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Capitalism Is A Religion Of The Rich And Anybody Who Believes In It Is Nuts

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Started: 7/2/2014 Category: Politics
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The rich crashed the economy in 2008 by selling subprime mortgage investments to people it knew could not afford them. The rich recouped their losses from the taxpayer, courtesy of the same people whose political campaigns they funded. Most other people lost their homes, their jobs or both. Many of these are the same people being attacked by Conservatives right now as "benefit slobs".

Capitalism has twisted people's thinking to irrational and absurd degrees. It is perfectly obvious that the people who benefit (or believe they benefit) from capitalism will not change it. That's all the people you get your news from and all the people you elect into office.

You don't think the US and/or England are dictatorships?

When was the last time you had a vote about capitalism?


Consider this, if it weren't for our capitalist system would you have the technology to make this debate possible? probably not. Although the system crashed in 2008 it is the only system in the world that recognizes the individual's ability to thrive. Communism has all but collapsed. Why? Because the system is flawed by human nature. Sure Capitalism has similar problems but they mostly are grouped Into the category of cronyism or a corporate state. As capitalism caused the crisis so it will help us to recover from it as time goes along.
Debate Round No. 1


"Consider this, if it weren't for our capitalist system would you have the technology to make this debate possible? probably not."

Lmao. Really? Then please show me some evidence that capitalism and evolution are the same thing, because I believe what you just said to be the most ridiculous claim I have ever heard. Technological evolution predates capitalism by at least fifty thousand years, mate, and there is precisely zero evidence that capitalism positively increases technological achievement over any long-term period of time. Indeed, much of Africa is actually devolving, which kind of exposes your stupid myth as... Well, a stupid myth, really.

"Although the system crashed in 2008 it is the only system in the world that recognizes the individual's ability to thrive."

It forces poor individuals with no money, status or power to compete against rich individuals with millionaire fathers, political connections and power. The individual cannot thrive, but rather is crushed under the weight of the currently existing hierarchy. Paris Hilton can thrive, because she has enough money to enjoy life. I can't thrive, because despite having more talent and intellect in one of my own pubic hairs, I was not fortunate enough to be born with the last name of Hilton.

"Communism has all but collapsed. Why?"

Jesus. Does it have anything to do with the fifty year war the US fought to prevent it from working perhaps?

"Because the system is flawed by human nature"

Another ridiculous capitalist myth with no evidence to support it and no grounding in reality. As Hegel pointed out, there is no such thing as human nature. Humans are versatile creatures capable of adapting to pretty much whichever social environment you put them in, from slavery to kingship. Aside from the American leadership bombing the living daylights out of every country it was worried would turn communist, communism ultimately failed in Russia because the people had already adapted biologically to the skills necessary to survive within a dictatorial tsarist regime. This probably explains why they needed a hard right dictator such as Stalin to pretend he was a Communist simply in order to continue economic life. Try introducing capitalism into a tribe of die-hard commies and see how long it lasts, pal.

"As capitalism caused the crisis so it will help us to recover from it as time goes along."

Yeah. Nice logic mate. The problem is the solution. Good one.


Hanspete forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Quantumhead forfeited this round.


Now the rich did not crash the economy in 2008 it was a simple creditor crash which brought down the entire economy. Capitalism does not twist people is corrupts far less then communism or socialism, the United States is one of the least corrupt capitalist nation on earth where as communist/socialist Cuba, China, Russia, Vietnam, Loas, Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Mexico have severe, severe corruption problems. What's the common link between them all? They are socialist communist countries. The U.S. And Britain are not dictatorships each person in both countries has a voice to choose the direction, the path that they want their country to take, no socialist country has that ability. Every election in this nation ( The United States) is based on how our capitalist country is doing. If the economy is faltering then those in power take the blame. The capitalist system has been the driving force behind the greatest inversions of our time, the computer in Britian, the internet thier as well, the iPod and iPad U.S. Inventions as well as Microsoft Windows, courtesy of Bill Gates (a capitalist). Although Africa is developing it is wrent with corruption under socialist dictatorships and the people, the people overthrew them and put in place pro democracy pro capitalist systems. That is what will cause them to flourish not socialist systems. The reason the Capitalist system looks to the poor individuals is because it is these individuals who are the driving force behind the roar of a booming economy. What are they motivated by? Money. What system allows them to make as much money as they can? Capitalism. Under a system of socialism everything is distributed evenly so thier is no incentive to work because they are guaranteed a set income. And so that is why Capitalism is not a "religion of the rich" but a system that poor people (such as myself) see as a motivation to succeed and thrive so that we may live comfortably, maybe not rich but comfortably. I rest my case.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Quantumhead 7 years ago
CJK, the only thing that makes no sense is you hyphenating random words.
Posted by CJKAllstar 7 years ago
I'm so tempted to take this. I have debated for capitalism ad nauseum, but this- makes no sense.
Posted by Wylted 7 years ago
I'll let Bossy take care of my light work.
Posted by Quantumhead 7 years ago
Not sure mate. Left it as the default, whatever that is.
Posted by DeletedUser 7 years ago
Is the first round for acceptance only?
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