mothers

It has been scientifically proven that women and men tend to react differently when it comes to "emotional cues". With this being said, a global study with about 55 different cultures conducted that women tended to more emotional, agreeable, conscientious, and extroverted than men. But if they are a same-sex couple, that are male, they cant provide the same type of emotional security that women can. [1] They also help their children when going through adolescent growth, and the social challenges of puberty, bullying, and life skills. While it might true men can help when it comes to adolescent growth, bullying, etc - the vast majority of science agrees that women provide better support. [2] [3]

1. ---> Different ways of handling emotion for men and women
2. ---> Explains the two sexes from a neuroscientific perspective
3. Ibid
4. ---> Explains sex distinctions are "hardwired" into our biology
* I added this because I'd think you'd enjoy it. *

2. Children need fathers

Without a doubt, fathers are more likely to cancel out "antisocial and delinquency" in boys and "sexual activity" with girls. [1] Also, David Popenoe's work addresses that there is some sort of neurochemical and "pheromones" that influence the development of their daughters thinking process of finding a "suitable" partner; specifically what type of traits to look for in a man. [2]


1. ---> Explains why father's absence might lead to higher risks of sexual activity and teen-pregnancy
2. ---> Explains the life without a father

In conclusion:
I gave a scientific perspective as of why the same-sex couple is wrong, and the side effects it has on their children.
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Posted by mosc 2 years ago
accomplishes the exact same result as does sex with sheep. No children
Posted by LeeJohnson 3 years ago
@WOLF.J, absolutely - I personally don't mind if people are homosexuals or not.

As I see it, the problem is that my opponent gave no limitations on what I could use against homosexuality, besides making sure it's non-religious. So therefore, I could use any type of evidence on why homosexuality could be considered wrong.

I hope this clarifies my stance.
Posted by WOLF.J 3 years ago
What if the gay couple don't want children Lee?, is it ok then.
Posted by LeeJohnson 3 years ago
@canis, thanks for the comment! Although, I need some clarification on what you're saying - I'm a little confused on how you worded your post; please elaborate what you mean.
Posted by canis 3 years ago
Marriage is "I love you as far as I can see ..You love me as far as you can see"..No argumant against love/that..The argument against would be about an"thing else but love..
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