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Capital Punishment

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Started: 1/31/2018 Category: Politics
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Although the issue over capital punishment may not be as well known of a debate currently in the US, it has a huge impact on most Americans lives. I believe that the death penalty should be in use everywhere in the US because it offers many benefits to society and the economy. Capital punishment is currently prohibited in 19 states, which is because these states have deemed that the law is unconstitutional and it contradicts the eighth amendment of cruel and unusual punishment. I disagree with these 19 states; capital punishment should be enforced for any crime punishable by death. The death penalty brings retribution for the victim"s families and offers closure, as it doesn't allow for the guilty party to be granted life with parole. Secondly, the annual average taxpayer cost in the US was nearly $35,000 per inmate. To keep a prisoner in jail for life put a large burden on the American taxpayer, and inevitably this cost can be cut with the death penalty. To summarize the topic of capital punishment is an extremely important topic for all of America, but can also be a very personal and emotional topic for some. Large weight on the American taxpayer in terms of cost and emotional aspect for the people and families involved with each crime, are the just some of reasons behind my opinion. I believe that the death penalty should be put in use in all states for all crimes with enough evidence to be punishable by death.


I believe that the Death Penalty should not be used.
First of all, many believe that it is inhumane, thought that is very controversial. Part of the reason why a life sentence without possibility of parole would be a better sentence than the death sentence is that of the families of the accused. Think of how much that could tear a family apart! Especially the children of the accused, that would be traumatizing. When a person gets a life sentence in jail, at least they are kept alive for the family. They can still visit the person and write them letters, then they are getting punished without punishing the family as well.
Also, not every person accused of a crime is actually guilty. There have been plenty of cases where an innocent has been falsely accused of a crime and sent to jail or even a death sentence! The Capitol Punishment could kill (and probably has already killed) innocent people that were victims of poor defense at a trial, even though they did absolutely nothing wrong.
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