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Canada is a better place to live than THE USA

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Started: 12/2/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Google nations with the best quality of life, Or just best nations to live in, Canada will either be at the top or the very top of the list, Its the best country in the world eh? The usa will be found way down the list. Canada is a better place to live, And a better socio poitical model, Canadian values have created a near utopia. . The usas values of greed and violence have created a garbage dump.


Greetings. Please answer the questions as provided.

Do you reside in Canada which triggers your favoritism towards Canada? -- Your "eh" looks hesitant and unsure.

Are you basing your argument off of stereotypes and what other people who are not from the USA that says "bad" things about the USA?

Have you lived in BOTH Canada and USA? If so, I would at least understand and find your argument more credible and not one sided based off of bias.

By your stance regarding the USA, Please provide states that supposedly mean "greed and violence have created a garbage dump. " and "usa will be found way down the list. " -- as if there aren't violence, Crimes and injustices everywhere other than the USA.

Have you visited or been to all 50 states? Please explain how Canada is superior or better to beautiful, Well known states such as California, Texas (where I am from), Florida, And New York?

I wish you provided more characters in this debate. Ran out of space. Those are my Q's. Enlighten me.
Debate Round No. 1


i HAVE lived both places but i base my claim not on personal experience but on emprical data again google the terms quality of life or best country in the world. . If you research this you see by objective standards health, Life expectancy, Low crime rate housing, Poverty rates, Safety, By obejctive standards united nations business magazines the legatum prosperity index. . By index after index canda does batter, This isnt at all about me or my prejudicies it that i did some research and began to notice a trend Canada New Zealand Australia and all the Nordic nations top all lists on best places to live along with Switzerland, Singapore, Also does very well on many indices, But because of strict laws, They fall on freedom but low taxes compensate. . But at the very top of all these lists is either Canada Switzerland or the Nordics, Mainly Iceland, And Norway, But sweden and Finland top equity and education lists. . The usa IS WAY down the list with many poop hole countries
Debate Round No. 2


billsands forfeited this round.


Kvng_8 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago

To be fair, Pro did bring up for the opponent (me) to research it "Google nations with the best quality of life. " They also said "i HAVE lived both places but i base my claim not on personal experience but on empirical data" Pro brought up empirical data which equates to evidence. Granted, They didn't send links, Which they probably should have but they presented their argument through facts, Particularly in Round 2. After that, I lost interest in the debate. My angle was more so of opinion rather than facts. I can't really speak for Canada as I am from US and I have never been to Canada before. So, I humbly admit that Pro has the advantage over me. This debate is now over on my end.

Also to enlighten you, Debates are about opinions, It isn't just about facts all of the time. It merely depends on the topic. There's countless opinion based debates on this website. If you classify that as being terrible then great for you. If this debate is so terrible then you can go on about your business, And complain somewhere else, Thank you and have a great day!
Posted by Minddagger 3 years ago
this debate is terrible, No links or evidence is given, Its just both sides giving their opinions.
Posted by katkat517 3 years ago
Hi there, Katkat517 of "we need more meaningful culture here, I had problems with the sever in my debate, But anyway, Yes Canada is a better place to live. We don't have those annoying and manipulative so-called terrorist alerts that Americans have --Canadians wouldn't tolerate them. Politics -- well I think the Liberal party has sold out to the Conservatives, But we still have the NDP. And we have free (or almost free) Medicare, Or O. H. I. P. As we call it in Ontario. And most Canadians are left leaning so it makes for a relatively free society.
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